Review of Game Week 14

Review of Game Week 14

Best Team 

GW Points: 25
Overall Points: 790
Overall Rank: 112,653

Main Blog Team

GW Points: 37
Overall Points: 780
Overall Rank: 131,630
Transfers used: None yet, but I’ve got 3 left, and I’ll be using those for price rises before the end of the game week.

Game week 14 was another half decent game week for the team going into the World Cup break. The team remained fairly stable on the leaderboard, which came as a bit of a surprise to me considering the points picked up, and the fact that City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Spurs and Man Utd all failed to keep clean sheets. I was pleased with a clean sheet for Ramsdale and Trippier. I was also pleased with 7 points from Gabriel, considering I only bought him in to avoid Dalot’s price drop but I also fancied a clean sheet for Arsenal against Wolves. I was also happy with 5 points from Almiron, he’s been a good source of points since I put him in. 3 points from Fernandes was better than nothing as a 1 week punt and I got a decent price rise from him as well compared to Bowen. I tend to have a good week when Salah or Kane hit a big score. It was great to see Kane get on the scoresheet but a brace would have made a much bigger difference. I was disappointed that Salah didn’t score any points at all as he’s been on a good run recently. 

Overall I’m bitterly disappointed with where my team is on the leaderboard going into the World Cup break but that’s just how it’s panned out so far this season. I’m slightly reassured that the team has been on a good run over the past month or so, so the logic is there, it just didn’t pay off early doors. 

The only decision that remains before the World Cup starts is how to use my final three transfers. I’ll be looking to take 3 players out who are likely to drop and bringing in 3 players who are likely to rise. It doesn’t matter who these players are because they can be taken back out again during the World Cup. I’ll publish a separate article on this later today.

There’s plenty of food for thought around a longer term strategy over the World Cup period and I’ll be publishing an extensive piece on how I’ll use my unlimited transfers when the time comes.

It’s not worth looking at players on a watchlist or ahead to game week 15 at this stage, so I’m going to wrap this game week review up there and leave my blog team and list of all teams below.

I’m now going to switch my attention to the World Cup game. I’m hoping player prices are confirmed today as I’ve already done some extensive research into fixtures and who I might start with. If you’re interested in content for the World Cup, you can sign up here.