Review of Game Week 24

Review of Game Week 24

GW Points: 0
Overall Points: 1,513 
Overall Rank: 6,432
Transfers: None used

With Man City’s fixture being cancelled and very few fixtures across the game week, there is very little to report from game week 24. The team remained fairly stable on the leaderboard and obviously picked up 0 points as none of my players featured.

Tips for Game Week 25

Man City’s fixture from last week has been rearranged to fall in game week 25. My planned move was to take Mahrez out and put Mane back in – considering Mahrez wasn’t down to play this week. This is now a tougher decision as Mahrez could potentially play. If Mane starts against Norwich, I’ll almost certainly put him back in. But if he’s on the bench I could be tempted to stick with Mahrez. The other move I’ve got planned is putting Sterling back in, although this won’t happen until he’s back from injury. This will leave me with a decent amount in the bank to replace Jesus – should the time come to move him on.

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  1. DTT the guy 100 pts above me has vardy, as do I. Dyou reckon Vardy’s due a come back, or shall I ditch him?

    1. I’d be tempted to ditch with the European games on the horizon Badge. Vardy may well go on another scoring run but I’d be targeting game time for players now. Straight swap for Salah if funds allow?

      1. Great advice as always Chris. Yes the euro games had slipped my mind. I’m gonna get Salah, although the guy above me just bought him in. I’m thinkimg now I probably need to do summat out the box to catch up as our teams are becoming vv similar.

        By the way I saw on twitter that RR suggested a ML with restricted players. Sounds good. I saw someone else the other day say they do a ML and are only allowed one player from each team, not sure if that’d be an alternative idea?

        1. Yeah, setting up this alternative ML for next season is in it’s infancy right now. Just putting it out there to gauge if there’s an appetite for something like this amongst the Dream Team community. Slowly but surely we seem to be getting a bit of interest going.

          As soon as it looks like we have enough interest to warrant creating a ML of this kind, I’ll put some kind of draft together for the rules/T’s & C’s and I’ll put it out there both on here and Twitter for debate. We can then adjust and tweak elements of it as we get a general consensus on things.

          Would you be up for creating a team for a ML of this kind then Badge?

          1. Defo Chris, after years of playing DT be good to have an alternate league going on

            I have often thought of a ML where ya try and get the ‘least’ points. Bit tricky though due to injuries.

            1. Some of the boys I got involved with in FPL also run “cups” as well through the season. Folks get drawn out against each other for that GW and whoever gets the highest score progresses to the next round. Goes on until an eventual winner. Can’t see any reason why it couldn’t work for Dream Team too.

              Maybe one for the future. Don’t want to try and juggle too many balls at once! 😂

        2. With regards to your DT, if your teams are similar, maybe you could wait for him to blink first and make his transfers, then you could go down an alternate path if there are players that could possibly outperform his choices?

          Show us your team and his Badge and we can have a look..

          1. Thanks for the offer Chris. (He’s one of my mates and he told me years back that he blatantly copies my transfers, it’s well annoying.)

            Teams are below. FYI I can actually see his pending transfers for some reason so have included below…



            Sterling (Traore pending)

            Rashford (Salah pending)

            Me (£5.9 itb):

            Soyuncu (will swap to Taa this weekend)


            Vardy (will swap to Salah this weekend)

            1. Yeah you’re in a tough spot if he copies your transfers tbh.

              Having Aguero and Jesus trough when he has neither could make a big difference.

              You could transfer out Sterling as a temporary measure as he’s in a race against time for the Real game by all accounts. It’s a short month too so it’s not too long before you get transfers again with a view to get Sterling back?

              GL mate.

              1. I agree mate thanks. Who for sterling though? He has Kdb, so vvd maybe? Or maguire as a differential?

                1. I’d target someone who has a good chance of price rises over the coming weeks, so VVD would be a decent shout. Although he has three Pool defenders, he doesn’t have VVD. Maybe he could pinch the odd goal to give you a boost. As you say though, if you’re feeling brave maybe you could go Maguire? Think I’d sway towards VVD myself though. GL mate. 👍🏻

  2. DTT


    1. Don’t go Sidebe, Everton are too light in no. of fixtures.

      Man Utd have the easier European tie as well so I’d be plumping for Lindelof Sam.

      GL mate. 👍🏻

      1. Lindelof at £2.1m is the standout in that bracket Sam being first choice and with Europa fixtures as well. Think he’s had 3 clean sheets on the bounce.

    2. Nice idea Sam but Everton have tough fixtures for the short term, so Lindles or a punt on Rudiger

  3. You heard it here first get Boly for wolves was killing it for points until injury and wolves got decent fixtures this month

    1. Good shout Wolfy.👍🏻

      If I was to go for a Wolves defender though it would have to be my boy from last season Doherty. Great points potential from a defensive and offensive point of view for a similar price.

    2. Afternoon All

      Any thoughts on my team please men.





      I’m thinking
      Sterling out for Traore due to everyone having this points machine
      Soyunca for Maguire due to fixtures
      I can’t make up my mind who to take Vardy out for.
      I’m leaning towards Son!

      Any thoughts Please?

      Also I’d be interested in your league next year Sutton_Chris

      1. Nice one John. 👍🏻

        I think for your Vardy replacement it should be between Jesus, Son, Bobby or Jimmy. Literally a coin flip who’ll score the most for the next few games though…

        GL mate. 👍🏻

      2. Hi John,

        Have you considered:

        Soyuncu > Lindelof (£2.1m… £1.5m less than Maguire which could come in handy later)
        Stirling > Traore
        Vardy > Son/Jesus/Jiminez

        1. Not keen on Lindelof Brad.
          The blokes a liability.
          Maguire is also guaranteed to start of the games and I have 9.4m itb before picking a forward.
          Chris. Either Jesus or Son I reckon. I best go find a coin. Lol.

  4. Nice one DTT. I stuck with Mane so haven’t had to get him back so happy using all 3 transfers with March not too far away… For anyone interested in how I’m shaping up:

    Pickford –> Patricio
    Soyuncu –> Gomez
    Sterling –> Traore

    4.4M ITB, top of my ML and pretty happy with my team overall!

        1. Very Liverpool heavy now but I just had to get Salah in for Vardy. I’ve also brought in Traore for Sterling with a view to bring him back later.
          No city players now though…😬


          1 transfer left and £4m ITB. Need Liverpool to keep those CS’s going and a goal or two from Bobby would be excellent over the next few games. Moura and Son also give me enough differential compared to my ML rivals to give me a chance of catching them. Hope they can keep up their recent form and the same goes for Traore. 🤞

          1. Looking good Chris especially if Pool keep up the clean sheets. Annoying Traore is on the bench tonight but I have faith he’ll play and deliver over the rest of Feb and March.

            1. Yeah, he had about 30 minutes game time tonight and still managed to get his rating up to 6.8 in a 0-0 draw! Shows me he could be a starman magnet moving forwards… 🤞

  5. Good luck lads … swapped martial for rash last window looks like I’m stuck now fingers crossed with 6 games 🤞🏻

    1. Pereira to Gomez? Target those extra games.

      Do you want to move on Sterling who’s likely to be out of action until the Madrid game at the earliest? Or do you want to sit tight?

      I’m not overly keen on James but with the amount of fixtures United have I’d be tempted to stick with him for now.

      The rest looks nice Steve. 👍🏻 GL mate! 👊

  6. Holy shit! Man City banned from all European competition for the next two seasons! Breach of financial fair play.


    1. I know mate mental!
      Ps. Replying to our above chain as I couldn’t reply to your comment for some reason…Yes for Sterling mate

    1. Bollocks… not sure what to do now re:Traore…🤔

      Think I’ll probably stick to the plan and hope he comes off the bench to make and impact (and starts all three other games).

      Not ideal though….

      1. Madness mate … celebrating it though … i thought it was a proper ‘I told ya so moment’ haha … ya gotta laugh

          1. No and even if he got goal and star man for an extra 10 points Iv got pereira so would of lost out on that clean sheet

            1. Didn’t see the game but I’ve been reading stuff on Twitter and looks like you’re onto something Wolfy old boy! Apparently most of Wolves’s corners were aimed at Boly. Don’t be surprised to see him on the scoresheet in the near future my friend!

  7. Is there any reason in particular know one is taking a gamble with Aubameyang ?

    I have Salah Tammy Aguero but want to replace Tammy with someone else as Chelsea’s next few fixtures are challenging just not sure who with.

    Any ideas?

    1. Myself and Cefnstar were considering him for quite a while but decided it was just too risky to not own Salah. Auba could be an excellent option though over these next few GW’s if he and Arsenal can find some form. Great price too for his points potential. His value is on the way down though so needs a quick turnaround to get it back on track.

      If I were 100+ points off my rivals though I’d definitely be making a love like this. 👍🏻

        1. Guy 2nd in my mini league is closing and has AUB which scares me slightly with his upcoming fixtures. Abraham seems a bit of an injury concern too atm and Chelsea don’t have form Jammy so definitely a positive switch there!

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