Review of Game Week 27

Review of Game Week 27

GW Points: 42
Overall Points: 1812
Overall Rank: 3,185
Transfers: Kane in, Aubameyang out
Stones in, Doherty out

Game week 27 was a bit of an odd week with very few points for the usual big point scorers. Fortunately I seem to have got through the week without much disruption to my position on the overall leaderboard. I did however use two transfers which went against my strategy for the season so far. I felt like the Aubameyang to Kane transfer was a little early but it paid off with a couple of goals for Kane this week. Doherty to Stones went less well – I definitely feel like this was a bit of a rash decision. When Doherty was benched I wanted to try and exploit this by bringing in another City defender. This didn’t pan out well – Stones went off injured and Doherty came on to pick up a clean sheet and 3 additional points. Wolves fixtures do become more difficult as of now though and hopefully Stones isn’t a long term injury.


Clean sheets for Ederson, Stones and Robertson.

10 points for Hazard.

A couple of goals and an instant 16 points for Kane.

Potential Issues:

With one transfer remaining, there’s very little I can do in terms of addressing any issues this week – I’d rather hold this transfer until the end of the month. I don’t see any real issues with the team, other than Stones potentially being injured. If this looks like a long term injury I may be forced into using the transfer but I’ll need to wait and see on that one.

Tips for Game Week 28

Man City appear to be the team with the best fixtures for game week 28, with two home fixtures against Watford and Schalke. Liverpool also have two fixtures as they face Burnley in the league and Bayern in the Champions League. Man Utd are probably a team to stay clear of as they only have one fixture, which is against Arsenal. Spurs travel to Southampton but have no additional midweek fixture. Both Arsenal and Chelsea have the additional Europa League fixture but player selection appears to be a lottery in these games. I’d personally be looking at players from teams in the Champions League such as Man City and Liverpool this week.

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76 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 27

  1. Goes to show the fine margins in this game. Missed the Kane transfer… I am now 2pts behind your team. I had been ahead after also missing the Schmeichel transfer and holding onto Maddison for a few weeks over Shaw!

    Not a happy chappy… was really hoping Auba pulled it back last night, but was a disastrous week!!

    1. I assumed he would get a couple last night to be honest – no idea what’s wrong with Arsenal at the moment. Tempted to hold him for another week given Arsenal have two fixtures?

  2. 52 points here for the GW. After reading some of the posts on here I regard this as a decent week. I have the defence and Hazard to thank because the rest of my attacking assets blanked except for Rashford for sticking away that pen.

    Mentioned it on the other thread but should Sane start on Saturday, I’m going to transfer Doherty out for him. As DTT says, Wolve’s fixtures are tough short term so I’m banking on a few quiet weeks from the DT legend that is Doherty. Hoping Sane can have another purple patch as he did earlier in the season. Leaves me with zero transfers but I think the benefits could outweigh the risks. 🤞

    1. Should be a solid move – you’d imagine Sane will get some decent game time with two games this week and then the FA cup the week after.

    2. DTT/Chris,
      As you have a healthy lead on your mini League, what about a cheeky Zaha transfer instead of Sane? Massive differential, guaranteed to start all three fixtures until the start of next month, definitely winnable fixtures and im confident he’ll increase for the next two weeks towards a Kane transfer?

      Sane 4 games v Zaha 3 games

      Just putting a different option on the table 😎

  3. Kevin De Bruyne and John Stones will miss tomorrows’ match against Watford. However, Pep says Laporte has an outside chance of making the game despite initially ruling the defender out until after the international break with a hamstring strain.

    1. I could really do with knowing the extent of KDB’s injury. If he’s back soon it may put me off the Sane move. 🤔

      Anyone seen anything to give an indication of timescale?

      1. I haven’t seen no time scale. That’s what worries me. Could be out for a week and back next week. I have him in my team but holding on to see what’s going on!

      2. I asked Ben Dinnery and he reckons he could return to the starting XI after the international break. 🤔 Cluld be worth a punt on Sane as a short/medium term option.

      3. Having a nagging doubt about Sane now and wondering if I might be better off going for TAA. Would mean 3 Liverpool defenders so risk of overkill but I can’t see any reason why their defence shouldn’t keep on being a tight ship. TAA has looked excellent from an attacking perspective too recently and his price should rise over next few weeks. 🤔

        Struggling with this decision a bit truth be told.

    2. That’s annoying – I was hoping Stones would come straight back in. Not sure whether to take him out or not now.

      1. Do you think Stones will be saved for Champions League though as Otamendi suspended ?

  4. I think I’m screwed now. 100 points behind the leader. His Liverpool block has killed it. I’m going to have to gamble

  5. I subbed Laporte for Azpilicueta and Doherty for Zinchencko when I saw him on the bench. Slightly annoyed to miss some points but hopefully picked a good replacement considering Wolves’ run of fixtures and Mendy’s ongoing absence (hopefully!)…

    Anyway I’m still left with a little South Korean dilemma called Son! Stuck with him in case he scored that hatrick (ey Chris!) but that’s now four matches he’s fired blanks and with only 2 fixtures remaining this month, I think I need to use my third transfer now for someone with more games and form. Current team looks like:





    Considering Son to either VVD, Jesus, Higuain, Lukaku or Rashford… What do people think!??

  6. Torn between putting Kane in this game week for Auba.. can’t afford to fall any further behind for not having Kane and he always scores against Southampton but Arsenal having 2 games its tempting to wait until after the break. Anyone else having a similar dilemma?

    Trent Arnold



    3 transfers left..
    Kane + Walker in (possibly)
    Auba + Hazard out???

  7. Any final thoughts on Stones DTT?
    Looks such a good transfer but it’s litterally just our luck to go wrong. I do feel Stones will be first choice long term but the injury troubles are a concern

    1. I’m going to hold for this week in case he gets a game mid week but it’s not ideal. I’d rather hold the transfer given its not an overly high risk position.

  8. I think I may abandon the Doherty to Sane move now, thinking ahead. You’ll like this one Lee, I’m now thinking of going for Schlupp!

    Defender who plays midfield ✅
    Player in form ✅
    Team in form ✅
    Good mid-term fixtures ✅
    Still in FA cup ✅
    Price should rise in mid-term ✅
    Raises funds for Kane move next month ✅

        1. Not the best of starts but still happy with my selection for the reasons given. After watching some of the match and the highlights it was very apparent that Schlupp gets forward really well, often into dangerous positions. I’m hoping he can chip in with a goal or two in the weeks ahead.

          Knockaert should have been sent off in those opening minutes and low and behold he gets the winner (great goal mind).

          Palace’s away form has been excellent this season so I’m hoping they can get past Watford in the cup. They then play Huddersfield at home and Newcastle away before fixtures become difficult again. Could really do with some returns for these three games otherwise it could me a move I later regret. 🤞

  9. Only way I can get Kane in is Higuain and KDB out Kane and Jorginho in. Dont know what to do 🤔

    1. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

      I’m sorry for your loss my friend. 😬

  10. Only had 1 player, playing today but 28pts is a good start, gone for a double pivot of Rashford & Lukaku, got a big gap to bridge in my mini league so looking for a big haul tomorrow, if Liverpool go out of champions league to Bayern Munich next week, need to question if I need Mane & Salah as attacking assets, as would only have league games left.

  11. I reckon since Kane’s return from injury, both Kane owners and non-owners must be reasonably happy with how things have gone truth be told. Non-owners like myself have been worrying about those double digit hauls, which although they look likely soon, are still yet to arrive – whilst owners must be happy too to see him consistently bring home 8 points each game. Everyone’s a winner?

    1. To be honest Chris, his 8 points in each game almost since his return have been missed from my team. I could have done with those points to be honest lol.

      Any idea how is value is working, is it rising since he’s been back?

      1. He’s price went down last week. Do you think we will drop for a couple more weeks like when Salah did.

        1. Wouldn’t surprise me with his price being so high. Salah went on a scoring run earlier didn’t he and his price still kept dropping. I think he’ll either drop or stay the same this week.

          Watched a little of the Liverpool game today and Mane looks so much more potent than Salah right now. I don’t think Salah is justifying his high price tag at the moment so if this form continues into April I’ll be seriously considering losing him. If Liverpool go out of the CL as well that will be another reason to ditch him.

          Anyone else considering losing Salah?

          1. Possibly Chris. I am still expecting him to haul in the coming weeks though. I remember a few talking about ditching him earlier in the season after a quiet spell, but he went on to score some serious points consistently.

            Let’s see how he does against Fulham and Southampton plus champs league…

            Mane is well on my radar as well though, may bring him in for Auba after this week.

            1. To be fair to Salah, having watched MOTD he was pretty unlucky not to get a goal or two. He must be on the FFS Goals Imminent table that’s for sure!

              1. People have been saying that about Salah for months now though and still we wait!!….

                Personally, he’s on my hit list with Auba in April.

                Salah and Auba for Kane and Lukaku

  12. Hopeful of Rashford and Pogba points after looking at that Arsenal line-up. Very attacking from the Gunners and looks open to a United counter attack to me.

    Could be a high scoring game this.

  13. 4 Man-utd players today, – 2 pts, spoilt a decent weekend, typical take out Aubamayang, put in Lukaku, has 3 good chances converts none, looks hungry though, small consolation.

  14. It’s a good job I own Sterling and Hazard this week as I would have been posting a negative score this week! 40 pts is pretty mediocre but at least it’s not a disaster I guess. ML lead down to 90 pts.

  15. I haven’t had much to shout about lately, having lost the lead in my ML and fallen to 4th, 65 points off the top, but thankfully this weekend gave me back a little faith!!

    Wasn’t fussed by Sterling (other than the fact I subbed him out of my Telegraph team last week!!) & Hazard, because everyone has those players. Standard 41 points across the board, but Mane did me proud and dare I say it…. an unexpected 8 points from Aubameshit!!

    A bit disappointed that I’m still waiting for some decent points from Azpilicueta, especially as he is unlikely to feature again in Europe this week! I only brought him because of Chelsea’s extra games, both of which he’s unlikely to feature in!!

    1. Sticking with Auba could indeed pay off if he bags a goal or two midweek. Really expected United to come away with something yesterday but I guess the bubble had the burst at some point.

  16. Would love to hear your thoughts guys. After this week I’m 90 pts clear of my nearest rival. I’d say there are two teams with the potential to catch me. One has Kane and both have Mane so I’m wanting to get both players into my team come the April transfers. My question is, how would you get them into this team?

    Ederson £3.7m
    Robertson £4.9m
    VVD £5.2m
    Schlupp £2.7m
    Azpilicueta £4.5m
    Pogba £6m
    Hazard £7.4m
    Sterling £6.7m
    Rashford £3.7m
    Salah £7.6m
    Aguero £6.8m

    ITB: £4m

    I know values are going to change from now until then but the two routes I’m exploring currently are:

    Rashford & Pogba for Kane & Mane (extremely tight funds wise but at the time of writing, just doable)


    Salah & Robertson for Kane & Mane. (This would leave me with about £2.8m itb approx at the time of writing).

    If you guys have any thoughts on those moves or can see any alternatives, I’d love to know. I also have to see how Liverpool get on in the CL this week as that could influence my decision also.

    Thanks guys as ever for your input. 👍🏻

  17. Salah continuing his weird run of points scored then double 0’s. His points in the last 12 games since gameweek 18…..


    Should we be expecting better from a premium asset? Kane meanwhile seems to tick along very nicely.

    1. Similar predicament as yours with my lead of over 90 gone down to 18 in the last 2 weeks with the man below me having Kane & Mane and i dont.. But i think it time to hold your nerve and not panic until after Thursday at the earliest and not bring Kane in until after the Internationals. I intend to bring in Lukaku first. We have just had a bit of a blip the last 2 weeks with the usual suspects not scoring but i think they will come good. Pogba will be at his best again once Herrera comes back in support. I too have Salah and may look to get rid but not just yet.

      1. Yeah I’m looking at April anyway so things can change I guess from now until then. Players like Mane and a Auba tend to have purple patches followed by lean spells. By the time I look at bringing him (Mane) in he may dry up and Salah may be firing again? Just starting to think about a few ‘block’ moves now we’re getting towards the business end of the season to protect my lead.

    2. Many options Chris, I would keep Pogba above Rashford, but he does pick up to many yellow cards, & missed penalty last week, I was expecting to make inroads into my defecit with 4 Man utd players, but didn’t work out, will Liverpool get past Bayern Munich, getting to business end of season, getting the right 6/7 front player’s essential, could downgrade Robertson, Aguerro’s gametime could also be lessened, & as you rightly say, do we need Salah & Mane, if they go out of Europe, wouldn’t it be great to foresee the future.

      1. Hi Chris.

        Could you do Rashford > Kane and VVD > Mane and go 343?

        For me, going for the league title, attacking assets will be more valuable than defensive assets. I am also looking at Mane but at the expense of a defender.

        1. Thanks Dan, not enough cash for that move unfortunately though. With Gomez returning soon maybe that is an avenue where I could raise funds.

    3. It’s a strange one because much like Kane, if he scores, he tends to get the star man award, but if he doesn’t, he’ll invariably ‘blank’.

      It’s been well documented by myself and a lot of other people that players score when you take them out. Some say that people are too hasty to remove players which is why an inevitable run of form happens, so it will be an interesting few weeks given that I’m out of subs so have little choice but to stick with Salah and Auba when usually I’d have lost patience and dropped them.

    4. Interesting pattern emerging, now I am expecting at least a point from Salah tomorrow night.

  18. Hoping that Sane starts tonight and gets a few points!

    He was owned by the top 6 in my ML two weeks ago and now I’m the only one who has him!!……

    1. Sterling & Sane to start tonight I reckon.

      Lacazette has been cleared now to play against Renne in that second leg. That’s a boost for The Gunners as I can see both Aubameyang and Lacazette starting that one as goals are certainly required.

    1. I’ll wait until the weekend but if he picks up no points tonight and isn’t starting at the weekend he may have to go.

      1. For sure. To be fair I thought Swansea looked the easier game and the more likely clean sheet . . . Maybe not after the 7-0 hammering. Shame he didn’t come on for 10 mins for the 5 pts

    2. Pleased with how last night turned out with good returns for Aguero, Sterling and Ederson. Strangely enough is was most satisfied with Ederson racking up 8 points as he was the differential in my ML last night so my lead went back up to 98pts. Part of me is frustrated to have not gone with Sane though but no point crying over spilt milk. Hindsight’s a wonderful thing!

      Can’t see either Hazard or Azpilicueta getting any game time Thursday so just the Liverpool boys to come now.

  19. What a difference a week makes!

    I’m still in ‘catch-up’ mode after my dismal haul of 29 points last week, but so far this week, I’ve amassed 116 points… 88 of which have come from my midfielders alone.

    I’ve moved back up into 2nd, 13 points off the lead, which I will happily take given that I lost my 40 point lead at the top, sunk to 5th and ended up 65 points adrift of the leader in the space of a fortnight!! What a roller coaster month this has been!!

    I was hopeful of getting more points from other differentials this week, like Auba, Azpilicueta and Salah, but I’m not sure the first two will even play and it’s unlikely that Salah will do too much given his current form and the fixture.

    Glad I held onto Sane. Those 19 points were invaluable, but I still think he will continue to get benched, so will be looking to move him on in April.

    1. Think you deserved a bit of good fortune Lee. Hopefully you can continue your rise and achieve top spot once more.

      Things can sometimes change so quickly and dramatically from one week to the next in this game, which is what makes it so enthralling. Of course there are also weeks where nothing really changes in terms of ML standings.

      The only players I fear from my rivals right now are Mane and Kane. I’ll definitely be bringing Kane in asap in April whatever. I’ll keep an eye on Mane for the rest of the month and make a call come April. He can be patchy so I may have missed out on this purple patch before he could possibly drop off again.

  20. We are all waiting for Salah (today) & Aubameyang (tomorrow) to come good with a bang !! and then ironically maybe dump them on the same day!! Football, Bloody Hell!!

  21. Cheers Chris.

    I make you right. My fortune of late has been a bit dismal, but I certainly cannot complain about anything this week, even if Auba and Salah do blank, as I suspect they will.

    I’m with you on Kane. He will the first thing I do. I’m hoping that he continues to drop (sorry Kane owners), to make it easier!!

  22. Great story above by Lee H on his game week. Good move to keep Sane whilst his mini league rivals took him out. Reminds me of a statement I heard on ffs scout cast where it was pointed out that ‘your template (highest owned players) is your overall rank ‘shield’. Your differentials (less owned players) are your overall rank ‘sword’.’

    So Sane acted as a good sword ⚔️

    1. Do you think is there a recommended number for how many shields and swords you need to recruit the most points?

      1. DTT have to consider trying to get VVD in dont we? He’s really really good isnt he?! (and a point scoring machine) !

      2. I don’t know the answer to that I am afraid. I just liked the concept of the shields and swords. The shields 🛡 are our defence mechanisms and the swords 🗡 we use to attack our mini league rivals.

        Do we need a balance? Well, I think many people I know favour the shield approach. Ownership plays a big part in their decision making. They take comfort in the safety of numbers. They will get a good position come the end of the season but unlikely to get the most points as most people have used the same method.

        On the other side of the spectrum is favouring the swords approach ⚔️ . The risky picks that are usually ignored (but also can be a big name player coming from injury – like Kane but only for this month) but the right differential could lead to a win. The stakes are high – risk big you could accelerate up the rankings or plummet. I like to go for the swords myself.

    2. Cheers RR.

      This time Sane came up trumps for me, but I’m not sure if keeping him beyond April will benefit me much as he seems to get rotated too regularly, in spite of his good form.

      Mane did the business for me again last night too, which I was happy about since I don’t have VVD either.

      Choosing Azpilicueta over VVD a couple of weeks ago was not a good decision at all!

      1. At least he’s come on for the CS tonight mate, although he did get booked 🙄. 4 points I’d certainly class as a bonus for my team as I didn’t expect them. Every point matters now. #itsthefinalcountdown

  23. Salah cutting another frustrating figure tonight whilst Mane is on 🔥. Salah is trying too hard imo but you do get the feeling, once one goes in, others will follow.

    Think I may need to get a couple of shields to my armoury come April in Kane and Mane. May have to sacrifice Pogba to make it happen which isn’t ideal but Mane appears to be finishing the season with a real flourish.

    Good result for Liverpool, but how bad were Bayern? A shadow of the team they once were.

    1. Are you then using three transfers straight away? I don’t know if you can do the two swaps of Pogba and Rashford to Mane and Kane. Not sure about getting rid of Pogba whilst they are still in the cups but depends on the draws.

      1. At today’s prices I could just about do Pogba and Rashford to Kane and Mane with £0 itb. Ultimately I could get priced out though if price changes go against me from now until April.

        A lot can change from now until then though so no doubt I’ll be changing my mind about fifty times before the time comes. 😂

  24. Good haul from Auba tonight, but could have been so much better with 2 great chances for his 3rd.

    He comes out for me tonight now, presuming others are taking him out due to blank next week, would be interested to know who you are changing him for?

    I’m changing him for Mane for the Fulham game I think and going 442. Current squad:


  25. Hi, just think the info below will help you with your remaining transfers for this month.

    Teams with games they are playing BEFORE the next transfer date (Fri 5th April):
    Arsenal/Spurs – 1
    Chelsea/Man City/Liverpool – 2
    Man Utd/Wolves – 3
    (ps Man Utd and Wolves play each other twice during this period -once in the FA Cup and once in the PL)

    There is an additional fixture on next Transfer day, Friday 5th April (Southmapton V Liverpool) . Not sure if this can be counted for the pre transfer period. I think for dream team purposes this fixture would be part of the post transfer period. Correct me if i am wrong please.
    So essentially a Man Utd or Wolves player will have at least 1 more game then the others
    (Re:Lukaku/Rashford/Pogba/Lindelof/Shaw/Doherty/Jimenez/Jota. etc.)

    In my experience these extra games can make a lot of difference. I held up transferring Auba for Lukaku until today for the reason that Auba had 1 more game even when he wasnt scoring & Lukaku was & that`s paid me handsomely (back to the top of my minileague with lead of 11 points now.)
    My intentions are transferring Lukaku for Auba now and then with 1 transfer still remaining transferring in Kane for Lukaku just after United third game(depending on form, etc).

    Hope that helps & Good Luck to all.

    1. Great post Kurbs. Really useful and sounds like a good approach. Think i’ll Wait for the united linenup and go from there. I didn’t pull the trigger on auba to Mane last night.


      1. Indeed Utd have an evening kickoff on saturday at 19:55, so bear that in mind as well.

        Sat: Man City at 17:20/United at 19:55
        Sun: Liverpool at 14:15/Chelsea at 16:30

  26. 164 points this week with 10 men (Stones out).

    I don’t recall having a haul like that for a long time!

    I said I needed a miracle to get back in the game after dropping to 5th and boy did I get one!! The guy leading was 70 points clear and now he’s 33 behind me!!

    I’ve seen turnarounds before, but never in such a short space of time!!

    In spite of this amazing gameweek, I still feel vulnerable as I have no Pogba and his ownership runs down to 6th place. I’d also like VVD as he is on fire at the moment.

    Feels like a very long away until the next transfer window. Until then, I’ll have to hope that Stones recovers and Liverpool don’t keep clean sheets!!

    1. That’s a cracking result Lee! 👏 Brilliant stuff!

      I agree with the need for VVD now he’s found his mojo in the opposition box.

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