Review of Game Week 30

Review of Game Week 30

GW Points: 68
Overall Points: 2,183
Overall Rank: 1,533
Transfers: Cancelo out, Shaw in
Moura out, Foden in

I’ll keep my review short and sweet this week as I’m moving house tomorrow so I’ll be reasonably busy over the weekend. Firstly, I’m really disappointed to have dropped on the leaderboard. I was really hoping to push on and finish well within the top 1,000 this season but it seems like momentum is swinging against me at the moment. Bringing in Shaw probably wasn’t the wisest of moves but I wanted to take a slight gamble. I felt like Shaw and Foden could outscore Cancelo and Moura until the end of the season. Typically Cancelo then picks up star man. Thankfully Shaw did chip in with some decent points himself this week as well. When I look at my team, unless anyone gets injured, I’m very happy with how it’s set up going into May. I could easily stick with what I’ve got until the end of the season and if luck is on my side, I could well have a decent finish. 


The only player (other than Fernandes) who picked up double figure points was Shaw. So this was the main positive this week.

Potential Issues:

As mentioned above, I don’t really see many issues in the team at the moment. If all of the players remain fit until the end of the season, I can’t see me wanting to change much. I may then use the transfers to target the European Cup finals at the end of May, depending on who gets there. 

Tips for Game Week 31

If you’ve still got transfers it might be a good move to use them before game week 31. I can’t imagine there are many people who still have any, as it’s been a long month. For me, the teams to look at are those who are still in Europe with a second leg semi final fixture – Man City, Chelsea, Man Utd and Arsenal. If you wanted to think longer term, the spreadsheet below makes out the fixtures for the remainder of the season.

16 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 30

  1. Hi guys. Great review DTT, your team is looming good. I’ve got 2 transfers left and 0.9 in the bank, wondering if anyone has any inspiration for me.

    Currently have Schmeichel (transferring for Lloris today, has some decent games coming up) Dias, Chillwell, Walker, KDB, Gundogan, Fernandes, Mount, Salah, Kane, Rashford.

    Quite happy with the team and am top of my league at the moment and about 90 points ahead. You think there is any need to change anything?

      1. Gundogan’s points seem to be drying up so am considering a switch from him to Foden or Mahrez myself. Just how and when considering the inevitable rotations…

        1. I realised after my post that I can just about afford mahrez, so put him in before the price changes thinking he’d rise and Gundogan fall because as you say, he’s not been doing so well recently.
          Knowing my luck he’ll be on the top of his game next week!

      2. Thanks John, only just got to the comments from last week. How’s your lead looking after another game week?

  2. Hi. I have one transfer left. With only 0.1 in the bank.

    My team.

    Dias Shaw Cancelo
    Mount DeBruyne Foden Fernandes
    Salah Kane Rashford.

    Would you move any one on this weekend and who for ?

    I’m thinking Maybe Rashford?

    P.s good luck with the move mate

    1. Thanks Paul, only just picking up the comments from last week. Did you end up making a transfer?

  3. I was thinking the same. Rashford doesn’t seem to be doing alot really, still playing with that injury to. Just not sure who to swap him with. I have Salah and Kane also.

    Any ideas anyone?

    1. I put in Iheanacho a few games ago and he’s done no wrong, although his fixtures get tougher so probably keep him for the Southampton game then start looking at others

      1. Werner had a good week. Anyone considering revisiting him as an option?

  4. Hi all, quick query on transfer rules. So I still have 2 remaining transfers for the month of April which can still use until this Friday. I’m happy with my team but thinking can I gain advantage with the 2 remaining transfers by doing the following. So man utd v liverpool was cancelled therefore none of them players have played this game week I currently have salah and rashford and want to keep it that way but with man u playing extra game midweek, thinking could I use 1 transfer to swap salah out for a 2nd man u striker on Thursday before man u europa game for whoever is starting either cavani or greenwood then after the game use my last transfer to put salah back in for cavani/greenwood before I lose that last transfer for the new month of May transfers?

    1. The logic makes sense to me Gaz but who knows what the guys @ DTHQ do half the time! Have you tried their live chat or support email to confirm?

    2. I can’t see why you wouldn’t have been able to make that move as neither player had played yet. Did you do it in the end?

  5. I’ve got one transfer left myself and tempted to attack tonight and do Salah to a starting
    Utd player of either Greenwood/Cavani/Rashford/Magure/AWB and then use my first May transfer to bring Salah back in for Sterling who was a recent gamble that didn’t pay off! Might also use a second May transfer on Cancelo to TAA to attack the triple gameweek. I’m almost 200pts clear in my main cash ML so just going to have some fun to attack Gary F’s and Chris P’s big leagues in which I’m currently in the top 10 of both!

    1. Did you make the move? Cavani would have been a good one for tonight

      1. Yes I did… and bought in Cavani which felt damn good! Happily using my first May transfer to bring back Salah for Stirling.

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