Review of Game Week 31

Review of Game Week 31

GW Points: 59
Overall Points: 2066
Overall Rank: 3,431
Transfers: Stones out, Van Dijk in

Game week 31 followed a similar trend to previous weeks with a slight drop on the leaderboard. This really isn’t a trend that I wanted to follow at this point of the season however it appears that my luck has run out recently. I was placing most of my hopes for the rest of the season on Kane scoring well as I’d imagine most were struggling to get him back in. This plan has now gone out of the window with his injury against Man City. For me, this opens up an opportunity to gain some ground on people who have used all of their transfers but it’s a tough choice knowing who to bring in. When I look at the players in my team, for the majority of the season I’ve struggled to know who to charge because I’ve always been relatively happy with the players that I’ve had. I’m still fairly happy but with Kane coming out it makes sense to upgrade Coady – more on this below.


A clean sheet for Ederson and 3 points in the Champions League.

It was good to see Rudiger playing both games this week and picking up two clean sheets. Can’t ask for much more than that from him.

Van Dijk grabbed a clean sheet and a 7+ rating.

Hazard got a couple against West Ham and a 7+ rating in the Europa League. He’s had a few weeks where his point scoring has dipped but I’ve never been tempted to take him out.

A goal for Salah.

Potential Issues:

With two transfers left for the month it makes perfect sense to address Kane being injured straight away. For me it also makes sense to upgrade Coady at the same time with Wolves crashing out of the FA Cup. Unfortunately time got away from me last night and I didn’t have chance to look at or even consider my transfers. I usually like to write my review of the week before making transfers as well. As a result I missed the chance to make transfers before the price changes. This was a big oversight – the Kane to Firmino and Coady to Laporte/De Bruyne transfer is now no longer on. I think this nicely illustrates how fantasy football success sometimes has nothing to do with football – keeping on top of making transfers at the right time can often be enough to give you an advantage over people who miss such windows of opportunity. I’ve usually fairly good at taking these chances but it just hasn’t been possible over the last 24 hours to find the time to publish a blog. This leaves me with a couple of options:

Kane/Coady out
Firmino/Walker or B. Silva in

Kane/Coady out
Son/B. Silva in

I can see a case for either route. However I’m slightly favouring Firmino/Walker at the moment. It’s basically a toss up between Liverpool and Spurs for the remainder of the season. They both have a tough away fixture in the Champions League coming up – however Liverpool’s is slightly easier. What I do like about going down the Liverpool route is that they are in the running to win the Premier League and more likely to progress in the Champions League – they also play Cardiff and Huddersfield at the end of April. Spurs on the other hand have a good fixture this weekend against Huddersfield but then face Man City twice. They could also go out of the Champions League despite being in the driving seat at the moment. Going for Firmino also opens up the opportunity to go for Walker over Silva (with Silva being an injury doubt himself). This leaves 0.2m in the bank if I wanted to make any further changes in May.

Tips for Game Week 32

At this stage of the season all of the top 6 clubs have a difficult game during the upcoming game week. However if you’re looking at the very short term Spurs do face Huddersfield in the Premier League at the weekend. City travel to Palace and Man Utd host West Ham which could also be fixtures to consider. Liverpool and Chelsea play each other, which could go either way depending on which Chelsea team turns up. Looking further into the week Spurs and Man City play each other. Man Utd travel to Barcelona. Liverpool travel to Porto and Arsenal travel to Napoli. Chelsea host Slavia Praha.

For the remainder of the season I’m personally only looking at Man City, Liverpool and Chelsea players. I see Liverpool progressing in the Champions League and pushing Man City for the title. Again Man City will be aiming to win the Premier League, will be desperate to progress in the Champions League and also have the FA Cup final. I’m also happy to have a Chelsea defender and the essential Hazard but I can’t imagine I’ll bring in anyone else. This is purely because they look likely to progress in the Europa League.

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16 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 31

  1. Some good insights there! I have no transfers left now for April so will hope that I can keep my 50 point lead at the top of my ML with the below:

    VVD – Robertson – Coady
    Mane – Hazard – Sterling – B Silva
    Aguero – Son – Salah

    I think when May comes around i’ll be looking at Coady / Salah / Silva as switches to make depending on form and who is left in Europe by then. I would agree that Chelsea, Liverpool & City are the players to pick from but if Spurs get past City in the CL that also opens up some options!

    1. I think Salah is due a good scoring run now. He’s still the one who gets most shots away in that Liverpool team by some margin.

      1. Ouch that is annoying I was going to put kdb and firmino in.
        Walker could be ok though? Does he get many 7s? Probably gets a few assists too ?

        1. Yeah I think it’s going to have to be Walker unfortunately but hopefully it won’t make much difference.

    2. Very similar time to myself only I have Doherty and TAA to your VVD and Coady.

      I’ve earmarked Doherty to upgrade in the final transfer window. Hes at a decent price as well so I’m hoping to switch him to a fully fit Joe Gomez for the final few games.

      What swayed your decision to choose Son? It was a difficult one between him and Firmino but I found that Son’s goal per minute ratio was superior to Firminos and that increases further when Harry Kane has been injured. Couple that with me already having good Liverpool attacking representation in Salah and Mane. Let’s hope he comes up trumps 🤞🏻

  2. Brilliant stuff DTT. Bad luck with missing out on those transfers though mate.

    72 points for the week here putting me in 1264 in the overall leaderboard. As you say I’m hoping to now capitalise on those who’ve spent all three transfers and have Kane. Would love to finish in the top 1000.

    Team for this week:

    Robertson VVD Azpilicueta
    Mane B.Silva Hazard Sterling
    Salah Rashford Aguero

    1 transfer left
    £3.0 ITB

    1. Looks like a fantastic position to be in. Looking at your team it’s B. Silva that’s really done the damage for me. Those points he scored compared to hardly any for Stones really put a dent in my season. I don’t think I’d change much about your team other than Rashford to someone like Firmino as you’ve already mentioned.

  3. Been reading up about the press conferences and Ole making noises about resting some players. I reckon Rashford will get rested for this one so I’m bringing in Bobby with my final transfer (unless Rashford does indeed start, in which case I’ll cancel the transfer). Kinda feels like overkill for Liverpool assets (I now have Mane and Salah also) but I guess it’s the safe thing to do with my nearest rival owning him.

  4. Good review as always.

    Team currently:

    1 transfer left and £2.3m ITB. 2,110 points overall and 1,241 in the leaderboard.

    200 points clear in my ML so would like to hope I can’t chuck that away!

    My ideas for final transfer? Stuck between the following:
    Rashford to Firminho (OTT on Liverpool players?)
    Sane to anyone that might actually play more regularly 😂

    1. Decent team – if it was me personally I’d probably swap Sane for Laporte or De Bruyne.

    2. 200 points behind? Wow, that’s the ML to be in right there! Reckon you can do as you please there mate, well done! 😂👍🏻

  5. Can see the logic of Firmino myself but think he will be a popular choice and with a current high ownership (currently 16% but likely to be 20% by this week) so will probably act as a shield 🛡 rather than a sword 🗡 if aspirations are for a top 1000 position. Plus the thought of three Liverpool attackers doesn’t feel right with me as Liverpool seems to be scoring less goals than previous seasons unlike Man City. So might be getting most of the points from one player rather than all three.

    1. Yeah I agree that three Liverpool attackers is a little over the top but I think he’s a popular choice because people are looking at fixtures and who there is to choose from thinking he’s most likely to return the most points. Which I tend to agree with. Son would have been another option but Firmino is cheap as well. I can’t say I’m overly focused on the overall leader board at the moment – it’s great to finish as high as possible but all that really matters is winning my mini league. I’m not going to finish in a cash position overall so it’s becoming fairly irrelevant.

  6. Hi all.

    Been away with work for a bit so not able to post a great deal recently. I would really appreciate some thoughts on the below


    I have 2 transfers remaining and 0.8itb. Currently in 200th position overall and top of my mini league by 5 points.

    Tempted to go Azpillicuita > KDB and Auba > Son today if both are starting.

    Why are people’s thoughts? Does anyone know if Auba is injured?

    Thanks all, any thoughts would be much appreciated.

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