Review of Game Week 35

Review of Game Week 35

GW Points: 77
Overall Points: 2412
Overall Rank: 4,151
Transfers: Firmino out, Lacazette in
Rudiger out, Azpilicueta in
Van Dijk out, Zinchenko in

Game week 35 was pretty much make or break for my season. It ended up basically finishing off any hopes of a decent finish. It all comes down to fine margins – I obviously considered Aubameyang but decided to go for Lacazette. There was very little between them before the start of the game week. I clearly ended up going for the wrong player. Had I gone for Aubameyang it would have made for a very interesting finish to the mini league I’m competing in. I also hadn’t anticipated Liverpool progressing in the Champions League or keeping a clean sheet against Barcelona. The three transfers was my final roll of the dice. I’m now left with no more transfers for the season so I’m stuck with the player I’ve got. This pretty much means I’m out of the running to win the mini league and have nothing left to play for this season.


One clean sheet for my entire back line. Every defender got at least one clean sheet.

Hazard picked up 22 points.

12 points for Lacazette.

Potential Issues:

At this stage in the season there are no real issues and I’ve got no transfers left. The team has performed well for most of the season and continues to do so. Just not quite well enough to finish top of the mini league.

Tips for Game Week 36

With the final game week of the season approaching I’d expect Man City to do well against Brighton. They are the only team really for anything to play for in the Premier League. Obviously Liverpool also need to win against Wolves and hope Man City slip up but I can’t see that happening. If you’re fortunate enough to have transfers remaining and are already in a good position on the leaderboard, I’d probably save the transfers for now and target the cup finals towards the end of the season.

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51 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 35

  1. Great season for you DT. You’ve more points than me and I love your input. By the way wont you/we all get 3 transfers for June? The champions league final is Saturday June 2nd, so won’t we all get 3 on the Friday 1st?

    1. The champions league final is Saturday 1st of June, so I don’t think we’ll get any transfers. I thought it was the first Friday of the month for new transfer. See what others say.

    2. Cheers Badge – was hoping for a top 2,000 finish but it doesn’t look likely now. All in all it’s not been a bad season though. I don’t think we will be getting any new transfers for June. Their rules state that May runs up until the Champions League final with no allocation for June.

      1. Cheers DTT. You mentioned a few weeks back getting bored so I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say hope you carry on with the superb work. Would it help if we all pay a fee per year? For fantasy football scout its £15 per year and I happily pay that.

        1. Definitely pay 15 quid for the year given the content. Also DTT helps winning mini leagues so small amount to pay in comparison. Best sun dream team website out there. Hopefully gets bigger and better in the coming years.

          1. Thanks RR, hoping the site will continue to do well in terms of the community being built. I’d never expect anyone to pay as much as £15 though. I get much more sanctification out of seeing a lot of comments and creating a blog that people enjoy getting involved in.

        2. Will certainly carry on I’d imagine. I’ve just been frustrated at losing the top spot in this mini league and I do find the end of the season a little dull when most people have similar teams. I’ll probably increase the fee for next season, as I think a minimum contribution of £1 was a little low last time around. However I wouldn’t ever expect anyone to pay £15 – I’ll probably do it in a similar way to last year and make it a contribution for the password where people can select different amounts. It’s nice to make a little bit of money back for covering the costs of running the site but it’s not really about the money for me.

  2. Hi DTT,

    A great season ! Really have appreciated all the tips and input from everyone. I hope your back next season ! I made the Son Transfer which was a massive mistake ! Moura Hatrick on top of that has seen my lead drop to 20pts Currently 2458. 1m ITB.

    Obviously Son is the one to go and with 1 transfer left I’m torn between who I should put in. Originally before I made the Son transfer I was tempted by Auba but made a big mistake.

    Any input/advice for the last stretch would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks everyone it’s been a pleasure.


    1. No problem at all – it’s been an enjoyable season and it’s good to see so many people being so active in the comments. Who has your nearest rival got that you haven’t?

      1. Hi DTT,

        Apologies for the delay in reply
        I went with Aubameyang as my final transfer and he smashed it ! Sitting at 2552 currently now with
        Man City/Arsenal/Liverpool
        Players still to play the finals.

        Once again it’s been a pleasure and I genuinely do appreciate everyone thoughts and inputs !

        Can’t wait for next season. 😁👌

        Late Happy Birthday Sutton_Chris hope you had a great day.

  3. I have Son too. I’m thinking of keeping him for champions league final. I was thinking Aubu in for Aguero after FA Cup final. Then I have one more left which will be another Man City player to someone who’s in the European Finals.

  4. The champions league is on Saturday 1st June, on website it says May transfers have to be used by 7.44pm on Saturday 1st June, 16 minutes before champions league final kicks off . So unless they throw a bonus transfer in then we wont be getting any.
    Once again great input and work DTT, not easy allocating the time to this and you’ve done brilliantly, you’ve really helped me again as has everyone on here at some stage. So thanks

    I’m 32 points clear at top of ML and all 3 transfers left but zero cash , guy below has used all his. My transfers will be firmino to zinchenko tomorrow and go 442 to hopefully capitalise on city 2 games then after fa cup final aubameyang in for aguero and sterling out for Son for champions league both are blocking moves.

    The difference between mine and his team are currently he has VVD, Luiz, Erickson, son and aubameyang
    I have TAA, azpiculeta, sterling, aguero and firmino so hopefully my plan will give me a cushion and some blocks before champions league game
    Hopefully pays off need city to do well last 2 games , what do you think?

    1. No problem at all – it’s been a good season. Your suggestions all sound sensible to me. Do you know what/how many transfers your rival has used?

        1. I think you’re in a strong position in that case – most of your players are like for like anyway so it would take a huge chunk of luck for him to beat you. The only one I’d really be worried about is Aubameyang today.

  5. Seems like a good time to thank DTT for his efforts in creating and maintaining this site for us all to enjoy. It’s been an absolute blast playing the game and I’ll be sure to return next season for more discussion and banter.

    Not been on here as much just lately as I’ve been quite busy turning 40…😬

    Hope you all have good finales to the season you win those ML’s. For what it’s worth now, here’s my team heading into this GW.


    £1.5m itb
    2 transfers left

    Really annoyed myself by missing that Firmino transfer last week but lesson learnt – If time is going to be hard to come by to make changes just before kick-off, probably best to make the change at the earliest convenience. If Auba is benched for some reason I may stick Lacazette in instead. Think they’ll both play though.

    1. Thanks Chris and happy 40th. Aubameyang looks like a decent move. Are you still fairly well clear at the top of your mini league?

  6. Thanks to dtt and everyone else who has contributed to this site.
    It’s been a great help through the season and I have loved reading all your comments.
    I’ve just been moved back into 3rd due to a lad having Moura in his team but I’m only 6 behind him.
    Gutted how Azpilicueta loses his 3 points on Thursday after missing his pen 🖊 but you don’t get any points for a pen being scored.

    All The Best and I Hope everyone picks up a bit of cash from their Dream Team.

    Also Happy 40th Sutton_Chris

    1. Cheers John. The best birthday present I could have today would be to see my beloved Stags beat Newport today and book their place in the League Two play-off final. Nerves building now…. COYS! 💪🤞

      1. Happy birthday Chris
        Thanks for all your input and advice
        I think with family pressures and workloads anyone who takes the trouble to come on here and help deserves praise
        Good luck all

  7. Happy birthday Chris
    Thanks for all your input and advice
    I think with family pressures and workloads anyone who takes the trouble to come on here and help deserves praise
    Good luck all

  8. Happy 40th birthday Chris.

    Praying for a miracle from Utd today but doubt it will happen. Wonder what has happened to Martial? Signed a new contract and after that never was interested in playing. Had him down as a good differential a while ago. A lot of players at Utd leading the comfortable life. Easy money. Sad to see Herrera play his last game but can’t blame him for leaving.

    Can’t wait to see the back of this season. Worried that the game in the future will be about Liverpool and Man City players and not much about the rest (even Kane might be not as essential). The pool to select players from will be small making it for me a boring game. Likely to play FPL instead as they have a three player from a club rule.

    1. I’m hoping they make some changes to the game for next season – I’ve found that once you establish a position the rest of the season stays fairly stable which doesn’t make for the most interesting of finishes sometimes.

      1. Doubt the sun will make changes. They like to suit the wider audience – casual players that pick a team. Nice and simple game. If they make it too hard, people won’t play as they all want to pick the best players (generally players from top clubs) so they plan to have fewer restrictions that other games like Sky or FPL. Most people have busy lives and want to understandably spend as much little time possible on research.

        So if someone will limited football knowledge luckily picks a Man City or Liverpool defensive block from the start, they are unlikely to drop from a high position. It doesn’t matter if you have more knowledge, your two Liverpool or city defenders will not be enough, the teams above have already stocked up. The other top 4 clubs (and their defensive blocks) are not good enough to bridge the gap. I don’t think the two club domination is a good thing for fantasy football hence why I am losing enthusiasm for the game.

        1. I think this notion that everyone will be filling their teams with Liverpool and City assets at the beginning of next season is somewhat a false one. These players are going to be at the absolute premium end price wise, so it will be impossible to get anywhere near doing that until much later into the season. This should still make the game interesting and exciting as it will then be all about which premium assets to back and which budget/differential picks to go for.

          I do accept though, as the season rolls on, many teams can morph into pretty much the same one so maybe The Sun could look at ways of preventing this happening? Maybe a £0.1m price swing every fortnight rather than every week?

          1. So lets see which players are likely to be in my team next season: Backbone of

            City players: Ederson, Laporte, Zincheko, B.Silva, Sterling, Aguero

            Liverpool players: Alisson, TAA, Robertson, Van Dijk, Mane, Salah

            So these I would say most of these players come in the essential group. So I would looking at three city defenders or 3 Liverpool ones or mixture of both. Sterling and Mane will be top of the midfield shortlist. Salah and Aguero will be the two strikers up front. I can live without B.Silva maybe Keita can do the business instead and cheaper. So majority of teams, one with city players and one with Liverpool players or another option is pool defence and city attack with cheap fillers in between to accommodate them. Now who do I want from the other 4 big clubs:

            Arsenal – Aubamenyang. The rest of the team hold little interest as the defence is poor, the midfield doesn’t provide much hope with Ramsey leaving.

            Chelsea – Hazard is of great interest but likely to leave. So how will also Chelsea cope with a transfer ban. Willian and Pedro might do something but are on the wrong side of 30 so can’t play every game. Apzilicueta of interest but not cheap and might be similar price to a Liverpool or city defender.

            Man Utd – Honestly no one right now unless they are really cheap. Would be tempted by De Gea if 3.0m or under. Not worth more than that. The club are finding it hard to invest in good players without champions league football (not read anything great on the Swansea player they are trying to sign) and the ones that don’t care are difficult to get rid because of big wages eg. Sanchez. Difficult job for the manager.

            Spurs – Kane is the main choice but do we really need him? The overall leader has not put in his team all season so can save money here.

            So it looks the good differentials may be from top 4 clubs but they are likely not to be cheap and also inconsistent. For that little bit extra and comfort, I would go for pool or city player. So noticing a trend already for next season: city and pool domination not only this season but for the future. So they might be a big points gap between players from city and pool but not in the price range. Maybe the template cannot be beaten so maybe there is only strategy is to rule them all. Good job, it saves me time writing this stuff.

            1. I think more transfers would help and not being able to see each others team. I prefer to be more hands on and make changes based on up coming fixtures but you could be right about The Sun wanting to make the game appeal to that wider audience. I do agree with Chris though – as much as everyone will want a Liverpool/Man City mix at the start of next season, surely they will make that almost impossible? A modest team such as:

              Gomes, TAA, Zinchenko, Laporte
              Mane, B. Silva, Sterling
              Salah, Aguero, Kane/Aubameyang

              Simply won’t be affordable at the start of the season. So we will have no choice but to tactically go for something a bit different.

              1. Team could be like this (should be affordable)

                Alisson/Ederson, TAA, VDV, Zinchenko, Laporte
                Mane, Sterling, cheap enabler
                Salah, Aguero, cheap enabler or similar in 442 formation

                Honestly most of the teams will be a bulk of 7-8 pool or city players. The pool of (good) player selection from other teams is small making it tough to have a wide range of strategies. Unless you are a Man Utd fan, you wont want any of their overpriced players.

                I don’t know if more transfers is the answer. My mate had transfers left over most months and used them on goalkeeper swaps which had little effect but that might be in isolation so maybe 4 transfers is the way to go forward.

                1. I must admit I didn’t use all of my transfers on occasions, it would be useful to carry them over. With only three for the month as well, I tend to make long term transfers rather than short term risks. I wouldn’t mind being able to target some shorter fixture spells but with only three transfers per month it never seemed worthwhile.

  9. Thank you DTT, I am 1st in my mini league. Got around 70pt lead so should be safe to win, first time in a few years. Your blog has been a huge help and exceptionally helpful. I will be back next season. 👍🏼

  10. Been great reading everyones comments this season, a real mixed bag of opinions as well which I find very healthy. It’s always good to have people thinking differently which is difficult in this game as we all know which players will be the top scorers come the end of the season but you cant accommodate for them all. Thanks to DTT for keeping this going as well.

    90 points clear of my main mini league and 240 clear in another which will earn me over £800 in winnings. Good luck to everyone still pushing to win yours.

    1. No problem – it’s been a decent season with plenty of good advice in the comments.

  11. Happy b’day Chris 🍺🍺
    I’ve found this blog really useful and enjoyable, good contributions and ideas, thanks dtt for the blog.

  12. DTT – Well done on another very helpful season.

    After all the bitching and moaning about TAA (apologies), I may have finally turned it around with my last two subs at the weekend (Laporte & Auba).

    My lead is now 22 points, so barring a TAA hatrick (which I wouldn’t discount ;)) I may just get over the line. Also broke the 1800 mark, so not too bad considering that the season started rather poorly.

    Also gone 25 points in my Telegraph team despite using my last transfer in February!! – I can’t quite believe that one!!

    Will I do it next year?…… probably. To be honest, I feel I need a break which I didn’t get last year, due to the World Cup, but a 3 month break is just what I need!!

    1. Cheers Lee – I must admit I did enjoy the World Cup game last year but I’m looking forward to the break as well this time around.

  13. Well done DDT not a bad season, you’ve finished better than me! Ha!! on a positive note though my mate in our mini league is 3rd in the whole country at the min so 🤞

    1. That’s very good going. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to be in that position. I’d be a nervous wreck if I knew my decisions could potentially cost me a lot of money.

      1. He’s now 2nd!! 😁
        We have a great mini league well run with 40 of us all £200 each to enter, lots of different mini competitions and top 8 payouts. I’m 6th at min on 2439pts.

  14. Hi DTT and other contributors,

    Whilst we are not quite at the end of the season, I wanted to send a quick note to say what a great community there is on this site. Whether that’s consistent contributors or those who pop in from time to time to add comments and value, I really feel that this is a great forum for all things Dream Team. From a personal perspective I have found it extremely useful for discussing transfer targets and understanding others views on key decisions. In addition to this, it’s also helpful to look at others strategies and transfer decisions as these often help inform my own decisions.

    I’ve had my highest placing so far having played this format for a few years now, so thank you all for any feedback you have given when I have posted questions.

    Lastly, hope you all won your respective mini leagues and enjoyed the debate as much as I have.

    Thanks to DTT for facilitating all of this, your regular posts have been insightful and have always sparked regular conversations.

    Enjoy your summers and I look forward to discussing teams for next season in July!


    1. Perfectly put Dan and I’d imagine you echo the sentiments of most of us here. Correct me if I’m wrong but is that your team in 2nd in the Dream Team Tips ML?

      1. I think that is Dan in second place – I’m not sure the current leader has ever commented. Hopefully we will hear from him if he does go on to win it.

    2. Thanks Dan, really appreciate the comment. I think this season has been my favourite in terms of the community that has been built as part of the blog. Everyone who has contributed to the comments make it what it is, so hopefully it will be the same next season.

  15. Hi all,

    I havent commented on here before, but have been stealing some of your ideas and tactics 🙂

    Although I haven’t scored well over all I am top of my mini league by 84 points and this is largely thanks to you all and DTT, thanks for facilitating all of this. I haven’t contributed this year but wanted to show my gratitude! Having gone against some of the advice on here which has paid dividends I will throw some ideas around next season.

    Enjoy the summer!

    1. Glad you’ve enjoyed the blog RH – be great to hear some of your thoughts next season.

  16. Found this one on Twitter:

    This may seem a standard team but if you’d of started the season with this and never made any transfers you’d currently be sitting 5th overall
    It cost £50m at the time and would have 2768pts


    Incredible 🤪

    1. Crazy – just shows how simple the game can be at times. Also highlights what can be achieved without Kane and Salah.

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