February Transfer One – Pogba In

February Transfer One – Pogba In

Out: Coutinho
In: Pogba

Based on upcoming fixtures I’ve decided to make a move for Pogba today. He’s almost certain to start against Watford (if he doesn’t I will reverse the transfer before kick off) and Man Utd have two additional Europa League games during February. I’m taking a risk by making the transfer so early, if Pogba gets no game time in the Europa League or the FA cup tie next weekend I will potentially have wasted a transfer. I’m hoping he will at least start in the Europa League. Either way he is currently the highest scoring midfielder in the game so it should be a solid long term move. The player making way is Coutinho – who isn’t in the best of form since returning from injury. Liverpool also have no European or FA cup fixtures. It makes sense to make the transfer now as Pogba could potentially have 5 games remaining in February and Coutinho only has 2.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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