Review of Game Week 34

Review of Game Week 34

GW Points: 47
Overall Points: 2,390
Overall Rank: 1,443
Transfers: None used

I’ll keep the review short this week as we are so close to the end of the season. The game week didn’t really go to plan with a slight drop on the leaderboard. Man Utd dropping another clean sheet cost me again and in hindsight I should have swapped Wan-Bissaka for De Bruyne at the weekend. Either way it wasn’t to be and at least Cavani grabbed 12 points last night. This resulted in me staying fairly stable on the leaderboard. 

Tips for Game Week 35

We’ve only got 1 fixture left for the season – the Champions League Final. I’ve got two transfers in the bag to use. It won’t gain me much but I’ll have to bring in De Bruyne as he’s a big name player who could well get star man if City go on to lift the trophy.

For my other transfer, I’ll take a punt on one of the strikers and hope they bag a hat trick. Other than that there’s very little that I can do with only 1 fixture remaining.

Quick note on the Euros

I’ve decided to run a blog for the upcoming Euros game. This will include picking a team and posting all of my transfers in advance on here. There is also a Facebook group for the competition and a WhatsApp group where I will publish all transfers in advance. It will be £4 to sign up for this content and I’ve already written a few posts:

Initial team selection:
Top player picks by nation:
Initial thoughts – fixtures and transfer timings:

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    1. Very disappointing, I’ve just not had the rub of the green over the last few weeks. Man Utd have let me down defensively as well

  1. Salah was very disappointing yeah considering so many people kept him. 1 point behind the leader

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