Team Selection 2019/2020

Having just checked the team new, Gomez starts ahead of Matip so I’ve finalised my team below:

Just a quick update as the game gets underway shortly. I’ve been tweaking my initial starting 11 daily for the past couple of weeks but I can’t seem to come anything I’m happier with than my last draft below. As a result this is the team I’ll be starting the season with (if I do make any changes I’ll be sure to publish before the game starts). Obviously the only thing to remember is that we are going for Matip or Gomez based on which player starts against Norwich so will need to remember to keep a look out for team news.

The main principle that I’m following is targeting players who are most likely to get game time and get off to a strong start in terms of points. The situation I’m trying to put myself in is that the 11 players I’ve chosen will have lined themselves up for the big initial price rise. I’ll be using my August transfers to move on players who look like they might drop in value and bringing in players who are almost certain to rise by the full amount.

Final Draft: Team Selection for 2019/2020

It’s only been a couple of days since my last draft, however I’ve decided to tweak it again already. I’m not overly happy with having both Maitland-Niles and James. I’m fairly sure Maitland-Niles will start the season however I’m less sure about James in terms of game time. As many people have pointed out, it will be easier to bring him in, than it will be to move him on. 

As a result I’ve modified my last draft slightly. I’ve taken out Ederson and James, and put in Patricio and B. Silva. I may change this again before the start of the season however I think this is the strongest team I’ve come up with to date.

The reason for the swap is fairly obvious. I feel that Patricio and B. Silva would outscore Ederson and James firstly. I’m also not sure there is value in the two premium goalkeepers. They will steadily score points over the season but there’s no risk of an explosive game week. I’d be very surprised if either of them reach the projected points total for their value, which doesn’t appear to make them a good investment for me. I think there are better options when it comes to investing 4.5m. I went for Patricio, despite him having a fairly poor point scoring season last time around. At 2m with additional fixtures (hopefully) I’d hope he would get close to the points target of 100. This allows me to go for B. Silva rather than Ederson for 4.5m. I believe Silva has a higher probability of scoring more points than Ederson for the same investment.

Third Draft: Team Selection for 2019/2020

After a week away on holiday, I’ve had another look at my initial team selection. I wasn’t overly happy with a couple of areas in my last draft. Mainly the lack of Man City defensive coverage and doubling up on Chelsea defensive assets. I’d also moved slightly away from the idea of having Wolves coverage due to the Europa League qualifiers. In the past selecting players who were involved in these fixtures hasn’t ever really paid dividends. As a result I may move away from targeting these fixtures this time around. I’m still not overly happy with my current draft but I think it’s an improvement on the first one:

GK: Ederson (Man City) – 4.5m
Points last season: 178
Points per 1m spent: 40
Points projection based on new value: 225 points

There is a case for Ederson being the only certain starter in City’s backline. This is why I’ve opted for him as my keeper. My big reservation is that I can’t see him reaching the 225 point projection, which is a big worry. To me this suggests he’s not worth the 4.5m price tag. At this stage I’m happy to role with him.

DEF: Robertson (Liverpool) – 4.5m
Points last season: 221
Points per 1m spent: 49
Points projection based on new value: 225 points

For the reasons below.

DEF: Matip/Gomez (Liverpool) – 3.5m
Points last season: 125 (Matip) / 89 (Gomez)
Points per 1m spent: 35 (Matip) / 25 (Gomez)
Points projection based on new value: 175 points

For the reasons below.

DEF: Zinchenko (Man City) – 3.5m
Points last season: 156
Points per 1m spent: 45
Points projection based on new value: 175 points

Zinchenko is a cheap way of doubling up on Man City defensive assets. He should start at left back but I’ll wait and see who is playing in the Charity Sheild before making this decision. He comes in over Azpilicueta as I believe that Man City have an easier start to the season. This goes against my points per million guidance as Azpilicueta looks a bargain on this basis. However I just have a feeling that Zinchenko could have a good season and Chelsea may struggle. 

DEF: Maitland-Niles (Arsenal) – 1.5m
Points last season: 93
Points per 1m spent: 62
Points projection based on new value: 75 points

Maitland-Niles looks like one of the best value players on this season’s game to me. He should start the season and is capable of playing in various roles. He outscored his point projection last season easily and at 1.5m seems a bargain. I’ve also got a little bit in the bank meaning I could easily upgrade him to one of the 2m full backs at Spurs – should Ben Davies look like he’s going to be the regular left back at Spurs.

MID: Sterling (Man City) – 6.5m
Points last season: 312
Points per 1m spent: 48
Points projection based on new value: 325 points

For the reasons below.

MID: Moura (Spurs) – 3m
Points last season: 157
Points per 1m spent: 52
Points projection based on new value: 150 points

For the reasons below.

MID: James (Man Utd) – 1m
Points last season: n/a
Points per 1m spent: n/a
Points projection based on new value: 50 points

I only had 2.5m left for this position. Looking at my options, I didn’t feel like there was anyone worth taking a risk on other than James. With a points projection of only 50 points across the season it’s hard to imagine that he wouldn’t reach this. I also wanted to keep a little in the bank for upgrading Moura and/or Maitland-Niles.

ST: Kane (Spurs) – 7m
Points last season: 239
Points per 1m spent: 34
Points projection based on new value: 350 points

For the reasons below.

ST: Salah (Liverpool) – 7.5m
Points last season: 291
Points per 1m spent: 39
Points projection based on new value: 375 points

For the reasons below.

ST: Aubameyang (Arsenal) – 6m
Points last season: 290
Points per 1m spent: 48
Points projection based on new value: 300 points

Given Arsenal’s relatively easy start to the season (first two game weeks) it’s difficult to overlook Aubameyang. 6m seems a bit of a bargain considering he scored as many points as most of the big hitters last season. It’s not difficult to imagine him reaching the 300 points projection across the season.

I’ve got huge reservations about this team and at the moment I’m not sure I’ll be brave enough to go with it. Firstly I’ve ignored Everton’s easier fixtures and I’ve also ignored Wolves Europa League qualifiers. It does leave me 1.5m in the bank but I think I’m taking a massive risk on the cheap Maitland-Niles and James. I could potentially upgrade Maitland-Niles to Davies fairly easily. However moving James on as well would be almost impossible without taking out someone like Aubameyang. It would also leave me 0.5m to upgrade Moura to Willian if Chelsea look like they are going to perform well. I’m sure I’ll end up going for something a bit safer when I revise the team again but at the moment this looks fairly strong to me.

Second Draft: Team Selection for 2019/2020

With the game now open, I’ve come up with my first draft for the start of the season. I’m sure this will change before we get going but here’s where I’m currently at:

GK: Kepa (Chelsea) – 3.5m
Points last season: 144
Points per 1m spent: 41
Points projection based on new value: 175 points

This season I wanted to go for a pick and stick type goalkeeper. I felt like it was a mistake going for a cheap option last season. I still couldn’t however afford a premium keeper at the upper price range of 4.5m so Kepa was the one who stood out as the best of the rest. It remains to be seen how well Chelsea will perform this season without Hazard and I can’t say I’m overly convinced that they will have a good season but I’m happy to take this calculated risk.

DEF: Robertson (Liverpool) – 4.5m
Points last season: 221
Points per 1m spent: 49
Points projection based on new value: 225 points

With Liverpool’s fixtures in August, I think some form of Liverpool coverage defensively is essential. Robertson stands out as he’s cheaper than TAA and Van Dijk and also offers the best points per million across their backline. For me he’s a good price and could be another pick and stick option for the season.

DEF: Matip/Gomez (Liverpool) – 3.5m
Points last season: 125 (Matip) / 89 (Gomez)
Points per 1m spent: 35 (Matip) / 25 (Gomez)
Points projection based on new value: 175 points

Once again because of Liverpool’s fixtures in August and their defensive record from last season I’m going for a second Liverpool defender. For me the value is in whoever plays between Gomez or Matip in the opening game. Neither racked up a huge total last season but both were missing for big parts of the season. As Liverpool play first, we will get the opportunity to check their line up and go with whichever player starts.

DEF: Azpilicueta (Chelsea) – 3.5m
Points last season: 210
Points per 1m spent: 60
Points projection based on new value: 175 points

Azpilicueta stood out to me instantly as a player who is undervalued. He’s been a consistent point scorer over a number of seasons and picked up 210 points last time around. There is a slight risk with Chelsea players that the team may struggle this season without Hazard, however at 3.5m I’m willing to take this risk initially. He could be a good pick and stick option throughout the season, as I see him easily reaching the 175 points I’d expect from a 3.5m player.

DEF: Coleman (Everton) – 2.5m
Points last season: 94
Points per 1m spent: 38
Points projection based on new value: 125 points

Coleman picked up the majority of his points with a good run of clean sheets and performances towards the end of last season. At 2.5m he seems like a good price given Everton’s fixtures in August. The other option was Digne but I didn’t feel like there was much between them so have opted to save the extra 0.5m by going with Coleman.

MID: Sterling (Man City) – 6.5m
Points last season: 312
Points per 1m spent: 48
Points projection based on new value: 325 points

Sterling is the highest point scorer from last season who can be picked this time around – with Hazard being sold. He’s cheaper than the likes of Aguero, Salah and Kane despite picking up more points than all of them last season. I’d hope for another good season from him and he was one of the first names in my team.

MID: Moura (Spurs) – 3m
Points last season: 157
Points per 1m spent: 52
Points projection based on new value: 150 points

Spurs start their campaign against the newly promoted Aston Villa, this could be a slightly easier first game than some of the other top teams are facing. Due to this and the fact that Son is missing through suspension, Moura looks like an appealing option at 3m. He had some explosive point scoring performances last season and with only 150 points to aim for I think he could be a bargain to start the season with.

MID: B. Silva (Man City) – 4.5m
Points last season: 223
Points per 1m spent: 50
Points projection based on new value: 225 points

B. Silva was a favourite for Man City last season in the absence of De Bruyne. I can imagine he should be a fairly safe bet in terms of starting a lot of games this season after a good campaign last time around. He scored a steady 223 points and should reach the same levels again. The other option is Sane who is more explosive but less certain to start. At the moment I’ve opted for the safer bet in B. Silva.

ST: Kane (Spurs) – 7m
Points last season: 239
Points per 1m spent: 34
Points projection based on new value: 350 points

Kane had an injury hit season last time around and because of this under achieved in terms of points over the season. I think he’s still got what it takes to hit well over 300 points if he stays fit this time around. Spurs also start the season against Villa, which might be an opportunity for him to get on the score sheet early on.

ST: Salah (Liverpool) – 7.5m
Points last season: 291
Points per 1m spent: 39
Points projection based on new value: 375 points

Given Liverpool’s first two league fixtures I can’t justify leaving both Mane and Salah out. As I’ve opted for Sterling in midfield, I’ve decided to go for Salah to offset this rather than Aguero. However I may rotate between them over the course of the season. This will depend on how much game time Aguero gets but he’s certainly someone I feel uncomfortable leaving out. What’s also interesting is that Salah scored 291 points last season, at a value of 7.5m I’d want more out of him this time around to justify the spend. Ideally well over 300 points.

ST: Jimenez (Wolves) – 3.5m
Points last season: 193
Points per 1m spent: 55
Points projection based on new value: 175 points

Wolves should have extra Europa League qualifying fixtures during August and regardless of this Jimenez had an excellent campaign last time around. He’s got a reasonable 3.5m price tag and will hopefully reach the 175 point projection. I’m not sure how long I’d stick with him but there are a couple of good options at the same value in Rashford and Jesus who can be bought in.

First Draft: Team Selection for 2019/2020

With the player values now available I’ve been thinking about a possible starting line up for the opening month of the new season. It’s still early days with a lot of friendlies to study before we get underway but here’s where I’ve got to with my thinking so far.

For me it’s obviously going to be impossible to accommodate all of the big names – Van Dijk, Mane, Sterling, Aguero, Salah and Kane. As a result, I think it’s more important than ever to squeeze as much out the players available as possible. I’ve come up with a useful formula to help with my decision making. It’s a really simple idea, based on a budget of 50m and an aim to finish with around 2,500 points (I think it’s unrealistic to expect to finish much higher given the prices that have been released) – I’ve decided to aim for around 50 points per million spent. This works out at:

1m – 50 points
1.5m – 75 points
2m – 100 points
2.5m – 125 points
3m – 150 points
3.5m – 175 points
4m – 200 points
4.5m – 225 points
5m – 250 points
5.5m – 275 points
6m – 300 points
6.5m – 325 points
7m – 350 points
7.5m – 375 points

When I’m looking at players I’m now going to compare them to the figures above and how many points they achieved last season. Here’s a couple of examples:

Ederson is 4.5m (expectation of 225 points) however he finished last season on 178 points. For me this makes him a little over priced. He had a good season last time around for a keeper so I’m not sure I see him reaching the 225 total this season.

Azpilicueta on the other hand is 3.5m (expectation of 175 points) however he finished last season on 210 points. Based on these figures Azpilicueta looks like a bargain price. 

My plan is to apply these principles across my entire team in the hope to of really making the most out of the budget available. It’s worth noting though that I won’t only go off last season’s figures. Things change in football so quickly and it’s not a certainty that players will achieve the same points as they did last time around.

Not purely based on this formula but taking it into account, here’s where I’ve got to with my team so far. I’ve decided to take a slightly different approach this season. I’m currently assigning a budget to each position and then finding players who I think can reach or exceed the points total I’m aiming for:

GK: 2.5m – 3.5m budget – points expectation 125-175
Arrizabalaga (Chelsea) – 3.5m – 144 points last season/difference -31
Pickford (Everton) – 2.5m – 77 points last season/difference -48

No goalkeepers are currently coming in at 50 points per 1m spent based on last season’s stats. However the two above appeal to me the most. Kepa might be capable of reaching 175 points if Chelsea were to have a decent season. Everton weren’t that great last season so if they improve this time around a 125 target for Pickford doesn’t seem too unrealistic.

DEF1: 4.5m budget – points expectation 225
Robertson (Liverpool) – 4.5m – 221 points last season/difference -4

Robertson comes out as the highest points per million of the Liverpool defenders. For me he’s less likely to be rotated and cheaper than TAA but also better value than Van Dijk (who I think is slightly overpriced)

DEF2: 3.5m budget – points expectation 175 
Azpilicueta (Chelsea) – 3.5m  – 210 points last season/difference +35

Azpilicueta has been a consistent point scorer for some years. At 3.5m I’d be aiming to get 175 points from him. The fact that he scored 210 last time around makes him all like a bargain.

DEF3: 3.5m budget – points expectation 175
Matip (Liverpool) – 3.5m – 125 points last season/difference -50
Gomez (Liverpool) – 3.5m – 89 points last season/difference -86
Mendy (Man City) – 3.5m – 142 points last season/difference -33
Otamendi (Man City) – 3.5m – 66 points last season/difference -109

This one goes against the rule from above, none of the players listed scored enough to reach the 175 point expectation. However other than Otamendi, they all had injury problems. Gomez started the season well and Matip ended it well. At this stage I think I’m likely to go for whichever of these two start in the opening game of the season as I’d like to double up on Liverpool defenders for August. We will get the chance to see who starts this game before we finalise our teams.

DEF4: 3m budget – points expectation 150
Dinge (Everton) – 3m – 168 points last season/difference +18
Trippier (Spurs) – 3m – 127 points last season/difference -23
Rose (Spurs) – 3m – 103 points last season/difference -47
Alonso (Chelsea) – 3m – 193 points last season/difference +43

Alonso makes sense from a stats point of view but I worry that he won’t get as much game time this season. Given Everton’s opening fixtures I’m tempted by Dinge. He exceeded the points expectation of 150 last season. Having said that 3m seems cheap for Trippier or Rose, who both seemed to underachieve in terms of points last season.

MID1: 6m-6.5m budget – points expectation 300-325
Sterling (Man City) – 6.5m – 312 points last season/difference -13
Mane (Liverpool) – 6m – 265 points scored last season/difference -35

Sterling is more appealing for me at the moment given the points he scored last season. I’m also not sure Mane will be available for the opening game of the season. It does make me feel a little uneasy leaving Mane out though.

MID2: 3.5m-4.5m budget – points expectation 175-225
Willian (Chelsea) – 3.5m – 174 points last season/difference -1
B. Silva (Man City) – 4.5m – 223 points last season/difference -2
Sane (Man City) – 4.5m – 204 points last season/difference -21

Both Willian and Silva are spot on in terms of the points expectation and how many points they scored last season. My worry with Willian is placing too much emphasis on Chelsea players as I’m concerned about how they will perform without Hazard. Silva should get plenty of game time but he’s not as explosive as Sane. I feel like if Sane had as much game time as other players that he would be capable of 300+ points in a season, this makes his price very appealing.

MID3: 3m budget – points expectation 150
Moura (Spurs) – 3m – 157 points last season/difference 7

Moura should start the season with Son suspended. This makes him too cheap to resist at 3m for an attacking starter for Spurs. He also exceeded the points expectation based on last years stats.

ST1: 7.5m budget – points expectation 375
Salah (Liverpool) – 7.5m – 291 points last season/difference -84
Aguero (Man City) – 7.5m – 286 points last season/difference -89

This is a really tough one, my approach is usually to go for the big name players. However if the expectation for a 7.5m striker is 375 points, we already know neither Salah or Aguero got near this last season. However going on this logic I wouldn’t have any of the big hitters so I may have to ignore it in this instance. I’ll probably go with Salah as he’s less of a rotation risk.

ST2: 7m budget – points expectation 350 points
Kane (Spurs) – 7m – 239 points last season/difference -111

As above, based on the stats including Kane doesn’t make sense. However what the stats don’t show is that he had an injury hit campaign. Should he stay fit I’d expect a much higher total than last time around.

ST3: 3.5m budget – points expectation 175 points
Jimenez (Wolves) – 3.5m – 193 points last season/difference 18
Rashford (Man Utd) – 3.5m – 145 points last season/difference -30
Jesus (Man City) – 3.5m – 192 points last season/difference 17

I’ll probably start with Jimenez as Wolves have extra fixtures and he clearly exceeded expectations last season. Jesus does interest me as well though. He easily reached 175 points last season so shouldn’t have any trouble doing this again. 

I’ve found this quite an interesting exercise but I’m not 100% sure it’s the right approach at the moment. It may be placing a little too much emphasis on previous figures. It has been helpful for creating the shortlist above and I’m starting to see how my team might come together for the start of the season. If it’s of interest to anyone else I’ve added these points expectations and the difference (positive or negative) between the expectation and points scored last season into the spreadsheet mentioned earlier in the week:

First Draft: Team Selection for 2019/2020

Player values appear to have been released yesterday with Dream Team also confirming there won’t be a maximum of 3 players per team rule. Although we can’t get into the game yet, I’ve had a go at my first draft team. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

Kepa (Chelsea) 3.5m
Azpilicueta (Chelsea) 3.5m
Robertson (Liverpool) 4.5m
Mendy/Otamendi (Man City) 3.5m
Digne (Everton) 3m
B. Silva (Man City) 4.5m
Moura (Spurs) 3m
Sterling (Man City) 6.5m
Jimenez (Wolves) 3.5m
Kane (Spurs) 7m
Salah (Liverpool) 7.5m

I’m a little pushed for time to do any in depth analysis this evening. However the intial thoughts I had were that it’s going to be very difficult to include all the big names this season. The team above is missing Van Dijk, Mane and Aguero which doesn’t sit right with me. I’m sure the team will change massively before the start of the season but the names above were my initial thoughts.

I’ve also noticed that the player values appear to have disappeared from the Dream Team website. If you’re struggling to find them as well, I happened to drop most of them (excluding new signings) in the spreadsheet below. I’ve also worked out price changes compared to the end of last season and the new season and a figure for points scored per 1m spend. This is based on the players new value and how many points they scored last season – the higher the number the better.

Here’s the link if it’s useful to anyone:

Some initial thoughts on Team Selection for 2019/2020

The game hasn’t officially opened yet so I’m slightly jumping the gun, but I’ve been pondering how to approach the new season already. Here are a few things I’ve taken away from the past few seasons and some ideas for the upcoming season:

For consistent point scoring, we must select players from the “top 6” clubs – the stats don’t lie and once again the top 20 highest point scoring players come from the “top 6” (mainly top 4) clubs. With the exception of Jimenez from Wolves. This has been a trend that carries through from previous seasons as well. There’s certainly a case for having players from other clubs if you can hit that purple patch, however this comes with huge risk. The stats suggest the biggest scorers are going to be from the top clubs.

Defensive assets becoming more desirable? – last season was the first season I’ve seen a goalkeeper appear in the top 20 point scoring players. There were also 7 defenders within this list. Making a total of 8 defensive assets appearing in the top 20 – this is double the previous two seasons. Granted Liverpool had a remarkable season from a clean sheet perspective and this will certainly put a slant on the figures, however it could be repeatable this time around. Defenders are often cheaper than premium midfielders or strikers and I’ve traditionally not placed as much importance on these positions. This is something that I changed last season and I will do the same this season. 

Allow fixtures to dictate team selection – to me it still logically makes sense to study upcoming fixtures and use this to our advantage. A good example would be Man City playing Burton last season which would have been a huge points gain for certain players. This is something I’m considering for the start of the upcoming season. Wolves could have additional Europa League qualifying fixtures during August. Liverpool also play Chelsea in the Super Cup – I’m assuming this game will count for point scoring. 

Is any player really “essential”? – not having the likes of Kane, Hazard, Sterling and Salah was always a worry last season. I’d often find myself dreading one of them scoring big if they weren’t in my team. However if we look at it statistically, a combination of David Silva (3.8m – 176 points) and Andros Townsend (2.8m – 128 points) would have scored a total of 304 points over the course of the season. That’s more points than anyone other than Hazard for a cheaper total cost. I’m not suggesting for a moment that we overlook the big names but it does appear that statistically it can make very little difference. The overall winner only had Kane for one game week last season as well.

Avoid defensive midfielders – for me this position still returns the least value in Dream Team. The likes of Gueye, Kante, Fabinho, Fernandinho, Matic and so on don’t score enough goals or create enough chances to score well. They also don’t pick up anything for a clean sheet. 

Avoid the hype around new signings? – I remember last season being keen on Keita at the start of the season as I expected him to hit the ground running at Liverpool and he was incredibly cheap. Despite Liverpool starting well Keita didn’t in terms of points. Many other new signings also fell into the same bracket and were a little bit of a let down. I’m personally going to let any new players settle in before considering them for selection, unless it’s an absolute no brainer. 

Do we dismiss the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea and Man Utd already? – I personally can’t see it being anything other than another two horse race for the league title between Man City and Liverpool. Chelsea have a transfer ban, Arsenal are rebuilding and were very shaky defensively last season and I’m not convinced Man Utd will improve much considering they’ve not yet managed to offload any of the big earners. It’s already tempting to simply load up on Liverpool and Man City players where possible with the budget.

Other resources:

I’ll be using this spreadsheet to track fixtures over the course of the season:

I also came across this site towards the end of last season which provides a huge amount of detailed insight:

Without the game being open it’s very difficult to predict the kind of team we will be able to put together. However I’m currently considering something like this:

GK: Man City/Liverpool
DEF: Man City
DEF: Liverpool
DEF: Man City/Liverpool
DEF: Wolves
MID: Man City
MID: Liverpool
MID: Wolves
ST: Man City
ST: Liverpool
ST: Wolves

Ensuring that there’s enough in the bank to bring in some players from Spurs (maybe Kane) after the additional fixtures have passed.

I’d be interested to hear how other people are planning to approach the new season in the comments below. Is there anything that I’ve missed or any thoughts on a winning formula? It would be great to share thoughts before the season gets underway so that we can all go into the new season with the strongest possible start.

With new player values slowly being released, I’m starting to think about the new season. As a result I thought I’d get a new post started which will look at my starting team selection for the season and for everyone to discuss theirs in the comments below. I’ll gather some more detailed thoughts over the next day or two to get us started but thought it was worth mentioning a few details first around the new season.

The blog will work in exactly the same way as it did last season – a small cost to get the password to access posts. This will be a password for the whole season so no need to pay more than once.

I thought it would also be worth mentioning at this point that if anyone else wanted to contribute anything beyond comments, feel free to get in touch with me at I’d be more than happy to accept guest blogs from regular contributors to the site. The more information we can share the better in my opinion.

To keep up to date join our mailing list:

837 thoughts on “Team Selection 2019/2020

  1. Great stuff DTT. The excitement of a brand spanking new season being soon upon us is beginning to simmer. If I did manage to find time Paul I’d be happy to contribute a few thoughts, although I’m not sure I’d be able to match the “fine toothed comb” level of analysis our good friend RR gave us last season. I really hope he does find the time to contribute to the site again as he quite often comes up with alternative ways of thinking which are very interesting. There were some other excellent contributions comments wise from the regulars last season so I’m sure some of them would be able to chuck the odd bit of analysis or thoughts on strategy your way.

    More price reveals today, so on top of yesterday’s the ones we have so far are:

    Aguero – £7.5m
    Salah – £7.5m
    Robbo – £4.5m
    Jimenez – £3.5m 👀
    AWB – £3.5m
    Ndombele – £3m
    Ederson – £4.5m
    Pulisic – £3m
    Sterling – £6.5 👀

    Quite liking the prices of Sterling and Jimenez there. Sterling was second highest points scorer last season so at that price he’s a must have for me. Jimenez could be involved in Europe this season with Wolves and being the joint penalty taker with Neves (they alternate responsibility) I think that’s a decent price too. I might even be tempted by Jota if he’s still classed as a midfielder and his price is reasonably cheap.

    1. I’m also liking Jimenez – those extra fixtures in August are certainly appealing. I’m assuming the Super Cup will count as well. What do you think?

      1. He’s a half decent price but it’s hard to even consider Arsenal at times. They are so far behind the top two.

  2. Just been looking at Pulisic’s stats. Definitely worth a look at that price.

    1. He’s cheap but can we already write off Chelsea? I’m assuming the transfer ban will be upheld and they’ve lost Hazard.

  3. Nice one Paul.

    I’ll be honest, I’ve been enjoying the rest and haven’t given it. much thought as yet!!!

    I’m currently on a run of winning 7 from 8 of my last leagues (including Euros and WC). I feel like this run will come to an end at some point, but having earned roughly £2500 in the last 3years, I’m tempted to go again when it starts in a few weeks, so will certainly post my views when I decide to get moving!! 😉

    1. That’s pretty good going Lee – you’ve won significantly more than I have recently. I’d find it hard not to join in again after going on a run like that.

    2. That’s a cracking financial return Lee! I know there are some higher stakes Dream Team Leagues out there (£200 entry fee) but I’ll stick with work and friends this season for cash leagues.

      I’d imagine there would be extremely stiff competition in the higher stakes leagues, whereas you normally get “softer” opponents in the lower stakes leagues I’d imagine.

      I’m going to start up a ML for my workplace this season. What would you say the going rate would be for a works league? Tenner? £20?

      The one I enter with my mates is £20.

      1. The one I play with friends is £10 entry. To be honest I don’t think I’ve ever entered one that costs more than £10.

      2. Thanks both. Yes, I will probably be going again this year. Just aware of how mad it drives me at times!! 😉

        I enter two cash leagues.

        My Sun one is £25 and there are usually about 40-50 entrants.

        The Telegraph on is £20, but there are less entrants in that league.

  4. Not sure the super cup will count? I know Europa and champs league do but it’s just a one off game, guess we’ll find out soon. Will be interesting to see what other changes they add this year, team quotas, different price rises/falls, players position changes ie- schluup maybe moving from Def to Mid etc etc… I do enjoy the anticipation of a new fresh season 👍

    1. Surely it will count or is it seen as more of a friendly? If they count the Europa League qualifiers I’d find it hard to imagine that they will exclude the Super Cup.

      1. I’ve asked the official Dream Team twitter account for clarification on this so I’ll post back on here with any response.

  5. Dream team have replied to someone on twitter already saying that the super cup and the club world championship won’t count this season. Only the premier league, league cup, fa cup, champions league and europa league. I’ve also seen on one of their articles it could be 3 players max from each team this season. What would your reaction be to that rule coming in?

    1. Thanks Lewis – that’s useful to know. I think 3 players per team would be an improvement. I’m not a huge fan of being able to have block defences.

    2. It would certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons to have a 3 max per club rule. I’d be all for it as it encourages less “clone” teams and promotes a bit more “out of the box” thinking.

  6. Just tweeted from DreamTeamRating:

    “I’ve had it confirmed from the top that there will be no max 3 player from a club rule. Same as usual.”

    Guess that puts that to bed then.

    1. That’s a shame, would of made the game more interesting and made it harder. They did put it in the first article they have on their website about the new game this season but it wouldn’t be the first time they go against their word. Disappointed.

      1. Yeah me too Lewis, would have been a nice caveat to the game and made things more interesting. Still really looking forward to starting again though. 👍🏻

      2. Couldn’t agree more – would have preferred that rule change personally.

  7. D-Day is landing on the 12th July folks! Dream Team launches. Get it in your diaries!

    First two names on my teamsheet:
    TAA (who I predict will have a monster season)
    Sterling (£6.5m is very generous considering his points tally last season.)

    1. Can’t argue with either of those. Sterling is a must. Fairly sure it’s going to be impossible to accommodate all the “essential” players:
      Van Dijk
      Mane, Sterling
      Kane, Aguero, Salah
      Got a feeling that initial draft is going to be a very tough decision.

  8. hi guys….gonna b more active this season coming…..cant wait to show you my first draft later this month, be good if we can create a mini league again.
    Was tied up with work last year and couldnt give it my full attention from the off..aim to hit the ground running this season with plenty of input every week !
    enjoy guys

    1. Nice one Darren, the more people chip in with their thoughts the better. It offers greater balance to help us all make (hopefully) better decisions. 👍🏻

  9. I’ve just been looking at the new spreadsheet you’ve created and it’s bloody brilliant! The perfect tool for planning our teams with and I’m sure everyone here will echo my sentiments when I say thank you for sharing. 👍🏻

    1. No problem at all – there’s also last season’s data and the season before that. How useful do you find the points per 1m spend? I think it’s a good indicator but I always wonder what we can really take from it? I noticed the likes of Jesus and Perez coming out quite high but I can’t imagine they will be popular choices. Certainly not Perez anyway. I guess we just take it with a pinch of salt and it comes into play alongside other factors.

      1. You should see how many people are going mad for Perez in FPL! He’s a wait and see for me to see how he fits into that (impressive) Leicester squad. A very impressive midfield. They could threaten top 6 I reckon this season under Rodgers.

        1. Yeah I think they will definitely be a team to watch. Tough call though when those striker positions are so valuable but he’s definitely on the radar.

      2. It’s a great tool for making “educated” guesses though for how things could pan out. Of course none of us have a crystal ball but those PPM figures could be excellent indicators.

        1. Yeah I’ve always thought it should be useful. I do have a tendency to get a little too wrapped up in the stats rather than making decisions with my gut.

          1. Great work on the spreadsheet. Had a quick look, must have taken you a long time to construct so thank you DTT.

            I must admit I am not a stats person in my spare time (I do enough of those at work) so my fantasy football time is free without a spreadsheet or a calculator. I only write my fantasy football ideas on the journey to and from work so I don’t really find it feasible to carrying my laptop around.

            Not disregard them at all, stats are very useful (some people have won fantasy football just using them alone) but they can be overwhelming and time consuming to draw analysis (for me especially as getting old and grey now). So I am content with my 📒 and ✏️ . I like to watch football games on my armchair and doing a bit of good old scouting.

            I haven’t used ppm since my first season four years ago but happy with my current methods of research and just trying to fine tune them.

            1. I managed to export the original stats from last season but I had to manually put in the new values. I’ve just had to go through the whole lot again as well. They’ve decided to update their values by changing the PDF they released earlier in the week which is always handy. So if anyone picked this up early on it’s worth noting that the likes of Pogba, Alli, Alonso, Rashford, Lukaku have all dropped by 0.5m in value. I must admit, I let the stats rule my thinking too much which certainly goes against me. I’m not very good at going with my gut over facts but of course these facts mean very little when as you say every season is different anyway.

              1. I think ultimately, if you can find a balance between the two methods you won’t go far wrong. I pay attention to stats that people post on Twitter but I don’t spend hours trawling through stuff myself unless I want to compare two players against each other etc. FFS is brill for that. I also listen to the FPL podcasts and draw my own thoughts from the discussions about a stats on those. There is a place for both methods in FF imo. Hopefully our collaborative efforts this season on here will bring us all success. 👍🏻

                1. I’ve been thinking about this tonight – how many points should we be aiming for at the end of the season? I think last season was higher than usual. Would 2,500 be reasonable? If so for every 1m spent you want to aim for 50 points. Which translates into:
                  1m 50 points
                  1.5m 75 points
                  2m 100 points
                  2.5m 125 points
                  3m 150 points
                  3.5m 175 points
                  4m 200 points
                  4.5m 225 points
                  5m 250 points
                  5.5m 275 points
                  6m 300 points
                  6.5m 325 points
                  7m 350 points
                  7.5m 375 points

                  I might find this useful when picking players. For example – I’m not sure I see Van Dijk quite meeting 300 points. However it wouldn’t be too hard to image Willian, Rashford, Azpilicueta, Jesus hitting the 175 points mark. This can easily be compared to last season’s stats to help with decision making.

                  1. Great formula to work with. I’ll be sitting down tomorrow and using that one to plot my teams.

                    1. I’ve never really had a guide to work off before, as you’ve probably guessed I’m very much a trends/statistics type person so I think I’ll find this useful for picking players.

  10. Had Jiménez and Doherty in my original draft. Not keen on the opening 5 PL fixtures though tbh.

    Leicester A
    Man Utd H
    Burnley H
    Everton A
    Chelsea H

    Has just planted that seed of doubt in my mind now…. 🤔

    1. Doherty out injured for pre-season. May have made my mind up for me depending on the length of his absence.

    2. I tend to try and target all those extra fixtures with Europa League qualifying games in August. The problem is often the players I’ve picked for that reason haven’t played.

      1. Yeah, I think Europa Qualifying rounds and both domestic cups are an absolute lottery when it comes to team selection. I chased a few players with these extra fixtures a few times last season and more often than not it didn’t pay off. I guess Jesus was to big pay-off last season when people brought him in for that Burton fixture.

        1. Yeah it’s tough to know how to approach it. I certainly won’t be going too heavy on Wolves players. Possibly just the one.

  11. “The traditional Season game gives you a £50m budget, three transfers a month but a maximum of three players from any one club.”

    From the Looking Ahead article published today at 8.45am still stating the maximum 3 players from one club rule, every time its confirmed its not being included it is contradicted!!!

    Good first draft DTT, mine was very similar, 8 players in common. Without dipping below your intended top 6 its going to be impossible to fit Mane and VVD into it tho

    1. I can’t even find the list on their website anymore. Glad I took a copy of most of the player values – just hope they don’t change them all. I do worry about not having Van Dijk, Mane or Aguero though. It just seems unthinkable at the moment.

        1. Cheers Chris but for me the link doesn’t go anywhere? I’m sure they’ve taken it down but I’ve got no idea why.

  12. Had another go at my draft today after looking at the fixtures again. Came up with:


    Ederson – £4.5m (pick and stick hopefully)

    TAA – £5m

    Gomez – £3.5m (I think he should get the nod)

    Azpilicueta – £3.5m

    Digne – £3m

    Sterling – £6.5m

    Fraser – – £3.5m

    Moura – £3m (Son suspended for first 2 games)

    Pulisic – £3m (good stats from last season but a gamble nonetheless)

    Kane – £7m

    Salah – £7.5m

    Just get the feeling that Wolves could level out a little this season with the extra Europa League qualifying commitments (Burnley anyone?). It’s a gamble missing out on those extra early games I’ll admit but those extra games could ultimately impact their PL form. There is also a chance that PL opponents will be better set up for them this season?

    1. Looks fairly strong to me. The one I find interesting is Fraser over someone like Willian/Jimenez. Is it just a case of having too many Chelsea assets with Pulisic as well? I’m certainly starting to think the same about Wolves – Jimenez wouldn’t be a long term pick for me but he stands out as a bargain at the moment.

      1. Fraser achieved 7 goals and 14 assists last season in the PL which is an excellent haul from a player outside the big 6. Bournemouth have reasonably good fixtures early doors as well so that’s influenced my thinking. As you say, if I go for Pulisic I’m not interested in Willian. Jimenez may still tempt me. Lots of pre-season games to go yet though and a lot can change.

        1. Fair point – I hadn’t really looked at Fraser’s stats if I’m honest. Some good options around at 3.5m now though.

    2. Good team Chris. The good news is that you can always swap Gomez for Matip depending on the team news when the first game of the season kicks off. Moura and Fraser are interesting choices.

      1. Yeah, could do. I still think a fit Joe Gomez gets the nod after the way he started with VVD last season. I’ve given my reasons for considering Fraser above. With Moura, he can be so explosive on his day. Spurs in a brand new stadium now, fresh season, no Son to contend with initially. Hoping he can start with a bang. £3m for a starting Spurs attacking midfielder………too good to resist.

        1. Certainly with you on Moura. I’m looking at Matip, but you’re thinking Gomez will start ahead of him? 3.5m a bargain for whichever one Klopp goes with.

          1. Yeah, as RR points out we can switch between Matip or Gomez when we learn those starting line-ups. I’d put my money on Gomez though, looked more convincing than Matip alongside VVD.

            1. That’s a great shout – I hadn’t noticed that they were kicking off first so I’ll definitely go for one or the other. 3.5m is too cheap to ignore for someone who is starting in that defence.

  13. Just listened to the live pre-season Scoutcast from @DavidMunday815 and @FFScout_Joe. Brilliant as always. Early days I know but interesting to hear that Azpilicueta played centre-back last night? Could Zappacosta at right back become a FF option? 🤔

    1. Cant see it myself, Chelsea have plenty of centre backs, prob just gaining fitness

      1. Yeah I’d imagine so. Maybe need to see it happen again another couple of times in the friendliest before I think there might be something in it.

  14. For anyone who downloaded the player values PDF earlier in the week, it’s worth noting that the version released today has some changes in it. Rashford, Lukaku, Pogba and Alli have all dropped by 0.5m

    1. Dream Team – run by 🙈🙉🙊

      There’s always something that they manage to cock up. Thanks for bringing it to our attention Paul. 👍🏻

      1. Plus Chris Smalling has gone up by 1.0m, I was fine playing 1.5m for him but now he seems too expensive for my liking.

        1. I thought he was incredible value at 1.5m. No longer interested either though.

      2. No worries Chris. I thought it would be useful to share and it didn’t annoy me at all after manually transferring all those values into a spreadsheet 😂

        1. I can only imagine the expletives spewing out of your mouth as it slowly sunk in. 😂

    2. Coleman, Hudson Odoi, Zaha, Ndidi, Foden, Anderson, Origi, Sanchez all dropped .5

      Davison Sanchez, David Silva up .5

      Rodri and Tielemans added at 2.5

      Alexis Sanchez at 2m just seems plain wrong

      1. 2m for Sanchez is just unbelievable considering he scored like 350 points the season before last. The worst thing is even if he wasn’t injured I’d still not be interested in him.

  15. Alonso dropped by £0.5 too. 👀

    With him £0.5m cheaper than Azpilicueta and Coleman now £0.5m cheaper than Digne, both are now possibilities for my draft. Just need to judge the pre-season games to see if Alonso will still be first choice. Coleman has a great finish to the season too. Food for thought… 🤔

    1. Yeah both were on my radar but at the same price as Digne and Azpi I probably would have gone for the latter. Anderson at 3 and Tielemans at 2.5 look exceptional value too

      1. There’s starting to look like a few bargains to be had out there now.

      2. Tielemans could be a snip at £2.5m. I want to wait and see with Leicester assets though and see how they line up and who’s nailed as they have a lot of great midfield options now. Leicester’s opening fixtures aren’t the best either so may wait till they become kinder. That being said they stand a decent shout of breaking into that top 6 imo and will surely give anyone a game this season.

      3. I hadn’t considered West Ham options to be honest. After that initial City game they have a run of four lovely fixtures. I think there lack of options up front (at present) is enough to put me off for now though with regards to choosing Anderson. That could change though if they sign a decent replacement for Arnie.

  16. Ederson – £4.5
    TAA – £5.0
    Robbo – £4.5
    Alonso/Emerson – £3.0/£2.5
    Coleman – £2.5
    Sterling – £6.5
    Fraser – £3.5
    Pulisic – £3.0
    Moura – £3.0
    Salah – £7.5
    Kane – £7.0

    Those Alonso and Coleman price drops have tempted me into then. If Emerson gets the nod for Chelsea at left-back I’ll go for him instead. The extra funds then allow me to upgrade Gomez to Robbo.

    Does anyone place any merit on leaving some cash in the bank? I’m spent up with this particular team (if Alonso gets the nod).

    I’ll be entering a few more teams but for the purposes of this website I’ll only refer to this one team to save any confusion.

    1. I could be tempted by Alonso as well. I’m liking quite a few of the Chelea players based on their values. However at the back of my mind I’m wondering if they will flop this season with no Hazard and a transfer ban.

      1. I’m hoping for a OGS type honeymoon period where they get off to a flyer, which is why I’m likely to get on them early if anything. If they then begin to struggle I’ll move them on, after they’ve (hopefully) increased a bit value wise. That’s the plan anyway… 🤞

        They may just be crap from the off though and my plan is left in ruins. 😬

        1. They’ve always done alright at the back in recent season from a point scoring point of view. It’s hard not to consider them at the price they are. I noticed you went for Ederson though? Based on the 50 points per 1m spent do you fancy him to rack up 225 points?

          1. I’ll be honest mate I’ve been too busy decorating the house to sit down properly with your spreadsheets and equations (which I will most definitely do).

            My main thinking behind it was that I wanted some kind of defensive cover for City. Ederson is nailed perhaps bar FA Cup.

            The left back slots could be rotated in a whole manner of ways now Angelino is part of the equation so I didn’t fancy any of those right now.

            Walker is perhaps first choice RB but there are some alternatives. He also only delivered one assist all season I think last season. Pretty poor for a city attacking wing-back.

            Laporte should be nailed most of the time but is £0.5m more expensive than Ederson. They are also rumoured to be in for Ake who also plays on the left side of the centre half positions. Rotation is then more of a probability at some stage of the season. I’d still say he’d be a fixture though most of the time.

            That was my reasoning anyway, I may change my mind once I sit down properly.

            1. Makes perfect sense when you put it like that – he’s probably their only certain starter for the season. I’ve just updated the spreadsheet again. Based on player values I’ve given every player a points expectation with a target of 50 points per 1m spent. I’ve then calculated if they reach, exceeded or fell short of this last season. Think I’m going way overboard with the stats this season but I can’t help myself.

              1. I love looking over stuff like this tbh when it comes to FF. There are so many stats out the when it comes to football, you can easily drown in them, but your spreadsheet has the important data set out in a way which is easy to understand. Brilliant stuff, and thanks for updating it too DTT.

                1. Cheers Chris – believe it or not I try not to get too wrapped up in the stats so only focus on the things we can take value out of. I’ll certainly be using it to try and spot some bargains but appreciate that it’s only one factor amongst many others.

  17. Interesting stats but I tend not to use them much (maybe a flaw in the way I play the game). FPL players are majorly into their stats (one of the reasons why I do badly in that particular game). Heard stories about FPL winners just using stats alone. It’s a strange world where you don’t need to watch football but to be good at fantasy football. Personally I like to watch games and relax (can be difficult with fantasy points on the line). Other sources out there let you build up tables full of every stat available. The world is stats crazy but I adopt a old school approach and I don’t think I will change. Yes maybe it could improve my game but my track record is quite decent enough so my non stats approach seems to be working for me and I just need to fine tune it.

    Points per million is a good concept, must say when I first started playing the game someone recommended it and I tried it but felt it didn’t my style personally plus I use my fantasy football hour (allowed more if a game is on) just reading and jotting down my thoughts and ideas rather than number crunching. You could say last year’s overall winner didn’t use ppm as he had started with Keita and Fred in his starting 11 who had no prior point scoring history. It will be interesting if other good players use this method maybe last season’s dtt mini league used it?

    Anyways, good to see a lot of effort put in by DTT. Think he will have another great season. I am almost tempted to copy his team.

    1. I know that you obviously won’t just pick players that will likely achieve this projection and while I can understand the theory I think the 50 points per million is likely to be a flawed system to base your picks on. I doubt there is a player over 5m that on last seasons scores reach this target in your projections (I may well be wrong).

      Players with the potential to score the really big scores (250+) have to be in your team. You also need to take into account the positions of the player as while Robertson will probably outscore Ederson at the same price it’s unlikely that a 3m keeper will outscore Digne so if it’s a choice between Robertson and eg Schmeichel or Digne and Ederson I would choose the latter despite ederson being unlikely to reach the 50 ppm projection.

      Defenders will be more likely to reach this projection due to their lower prices but they are highly unlikely to get the big points totals needed

      It will be more of an anomaly for a higher priced player to reach this projection than not in my opinion

      1. Totally agree with you District. I have instances where I would predominately use ppm like in stick and forget leagues where no transfers are allowed but rarely enter those. My friend did but as Liverpool had a bad ppm last season, so he had no luck there. In my first season playing the game, there were 12 transfers allowed in blocks of three several months apart. A lot of talk back then on ppm. Not sure how much relevance it plays now, how much is it used in FPL which I would say it is a very stats based game? Nowadays, we have 30 or 40 transfers (if playing the TFF game) so I tend to categorise players in terms of point scoring potential (consistent, highly consistent and explosive) as I am unlikely to keep most players for a long period of time. Last season only had Jesus and Moura for a few weeks but still benefited from hat tricks from them but there was based more on explosiveness when they play (ie cup games and injuries) rather then looking at ppm.

        1. I couldn’t agree more – it’s not something that’s going to sway me massively but it’s something I’d rather have than not (just for this stage of the season). It’s more of a sense check when looking for bargains. Hitting players in those purple patches is far more important as the overall winner proved last season. I think looking at the opening fixtures and how well teams are likely to do this season is far more important than PPM. However I do find it useful as a benchmark.

      2. There isn’t a player over 5m who reached it, however Aubameyang and Sterling both pretty much made it. For me it’s just a sense check and helps players to stand out based on how well they did last season compared to their new value. I mean look at De Gea – priced at 3.5m and only scored 61 points last season. This is way off where you’d want him to be and it would need a massive change to reach the kind of points you’d want him to reach this season. I think 50 points per million spent is an ambitious target which is probably why it looks unlikely for some players to meet it, however it only returns 2,500 points. The overall winner nearly had 3,000 points last season. I’m mainly using it to look at the players who might be a bargain. With the comparison of Robertson/Schmeichel and Digne/Ederson – I’d agree that Digne/Ederson would be better but this isn’t because of Robertson. It’s because of Schmeichel – he doesn’t do well on the points scored last season compared to his value this season, he got no where near 150 points so I wouldn’t be picking him anyway. For me it’s all about points on the board – while I agree that the higher priced players are less likely to reach this projection it’s still worth considering the value of other players using this formula. If I was following the formula completely I wouldn’t have included Salah and Kane in my team as neither reached the projection last season but I’ll be putting them in for exactly the reason that you’ve mentioned. For me I guess it’s going to be useful for squeezing the most out of the players in the gap where a budget is tight.

        1. Schmeichel was a poor example granted, he was just the first keeper that came to mind at 3m, I was just trying to make the point that there are other factors to be taken into account, for example you may have filled your defence and have 4.5m left for a keeper in which case you would pick ederson rather than swapping a 3m defender to robertson and picking a 3m keeper, it may also be that you want to cover a teams defence.
          I completely agree it is a helpful formula to use in comparing cheaper players and great work on the spreadsheet I was just making the point that for the more expensive players it’s not so relevant 👍

          1. Yeah it’s a bit bias towards the cheaper players. However it is starting to bother me now when I look at the more expensive players. If Aguero/Salah aren’t going to hit 375 points but cheaper players will reach closer to their projection does this not mean you will end up with more points from say two cheaper strikers? I think it’s putting me off having all the big guns – obviously you need the main 3-4 but if budget is becoming tight I’m not sure they are as valuable unless they go really big in terms of points.

            1. I would think most teams will have two 7m+ and 2 6m+ players. Any more than that and you are punting on 4 players 2.5m and under and they are highly unlikely to be amassing enough points to balance having 5 big guns.

              Yes you can find two cheaper players that will out score a premium player but for me it comes down to finding a balance between value and getting the big scoring players throughout the whole team not just over 1 or 2 players.

              1. Yeah also if you have the two cheaper players you get say 300 points out of two positions. Whereas the more expensive option will give you that for one position, leaving one spare for more points.

    2. Cheers RR, I’d be fairly sure not many people use these kind of stats when it comes to picking a team and I think you’re right that it’s a pretty strange world where people don’t even watch football but can be good at fantasy football based on stats alone. I must admit I don’t watch enough football myself – I don’t have Sky or BT sport or the time to sit down and watch too much of it. It might seem like I have a lot of time based on the content that I churn out but I mainly fit that in where I can. Finding the time to sit down and watch football is proving fairly difficult. With regards to the stats themselves – I won’t be picking a team purely based on them. I’ll only really be using it as a sense check. In general I must admit that I do like stats – it’s the difference between facts and opinion in some cases. If I always just went on my gut instinct I’d miss trends from previous seasons so I think they certainly have their place. What they don’t cover of course is the situations where Chelsea lose their best player and have a transfer ban and we then pick their players because they are a good price but perform much worse this time around without Hazard – which could happen. Although I like looking at the stats, I try to use them with a pinch of salt. There are so many other variables that come into play that using them alone wouldn’t really work.

      We obviously work quite differently when it comes to Dream Team. I’d be interested in the thought process you’re going through at this stage of the season. Have you got a shortlist of players you’re currently looking it and how do you go about picking them?

    3. As the old adage goes, there’s more than one way to skin a cat (where the hell did that saying originate from?!).

      I think the best way to manage your FF Team is to do it in a way that’s suits your style. That way you’ll never be fretting by being outside your comfort zone and you’ll get much more enjoyment of the process, which to be quite frank, is the main reason we play (that and to win our ML’s of course).

  18. So thanks to DTT spreadsheet and hard work, using ppm concept, my team would be on the lines: Alisson, Alonso, Apzilicueta, Digne, Doherty, Moura, Anderson, Sterling, Aubamenyang, Salah and Jimenez (strictly speaking it should be pedro and jesus instead of the expensive strikers if I go with 100% ppm stats data). Not a bad team to start off with. might incorporate as one of other teams rather than my main. Although right now initial main team thoughts make the team slightly unbalanced with VvD, Robertson and TAA taking a big chuck out of the budget.

    1. I’ll probably do the same and use it as one of my team but I certainly won’t be simply going off the stats for my main team.

  19. Super content DTT and others, many thanks! Stumbled across the site last season and ended up winning my ML, not through specific postings on here but just making me think more about it! In fact, I opted for Zinchenko when everyone else opted for Stones… a turning point for me personally but have enjoyed the content since. I’m no expert or stats man but do ok going from my gut and general feeling of watching a lot of football. This will be my third season on DT (regular FPL player) but will try and post a little bit more this season to get involved. Cheers, Brad!

    1. Cheers Brad – it would be great to see you more involved in the comments this season. I’m already hoping it’s going to be another good season. There was a good feel about this blog throughout the whole of last season so I’m hoping that continues.

    2. Great to hear Brad! The more people who contribute to the discussions, the more balanced conclusions we can draw from them to make better decisions. Dream Team is all about making good decisions at the right time ultimately.

      This website is an excellent source for tips on strategy, so much so that most who did contribute on here won their ML’s.

  20. I’m wondering if using a strategy of picking premium players as pick and stick and being prepared to switch the cheaper players could have value this season?

    For example my pick and sticks(from my latest draft) would be:

    Now of course these players will suffer dips in form over the season. What can often happen though is that as soon as you come away from these players, they light up again and begin hauling good scores (Hazard was the perfect example of someone who you should pick and stick with last season to maximise returns).

    Every player will have blank gameweeks and consecutive blank gameweeks. Patience is very much an underrated attribute for FF managers and I think we all could use a little more of it at times if we’re truthful.

    1. I completely agree, patience is easily the most difficult part of the game and I constantly got burned straight after getting rid of someone, last season was just a massacre of 50/50 decisions going wrong whether it was getting rid of someone, putting in the wrong choice out of two or using all my transfers and some one getting injured (happened 7 times 😭).

      I want to try and ride out bad fixtures a bit more, I definitely rely too much on picking players because of their supposed favourable fixtures (VVD to Laporte last season resulting in VVD 64 points Laporte 1).

      It’s not so much the dips of the player you own but the form of the players you don’t that create the temptation for me. The grass is always greener and all that.

      If you can keep 6 players for the duration through all the dips of a season you will have to have the will power of a saint, something I could only wish for

      1. Yep, it’s one thing to give out advice……’s another thing to follow it yourself. 😂

        No doubt there but be times when you need to sub the premiums (injuries, suspensions, dropped etc) but it’s not a bad base platform mentality wise to build on.

      2. Couldn’t agree more District. Luck is certainly a big factor – all of the planning and looking at fixtures can’t offset it either. I personally don’t think it’s possible to get anywhere near winning the whole thing without a massive amount of luck along the way. Football is just impossible to predict.

    2. That’s what the winner from last season appeared to do, to a certain extent so I think it might be a worthwhile approach. I’m thinking of going for a few pick and sticks.

  21. Hi all. It’s great that all you guys can’t come in here and share all this info. And Paul all the stats you post are top drawer. This will be my third season to play dream team. I learned a lot form last season. Made a few big mistakes along the way. Taking Salah out in Oct. Mane dipped in form for a few months.

    I finished up 3rd and 8th over all in my mini leagues. Which wasn’t bad. I finished strong. But this year I’m hoping to finally win. I know a lot of you won’t agree with this. But I think a block defence and keeper is the way forward. If you look back at Liverpool’s start to last season. 4 to 5 clean sheets. That was massive. I know they’re defenders don’t come cheap but it may be worth it in the long run. Pack the midfielders with bargains. Loftus Cheek at 2.5M. Can’t go wrong. Ward Prowse for Southampton 2.5M . I know he won’t play European football. Still a bargain. Set pieces is his department. One to watch out for.

    Anyways. Just a thought. Be interesting to hear everyone’s view on block defence etc


    1. Sorry just for you to know. Loftus Cheek is out injured until mid November. The Ox could be another cheap option at 2.5.

    2. Cheers Mick, glad you’re finding the stats useful. I don’t think a block is a bad idea. I could see Liverpool keeping quite a few clean sheets in August. However they will come with a big cost. I toyed with the idea of a Chelsea block – they are all really cheap and this would enable strength throughout the rest of the team as well. However I just can’t justify it based on the risk if they don’t perform. I’m sure you won’t be alone with the Liverpool block though.

  22. A Chelsea block is not a bad idea either Paul. When you look at things, in all fairness Chelsea have gone through so many managers. They always still preform and have never gone out side top 6. Plus they compete in the CL. Only thing is can Lampard teach them not to concede. Everton will push for top 6 this year but no European football. They kept a lot of clean sheets in the last quarter of the season. Coleman is well cheap.

    1. A Liverpool block could well do some serious damage so long as they match last season’s achievements and your budget enablers can hold their own. I’ll probably stick in one experimental team with this set-up.

      Going with a Chelsea block would be a different beast altogether as you’d be able to put together a much more balanced team with their prices comparatively much cheaper than Liverpool’s defenders/keeper. Again, another one worth experimenting with.

      The last defensive block worth considering could be Spurs. Should be a top three team which probably won’t rotate excessively at the back over the course of a season.

      In theory, we should also be considering City blocks, by as we’ve said previously, predicting their defensive line-up from one week to the next could prove very difficult.

      Of the rest, United and Arsenal don’t really interest me looking at the current personal. Maybe Everton could be worth consideration as another experimental team? Good prices if they could keep consistently chipping in with clean sheets this season and with two attacking full-backs in Digne and Coleman.

      1. I do like the idea of a Liverpool block but it’s hard to justify the cost outlay and the same with Man City. Spurs or Chelsea blocks could be easily achieved with a small outlay but will they be as consistent in terms of point scoring? I’m guessing not. I think I’ll personally take the less risky approach and go for a couple of Liverpool players and a couple from Chelsea with a final defender from Spurs I’d imagine. Rose and Trippier could be tempting at 3m each but despite Spurs run to the Champions League final and a top 4 finish in the Premier League last season they didn’t score that well in terms of points. This puts me off a little as I can’t imagine them doing much better this time around.

    2. Yeah Coleman is one I’ll certainly be looking at. I’m not massively convinced by Chelsea either but it’s the players value which are drawing me in. They could have an absolute disaster of season after losing Hazard.

  23. Apparently Maguire is on his way to United with Lewis Dunk moving from Brighton to Leicester. 👀

    Could Maguire be the man to add steel to that United defence? All of a sudden United defensive assets could become an option… 🤔

    1. No defensive United players yet currently on my team. They don’t interest much as (1) they have not kept a clean sheet since February (2) De Gea is overpriced for me at 3.5 (3.0 would have tempted me) as his form for over a year has been very poor. Some of the goals he has let in have been soft. Has not been performing to a high standard, maybe a contract issue. Unlikely to play Europa league games with Romero as good backup so no easy clean sheets there. (3) Wan Bissaka is a young player and might need time to adjust to new surroundings (similiar to when Zaha went to United) and better defensive options mentioned already than Bissaka at 3.5 and below. (4) the number of defenders at the club put me off – we got 11 defenders to choose from in total, 12 if you include Maguire. So they are 7 central defenders – Jones, Lindelof, Smalling, Bailly, Rojo, Tuanzebe (not sure about him though) and future signing Maguire so might be a bit of rotation here. (5) Shaw good price – only player I will consider but his love of yellow cards slightly puts me off. (6) Lack of steel in the midfield – Herrera gone (can’t believe they let him go on a free as their best defensive midfielder by a mile). Matic seems to be in poor form and Fred well I don’t know United paid 50m for him and has hardly been in the team.

      So in conclusion, United players are cheap but will they be worthwhile with clean sheets and rotation issues being key issues.

      1. Yeah, fair points RR based on last season. I must admit though I quite like the look of a keeper and backline of De Gea, Wan-Bissaka, Shaw, Maguire and Smalling/Lindlelof.

        Looks a more solid prospect compared to what they could field last season. If De Gea can recapture the form of old they could well be worth considering. Like you say though, they could do with a good solid defensive midfielder to sit in front maybe.

        If Kante reverts back to his anchor man role for Chelsea, their defensive assets certainly need consideration.

        1. The only players I’m currently tempted by at Man Utd are Shaw (cheap but didn’t really do very well last season), Rashford or Lukaku – whoever is the main striker could potentially hit 200 plus points if they get an extended run and Man Utd have a half decent season. I must admit I’m not sure they will though, haven’t managed to move on enough players.

          1. Yeah, I don’t think Shaw gets involved quite enough going forwards to interest me (in my main team at least). I either like a full-back capable of assists and the odd goal (ie Doherty, Digne, Coleman), or a centre-back with potential goal threat (VVD, Laporte). Obviously regular(ish) clean sheet potential is ideal too.

    2. £45m the reported figure for Dunk! He’s steady enough but £45m?! Great business by Brighton if true.

  24. I’m thinking a ‘partial block’ from Liverpool should do nicely… Robbo @ £4.5m and Gomez (or Matip at £3.5m) if regulars will help justify further defensive investment of Ederson (will play most games for City) plus perhaps Azpilicueta and either Digne/Coleman. I could always downgrade Ederson to Kepa if I need to save a further £1m but don’t really want to do this if I don’t have to.

    P.s. anyone know when they’re going to let us loose on the app??

    1. Pretty much the logic I’m following as well. Being able to look at the Liverpool line up before kick off on the Friday makes Matip/Gomez a good option in my book based on who starts. Digne or Coleman are also appealing based on the fixtures. The app was meant to go live on Friday – no idea what’s going on.

      1. Yer that’s a nice easy ‘win’ before kick off. The FFS scoutcast got me thinking about Coleman over Digne for FPL as he outscored him over last 10 games and comes in cheaper- and the same applies on DT so I may gamble to free up £0.5m elsewhere or keep in the bank. Everton signing Delph should help them keep things tight although not sure how they’ll do without Zouma.

        Guessing Digne will be more popular than Coleman so I’d be interested to know what people’s thoughts are on ‘templates’ at the start to not fall behind the pack, or go for the differential to try and make some headway, and in this case cover off defensively and save cash??

        1. A lot of people on Twitter seem to think Siggy May be off pens for next season after his poor record last season. Would be interesting to see who gets the gig if he is off them. Richarlison? Digne? I’d be all over Digne if it were him.

          In the meantime though Coleman gets the nod for that £0.5m saving.

          Is anyone looking to hold any cash back in reserve at the start of the season? I know some have used this strategy before to enable better manipulation of those early transfers.

          1. Interesting spot! Will watch that space…

            I’d like to but the pricing doesn’t really allow it for me as keep coming in at £49.5 or £50 on pretty much every draft… bastards!

            1. Nothing solid to back it up truth be told. Just read someone suggest it on Twitter and the fact that he takes most of the direct free-kicks for them. Coleman for now for me though for that 0.5 saving.

          2. I don’t think I’ll have much left over to hold back this season. I have done previously but I’m already likely to be missing Aguero, Mane and Van Dijk so I’ll probably be using all of my budget.

        2. I’m also now thinking Coleman will be a good option for 2.5m. I think both yourself and Chris have mentioned him now and I’ve also listened to the podcast now. Makes sense to save the 2.5m and whenever I’ve had Coleman he’s always done well for me in the past. I must admit I do try to cover the template to avoid falling behind but it’s then more difficult to reach greater heights on the overall leaderboard.

  25. Just checked out FPL ownership and Digne is 27.3% v’s Coleman a measly 3.5%!! I’m now fighting my inner-self not to completely bottle it and stump up the extra cash there so to not fall behind the pack ‘just in case’. Guessing it’s going to be a similar story sadly on DT as well… bastards!

  26. I’m beginning to wonder if there is any value in considering Giroud as a decent budget striker? He must be the man to start up front for Chelsea at the start of the season and if Willian, Pulisic, RLC (when fit) and CHO can supply the chances, he stands a good chance of hitting a decent goal tally this season. His only real competition is Batshauyi and Abrahams. £3m is an excellent price for a starting Chelsea striker, even given that they’ll be somewhat of an unknown quantity. Think I may replace Pulisic for Giroud now.

    1. Or even if it was Batshuayi who got the nod instead, he could prove to be even more of a bargain at a measly £2m. Would i be able to see the Chelsea line-up before making my selection for that opening game? I need my memory jogging.

      1. Yer I’ll be keeping an eye on their pre season minutes as not as if they can go out and buy anyone! Think you can sub out as long as it’s before kick off although the downside is that you can only bring in someone who hasn’t played if you want their points that game week.. Chelsea play Utd 4.30pm Sunday so not much choice other than Lukaku, Rashford, Matial or Sanchez.

        1. Well it would be between Giroud and Batshuayi anyway for my team for that starting berth. Thanks Brad.

          1. You could sub them in/out for anyone who hasn’t played up to that point and the points will count for that week, but after the start of the Liverpool game the unlimited swapping of players is over and it will cost you one of your 3 monthly transfer.

            If it looks like Bats will get the nod I will have him in one of my teams but I’ll be steering clear of any such uncertainty in my main team, I’m sticking to nailed on starters with Prem experience at the start this year, at least that’s the theory until someone lights it up in pre-season and all plans go out of the window!!

            1. Thanks for clearing that up District. Kinda puts me off now to be honest.

              Think I may just plump for Jimenez. Shares pens, extra games etc.

  27. Looks like the game is open and working on the Dream Team website for anyone who’s been waiting to get started.

  28. I’m all over Digne even without him currently being on penalties as I fully expected him to be priced at 3.5 or 4.0m after his impact last season. Everton get clean sheets and finished the season with a fair few of them, and I can only see an improvement on that now that they’re starting to build a more settled side. He also chips in with a number of assists from the left and has a good strke on him from open play and dead-ball situations.

    Almost a must-have in my opinion and will outscore Coleman; hence why Coleman is 0.5 less (Coleman is still a great option at that price though and will score well also).

    1. Must admit I’m very torn between the two but I’ve decided to go for Coleman to free up that 0.5m at the moment.

    2. Yeah, I’d prefer Digne ideally. In my head, I basically had to decide who would haul the most returns out of TAA & Coleman or Robbo & Digne.

      Will probably be a close run thing but I just think TAA could be assist central this season.

  29. Nice assessment DTT on your selections. Just had a quick re-draft and ended up with something very similar to yours as it happens.

    Gomez (can switch to Matip if required)

    Like the look of this team, although I’d love to have Robbo instead of Gomez. Just feels wrong not having Robbo again but I just think TAA could have a monster season FF wise this season.

    1. Those set pieces really go in favour for TAA but I just wonder if he will face a bit of rotation and there’s that extra 0.5m. I’d like Ederson as well but can’t seem to fit him in at the moment. I can’t say I’m overly happy with what I’ve drafted with no VVD, Mane or Aguero but it’s proving difficult this year.

      1. With another season under his belt I’d expect TAA to start most games now. Milner is coming to the autumn of his career now so I think his minutes will get fewer. I think that has the potential to give TAA the monopoly over corners and free-kicks and I can see big hauls coming in from him this season. I’m prepared to take the occasional benching to hopefully cash in on these.

        On VVD, I hear you but he’s just too expensive when compared to other excellent Liverpool options. It limits the quality of player you can bring in for other areas.

        Mane will be missing the first one or two games too I’d imagine due to Senegal making the ACON final.

        Aguero is a one to hide behind the sofa for as he could really hurt us. I do think Jesus will get some more game time this season though so for that reason I’ve gone for Kane and Salah instead. I also expect Aguero to maybe get subbed around the hour mark quite often if City are cruising in games.

        1. Aguero is the one I’m worried about. I’m also starting to worry about Aubameyang with those opening fixtures for Arsenal. What’s your thoughts on Maitland-Niles? Could be an absolute bargain at 1.5m and he picked up 90 something points last season.

          1. If Arsenal had kind fixtures in that opening 7 fixtures I’d perhaps consider Maitland-Niles. Whilst 4 of those 7 are pretty nice the other 3 are a bit 🤮.

            Liverpool A
            Spurs H
            United A

            Arsenal defensive assets are a wait and see for me. If they begin to look a more solid unit, there are certainly some bargains to be had.

            1. Yeah I guess I was mainly looking at the first two fixtures and the fact that he’s only 1.5m. Could be a bargain.

    2. How about going for Kepa in goal and then having the funds for Robbo?

      It’s tricky as nobody can predict how Chelsea will do this season. I don’t really want Kepa but the extra million upgrading to Robertson might pay off.

      1. Hi Namkeng, yeah it’s an option. The thing that puts me off that move is that it leaves me with double Chelsea defence (not prepared for that commitment just yet) and no City defensive cover. To go with no defensive cover for the PL Champions is a quite risky.

  30. I’m not a fan of 2 Chelsea defence, there fixtures aren’t great to start with, too much uncertainty for my liking, especially with Rudiger out injured to start the season

    1. Yeah I’m already considering tinkering with this. Despite the value in Azpilicueta, I’m considering just going with Kepa to start with. I’ve spotted a player who could be an absolute gem – Maitland-Niles, only 1.5m and Arsenal have two easier fixtures to start with. He scored 90 something points last season and is a defender who can play in midfield. This would free up the funds to swap Jimenez for Aubameyang for those two opening fixtures as well.

      1. This is a monster find, auba is someone I think will be a danger to not have this season specially of arsenal do some smart business before the window closes.

        1. As in Maitland-Niles as the monster find? He’s looking like a good option to me at the moment relative to his cost.

          1. Yes a decent option in defence that allows an upgrade to auba I feel qualifies as a monster find lol.

            1. I must say I am not feeling the love myself for Maitland-Niles probably because my last memory was him getting sent off at the end of last season at Leicester. That was a poor game for him and am not sure he is a first team regular plus seen pictures of Bellerin getting closer to fitness. Arsenal defender with no kosnielny – I think not for me. the introduction of Maitland-Nile’s will lead to DTT team to be unbalanced and Apzilicueta does have a proven track record and likely to reach 200 points and more. Plus a 1.5m defender is rarely a pick and stick player (unless it is the next Doherty but I doubt Maitland-Nile’s is that sort of player from what I have seen from him) and so will be difficult to replace. As seen from last season’s team, expensive strikers are not a must have commodity as he only had Aubamenyang for May.

              1. I was mainly looking at the short term. Arsenal travel to Newcastle and then host Burnley. There aren’t too many teams with better opening fixtures than this. We know Bellerin is out for a while longer and we know Aubameyang is capable of hitting a brace or hat trick. Could be a good way to get off to a good start. If it doesn’t work out it’s easy enough to shift things around in August. With regards to the lack of balance – statistically it could well even out. If Aubameyang hits another 300 points and Maitland-Niles 100, this could well be equal to 200 for Azpilicueta and Jimenez. Have you got any thoughts on your initial team selection or do you prefer to keep your cards close to your chest at this time of year?

                1. I haven’t made my team yet, I think I will start it a week before the season starts but am pretty much set on the template as going with a defensive approach to start off with. Right now I am busy going through each player and putting into colour coded categories according to a wide range of factors – rotation, defensive qualities, attacking qualities, team strengths and weaknesses, upcoming fixtures which allows me to make a shortlist. Not really stats based all really subjective and personal to me as I am more into the eye test and making observations than numbers. Good old scouting. Currently gone through my defenders and I put Maitland Niles in the average group not bad but I think I downgraded him after his red card and he didn’t get picked after that. He scored well in the attacking category so maybe worth having a go.

                  1. Sounds like a great approach – would be interested to hear who makes it onto your top priorities short list at some point.

            2. Haha that was my thought when I spotted him but it doesn’t seem to be one that’s exciting anyone else at the moment. I thought he could have been the find of the season.

  31. Hello all, great to see so many people commenting ahead of the new season.

    To be honest I’m struggling to get through all the comments and great information that’s been submitted by everyone.

    After having a quick browse through the various posts it seems I am at the same stage as everyone else in terms of player selection with the obvious candidates Ederson, TAA, Kane, Salah etc standing out plus the likes of Digne, Coleman, Azpilicueta, Gomez all offering good value.

    One that’s just jumped out following the confirmed Trippier transfer to A. Madrid is Aurier, priced at 2m and sure to be first choice RB this season unless they sign a replacement. I’ll be keeping an eye how this goes and he could slot in to my defence at the expense of Digne and save 1m in the process.

    1. Welcome back C&B! Yeah, I was wondering who’s going to be first choice right-back now at Spurs. I can’t but feel though that this could pave the way for Walker-Peters to break into that first team. He’s 22 now so surely it’s time to give the lad a chance to shine.

      Whoever ends up as the first choice right-back it will certainly be an excellent option in terms of value. One situation to keep an eye on, most definitely.

      On a side note, anyone else reckon £23m is cheap for Tripps? I know he didn’t have the best season but even so…….

      1. I thought it was cheap – considering he had a decent World Cup as well. Surprised to see him go abroad.

      2. Just had this little nugget of information kindly sent to me by Dream Team Noise! on Twitter:

        “I read this morning that Aurier isn’t playing pre season due to being in the AFCON. But also, Spurs are looking to accept offers for him while at the same time have rejected offers for KWP. To me that sounds like KWP will be the favourite for the RB spot 🤷‍♂️🤔”

        Interesting… 🤔

        1. That is interesting – I’m not sure why Spurs would be letting all these defenders go with Rose in the mix as well but it will certainly help us pick with both full backs being on 2m each.

    2. Also, another on to consider is Ben Davies at left-back (£2m). Danny Rose has recently been left out of the squad for the Spur’s pre-season tour and there is talk he’s on his way out of the club. 🤔

        1. They did, but the season before last I’m sure they had the 2nd best defensive record. In the new stadium as well this season, i think they could kick on a little more. We’ll see how it goes but it’s certainly one to watch and Ben Davies as Chris and DTT mentioned.

    3. Could also be a bargain on the other side if Rose leaves. Ben Davies only 2m and less competition at left back.

  32. Cheer chris.

    Definitely ones to keep an eye on, I think Aurier is slightly more established but Peter’s could break through as you say. Couple of good options.

  33. Welcome back all! Been itching to experiment with new teams and now I can, I’m struggling 😂. Finished just over 2,000 last season in my first proper year, so going to try and build on that. Smashed my mini league and that’s what matters most!

    Current teams I’m looking at…

    B Silva

    Also tried a team to get Sterling, Kane, Salah and Aguero in…


    Still lots of experimenting to be done. Don’t trust any Man Utd players at the moment. Can’t even decide on the formation I want. Will VAR dent the prospects of four at the back?

    1. Agree with you re Man U players David!

      I’m on to about draft #5 now and so far not one has had Aguero in… seeing his name in your test team makes me very worried indeed.

      A lot of talk of Jesus getting more minutes but irrespective, Aguero delivers. Even if he’s only on the pitch for 60 mins he can still score a hatrick!

      Don’t want to downgrade Ederson. Don’t want to not have double Liverpool defence. Don’t want to drop Sterling, Salah or Kane but boy do I want Aguero!

      1. Here’s where my heads at right now…

        Gomez (Matip if he starts 1st game)
        Coleman (£0.5 saving v Digne)
        B. Silva
        Jota (£1m saving v Jiminez)

        As you can see not only am I saving the £0.5m on Coleman over Dinge but am also now thinking of downgrading Jiminez to Jota to save a further £1m. This gives me enough funds to go with Ederson over Kepa and still leaves £0.5m in the bank in case I want Aguero in over Kane at the start. I don’t think Jota will outscore Jiminez but will certainly run him close. I could also change this to DCL if he’s Everton’s main man. Obviously Spurs full-backs are also on my watchlist so the above may of course soon all change!

        1. I’ve seen quite a few going for DCL in FPL and I must say I’m not convinced personally. I’ve not seen enough of that selfish streak in him to think he’s a good FF asset, maybe a good team player, but I can’t imagine any braces or hat tricks coming from him.

          Jota has the potential to run Jiménez close and could be a shrewd pick. I’d say Jimenez will probably drip feed points whereas Jota may have a few blanks and then come up with a brace or hat trick one week. It took Jota a while to settle into the PL last season but I see no reason why he can’t hit the ground running this season. It’ll be interesting to see how it pans out.

        2. Looks a decent base to start from – my only concern would be moving Jota on, if necessary, for one of those 3.5m strikers. Any ideas who would come out in this instance to free up the funds?

            1. For me that’s why I’ve saved the 1m on Kepa over Ederson. Just to give me some flexibility going forward.

    2. Welcome back David! Yeah United are a wait and see team for me this season. A lot will depend on where Pogba’s head is at (if he stays). If can find and maintain his best form from last season they’ll do ok, if not, that midfield looks pretty devoid of quality.

      OGS has hinted at giving Greenwood a start against Chelsea. I think it’s safe to assume Lukaku’s days are numbered now. Talk of going to Inter. Also, Daniel James has been looking good pre-season too by all accounts, very rapid.

    3. Not sure I’d been keen on Dunk mind you David. Even if he does end up at Leicester, their fixtures aren’t the best to start with.

    4. I’m with you on avoiding Man Utd player but James could be a the bargain of the season if he gets a decent amount of game time at 1m but I’m not prepared to start with him. Rashford could be a good option as well if he’s going to get an extended run up front. With regards to your teams – I prefer the first team as it’s more balanced.

  34. hi do you think is a good idea to hold as much money
    back as possible for the first month so that in the second month
    you have plenty of funds to play with bearing in mind you will only
    have 3 transfers.

    1. Hi Don, I personally don’t think it’s a good idea to hold ‘as much money back as possible’ as you’d be starting with a cheap team and will quickly fall behind. They’ve made it very hard to get all the must haves in and keep money set aside and I’ll be starting with a side no less than £49.5m in value as things stand. I’d say the best thing you can do is start with the right players that will go up in value so when you do have to make changes you benefit from that ‘extra cash’. Good luck!

    2. I’d just be looking to get the players you consider will bring in the most points Don and who offer the most value. If you see a player who you think is priced relatively cheaply, they stand a good chance of increasing in value as time progresses. Ok, your money is tied up in players but those players have the potential to rise in value thus making you money in real terms. Than can drop in value too obviously and you can find some substantial drops in value with the more premium assets (Salah last season anyone?).

      Good luck Don.

    3. With the budget being so tight this year, I’m not planning on saving anything. I’d ideally like to get off to the best start possible.

  35. Hi Everyone!

    Excited for the new season?

    Why are most people picking TAA over Robertson? Robertson is hands down better and imo bring in more points…

    My draft:
    GK Alisson
    CB Alonso/Azip
    CB Robertson
    CB Mendy
    CM Sterling
    CM Moura
    CM Youri T
    CM Fraser
    ST Aguero
    ST Salah
    ST Jimenez

    Thoughts would be appreciated:)

    1. I think some (including myself) are swaying towards TAA especially due to the number is assists he dragged in towards the back end of last season. I think he should start most games this time around and with Milner probably facing less game time in the autumn of his career, TAA should hold the monopoly over set pieces.

      Ideally I’d like both and I haven’t ruled out trying to find a way to get both in.

    2. Nice team Jack, although I think Mendy could be a risky move with stiff competition for that left back slot in the form of Zinchenko and Angelino.

    3. I can see the case for TAA but it’s Robertson for me – purely based on being slightly cheaper and there being less competition in his position. TAA does have the addition of the set pieces though. I think you’re onto something with Mendy but it could easily be Zinchenko – either way one of them will be a bargain. Fraser seems like a popular choice but he’s not one that really jumps out to me. Do you have much in the bank if you needed to shift things around to bring in another one of the big hitters?

  36. Talking strikers suprised no one has mentioned rashford ?

    Same price as Jimenez at £3.5, i know utd are hit and misss at the moment
    but surely rashford will bang in a few, especially as it looks like lukaku is on his way out.

    1. Yep, you’d expect Rashford to be the main man up front this season with Lukaku possibly Inter bound. I think a lot will depend on Pogba with regards to any United attacking asset. With him in there at his best and his head in the right place, playing in a more advanced position they can be a match for anyone. If he’s sulking or playing deeper, I don’t fancy those United assets. United’s midfield without him looks seriously lacklustre.

      Probably a wait and see for me but I’d have no hesitation in jumping on that bandwagon if he starts rattling them in and Jimenez dries up. Would be an easy swap to make.

    2. He’s certainly of interest to me – if he looks like the main starting striker at Man Utd, I may well go for him myself.

  37. I’ve just been trying to set up a mini-league for my work mates this morning. Is anyone else having bother managing to do it? I fill out the necessary details but when I select which team I want to “add” from the drop down menu (tick box) the drop down stays on the screen with “add teams” still appearing in the box. I’ve also tried clicking the create league button with the tick against my selected team but all this does is remove the tick.

    Either I’m a complete dufus and I’ve missed something or this is as buggy as hell. I’d say it’s a 50/50 chance knowing what both I’m like and DT. 😂

    Anyway, I’ve got DT customer support on the case so if I learn anything, I’ll report back. Are you creating another “just for fun” ML Paul?

    1. I’ve not set one up yet but I’ll definitely be setting one up as we get closer to the start of the season. Depending on the number of subscribers the blog gets I might assign a small prize with the league – don’t hold me too it though as I’ve not decided yet. It might also create a situation where we don’t want to share advice if something other than the sense of accomplishment is available for the winner. I’ll have a think about it but there will definitely be a Dream Team Tips mini league.

    2. Yup, just me being a numpty, I didn’t see I had to scroll down the drop down menu to tap the “done” button. 🤦‍♂️

      1. Not much help to me as I stopped using a PC a couple of years back and my work computer has many sites (Dream Team being one) blocked at work.

        Will just have to wait for the app to be launched a day before the season starts, if I’m lucky haha

        I’m up to 14 drafted teams now with various tactics and formations. Soon it will be the process of narrowing them down, which is when I turn into a schizophrenia and argue with myself on every side I try to eliminate. It’s the same every year and I’m sure I’m not alone!

        Doesn’t help when you enter a number of leagues; some with multiple entries allowed and some with just one or two.

        Anyone know if Brewster (Liv) or Heller (West Ham) have been added to the list?

        1. I think Mendy may be on his way to be honest. He managed to p**s Pep of a couple of time last season with his antics off the field (staying out late in clubs etc) and with the arrival of Angelino my guess would be that Mendy won’t be at City come the end of the season. A real shame because he looked so good at the beginning of last season.

          1. Sorry, that last post should have been under Thomas’s post. I’ll copy and paste it.

        2. If you can get on the website on your phone and avoid the app this will work. Who knows how far away they are from getting the app working.

  38. Ive only just started to build my team but i have a few observations

    -Midfield doesnt seem very strong compared to def/str, Was hoping to go with 4 in mid but looks like 3 is the way to go.

    -Zaha could become a potential bargain at 3.5m if he joins arsenal. Big if at the moment but i would think he would benefit from supplying auba/laca. Plus europe games.

    -Man city’s LB position. Mendy and zinchenko both at 3.5m, If either can nail down LB then there’s good value there.

    1. I think Mendy may be on his way to be honest. He managed to p**s Pep of a couple of time last season with his antics off the field (staying out late in clubs etc) and with the arrival of Angelino my guess would be that Mendy won’t be at City come the end of the season. A real shame because he looked so good at the beginning of last season.

      1. If Zinchenko can mail that starting spot he is a bargain, currently sitting in my team

        1. I’d be more than happy with Zinchenko for the season at 3.5m if he was a certain starter.

    2. Good observations Thomas – I definitely think there’s value in that 3.5m left back spot for City but it’s knowing who is going to start. Whoever it is could be a season long pick if they hold down this place. Zaha could be a great shout as well if he moves to Arsenal. He’s always scored well even when he’s been at Palace so could have a huge season at a bigger club.

  39. Oh heck.Is it getting harder this year or is my brain cell on strike.Enjoying these comments and plenty food for thought.Now I know Stirling is a must have but what about Mr De Bruyne.Rumour has it he will be captain and if injury free he should score plenty.My wildcard for the season might be O’Neill at Burnley.Came on well last year and well reguarded.Will easily surpass his points per million ratio.He’s only 1 Million but am I brave enough.Well 3 weeks to change my mind many times.Thanks for your work Paul and good luck to everybody.Now where’s my headache tablets.

    1. No problem at all – glad you’ve enjoyed the blog. I must admit I don’t know anything about O’Neill at Burnley. I’ve just looked him up and it looks like he’s on loan at Brisbane Roar. Do you think he will be coming back to Burnley for the new season? De Bruyne is also one to consider – for me he’s a little overpriced at 6m considering the season he had last time around but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he ends up being one of the highest scoring players this time around.

    2. I think the price tag they’ve put on De Bruyne is way overpriced considering his injury ravaged season last time. Only £0.5m extra gets you Sterling, no brainer for me.

      I think you can say Sterling will definitely end up in the top 5 points scorers in the game, De Bruyne MAY end up there IF he stays fit. Too much of a roll of the dice for me at that price. I’d put good money on Sterling outscoring De Bruyne this season.

  40. Zinchenko is 4m on the updated list they released a few days ago (when they reduced the prices of Zaha, Rashford, etc) or have they changed the prices for a third time?

    They’re becoming a bunch of cowboys with this years release of the game!!

    1. I noticed the same – on the actual game he’s dropped down to 3.5m which I found bizarre.

  41. The O’Neill on loan at Brisbane is Aiden not Dwight.The Burnley lad is very highly rated though maybe still a little early for him.Apparently Juventus are monitoring his progress.Remember you heard his name here first.If he is a dud i never mentioned him lol.Do people still say lol.

  42. Still 3 weeks from the start of the season and I’ve already chopped and changed my teams countless times. Fun times! Below is what I expect would be close to how I start the season, but saying that I’ll no doubt I’ll post something completely different in a week’s time!

    Kepa – Decent penalty stopper, good price
    TAA – Solid at the end of last season and will hopefully push on this season
    Robertson – Reliable points scorer
    Coleman* – Solely going off comments on here! I did have Azpi in there as well but being slightly prudent about two Chelsea players at the back
    Sterling – No brainer for me
    B Silva – Will hopefully cement a start most, if not all games for City
    Willian* – Toss up between him and Moura for the first month
    D James*** – Needed a cheapie to balance the books. Could upgrade to Tielemanns if I swap Willian to Moura and use the £1m already ITB
    Salah – No brainer, especially with Mane potentially missing first couple games
    Kane – Again, no brainer for me.
    Jimenez – Penalty taker and fancy Wolves this season. If I keep D.James in midfield I could use the £1.5m in the bank to swap with Vardy

    1. Looks like a decent line up – probably one of the best I’ve seen. I’m not sure about James myself – uncertain over his game time but as you say, you’ve got a plan to replace him if necessary.

    1. Thanks Chris, that’s useful to know. I noticed Zinchenko had dropped to 3.5m and looks a real bargain. Do you think he will be first choice ahead of the other left back they’ve resigned? I think Zinchenko is more of a winger?

      1. Given how solid Zinchenko was last season, I’d say it’s his position to lose initially. If Mendy or Angelino come in further down the line, it could be a straightforward swap or a simple enough change to another similar priced player.

        Imagine the look on our faces though if Laporte starts as left-back… 🤮

        1. Haha yeah didn’t think of that. 3.5m is hard to resist for a Man City defender though.

          1. Think Zinchenko for me is a bit of a no-brainier if it the end for Mendy. One of the best ways to get into the city defence with Ederson being more expensive.

            1. Couldn’t agree more. I’ll be doing a revised team shortly and it’s hard to imagine that I won’t shift things around quite a bit.

  43. Taking another look at Wolves’s PL fixtures again and I’m really not liking them. I know they overcame many top sides last season, but can they repeat this alongside the extra burden of the Europa? Really tempted to go Rashford instead now. United’s fixtures are far from perfect but I prefer those more than Wolves’s. I’m pretty confident Rash will be the main man now and £3.5m for the main United striker is a good price, even if they are a shadow of the club they once were.

    What do you guys think? Rash or Jimmy?

    1. I’m moving in the same direction. I’m not liking Wolves fixtures either and I’ve been burnt before when loading up on those Europa League qualifiers when players haven’t then played in them. Aubameyang is the one I’m looking at with Arsenal’s opening fixtures and he’s only 6m. I was then considering swapping him to Rashford after these two fixtures.

      1. Auba and Aguero are my biggest fears, maybe KDB to a slightly lesser extent as I’m content to have Sterling over him.

        1. Yeah that’s the same for me – resigned to the fact that I won’t have De Bruyne but if I could get one of Aubameyang or Aguero in it would be ideal.

          1. Another player who could make life difficult for me is Pogba. If he comes out firing and his head in the right place he could do serious damage. The pace of Rashford, James, Martial etc could mean penalties galore for the Frenchman.

            His price tag of £4.5m would make it difficult to bring him in with my current set-up.

            1. He’s a hard player for me to ever consider. To me he’s everything about the modern footballer that I don’t like so I find him incredibly difficult to support, which makes me stubborn about picking him.

            2. Wondering when DTT, will produce his next draft team, Daniel James now played 197mins pre-season, joint 1st alongside other team mates, if selected can surely go for another big hitter upftont, can William step into Hazards shoes, cld be a snip at 3.5.

              1. I’ve just got back from a week away so I’ve not thought much about it over the past week. I’ll be coming up with a new draft in the next couple of days though for certain. James is definitely a tempting option – as are a few others who aren’t currently in my team.

  44. Today’s draft then:


    Feeling much more happy having Robbo and TAA in that team now as I think both will give the greatest PPM results out of all those defenders by the season end.

    1. Looks good Chris, very similar to where I’m getting to myself. My main concern is being able to shift things around enough to accommodate one more of the big hitters – Mane, De Bruyne, Aubameyang. Although this season we may just have to accept that we can’t have them all.

  45. “Wolves are in talks with AC Milan for striker Patrick Cutrone, according to Sky sources.”

    Jimenez in danger of more rotation? Wolves clearly on the lookout for another striker.

    1. The Wolves squad is dangerously thin on the ground, against Newcastle they had their full team out (minus Jimenez and Doherty granted) and I had only heard of 1 player on their bench!!

      They desperately need reinforcements right the way through the team to even hope to be competitive in the Prem while playing in the Europa.

      I would say even if they do sign a new striker it is unlikely to affect Jimenez, he will play a similar amount to last season and may even benefit from the respite another striker would provide

      1. Yeah fair point District, duly noted. It’s a tough one to call but I think I may be just swinging towards Rashford for now. It should be his first full season as the recognised main man up top so I’m hoping he can thrive there and become a bit more prolific. As I’ve said before, a lot is going to depend on Pogba. If it looks like his head isn’t right I may need to reconsider Rashford.

    2. With Emery stating he would like an Englishman as captain and mentioning Holding does anybody see Holding @ 1.5 a better option than the Everton defensive option?
      It’s another bit of money that could be used elsewhere to strengthen.

      1. I’ll be sticking with Coleman as I like Everton’s fixtures and personally don’t trust Arsenal enough at the back. If Holding starts every game and Arsenal become tighter defensively then perhaps a cheaper option to switch to but I’m happy to watch that one unfold.

        I have however been swayed to swap Ederson for Kepa to free up an extra £1m to spend elsewhere. Thanks guys.

      2. Nice spot Narcodave, but I’m singing from the same Hymn sheet as Brad on this one. Everton’s fixtures are very nice to start with so Coleman gets the nod. This does gives us time to asses Arsenal’s defensive credentials in the meantime and if they do look more solid, the switch from Coleman to either Holding or Maitland-Niles is a simple enough one.

  46. Been having a quick browse on Twitter at other Dream Team players and a lot are going very big up front with Aguero, Kane, Salah, Aubameyang and big in midfield with KDB, Sterling, Mane.

    You should see some of those defenders… 🙈

    Tell you what though, if Arsenal do become a clean sheet magnet from the off I’m gonna be playing catch-up that’s for sure. 😬

    1. Arsenal play Liverpool away and Spurs at home in the first month, so very doubtful they’ll be a clean sheet magnet.

      1. If we are looking very short term, I do like their first two game week fixtures though – away at Newcastle and then home to Burnley.

  47. I think we’re all going to have very similar teams come the start of the season haha!

    Has anyone got a link to this years rules? I know the points system remains the same but are there any changes to the player prices? Also it would be handy to know when the first transfers can be made, last year we had some after the first week if i remember correctly.

  48. my team atm :
    Gomez(whoever starts on the norwich game)

    filling my team with spurs, liverpool and man city players as i rate them quite clearly the 3 best teams in the league. id prefer allison to ederson but as i have no man city defensive without him ill have to stick with him. i think davies will be a starter as rose is being left out of preseason tour. robertson speaks for himself and gomez/matip is only in there to take advantage of liverpools early fixtures. with my team being 4-4-2 i can change this position with a striker in the future when man utds fixtures become easier for rashford. mina is someone I’m not overly happy to have but should start more games this year with zouma being back at Chelsea. he’s cheap and everton haven’t got any of the big 6 for the first 6 fixtures. sterling is a must have. B.silva is a consistent starter and points scorer. sane is a risk with him being in and out the squad but last year was still the 5th highest scoring midfielder and is a bargain at 4.5 if he plays. moura is in my team till son returns then will look at dele at 3.5m.salah and kane are two of the best strikers in the game so justify their cost.

    the 3 main players I’m missing in this team are aguero, van djik and mane. i believe having so many man city mids should make up for aguero(hopefully) and mane is gonna start the season slow with the ACON not ending till tonight. van djik i think is overpriced. i thought i would explain each pick cause i know i have a few dodgy ones (mina) but if anyone has any thoughts please share. thanks.

    1. Looks a decent team. The only observation I’d have is if it would be worth freeing up some funds on Sane to upgrade Mina. Also are you set on having Ederson? Keepers did well last season from a point scoring point of view but there must be a case for Kepa at 3.5m, again to free up funds?

      1. i know ederson is expensive but to me the only definite starters for man citys backline is him or laporte. mina is only in as a cheap option ill rotate with throughout the season.

      2. What about Pickford at £2.5M, Everton have decent fixtures to start with and Silva seemed to have turned things around the end of last season. Lots of penalty saves to be had this season too?

        1. don’t really want to double up on everton defenders. only other goalie I’m thinking about having is de gea. is still world class and if they get harry maguire i like their defensive set up with shaw, lindelof, maguire and AWB infront of him

        2. Yeah he’s certainly on my radar and could be a good choice but Coleman stood out to me as better value at the same price. I’m not sure I’m overly convinced by Everton defensively either so wouldn’t want to double up.

    2. If Sane gets plenty of game time you could well steal a march on most of us I’d imagine. I just think Sterling and B.Silva are Pep’s preferred personnel in those wide roles, at least they were towards the end of last season.

      Good team though mate, and if they all do get the game time I can see it doing very well. 👍🏻

      1. thanks Chris. I think he’s a gamble worth taking as 4.5m is pretty easy to replace in defence or midfield if he doesn’t get the game time.

  49. I’m sure no one would overly notice but I’m away for a week as of tomorrow morning – I’ll still check the comments when I can but might be a little slower with my replies.

  50. Hi guys, another season on the horizon, the aim as always to be in contention in my mini league, just a couple of observations, if Utd get Maguire, we need to be looking at Wan bassaka, couple of well priced midfielders haven’t seen mentioned, Tielemans & Maddison.

    1. I think Tielemans and Maddison could have a part to play in our teams, it’s just that I’m not keen on the fixtures to start with. A bit too hit and miss for my liking.

      Wan-Bissaka could potentially be a huge points scorer as I expect OGS to encourage him to bomb forwards at every opportunity. He’s certainly on my watchlist. The addition of Maguire would only move him further up my list.

    2. I think Wan Bisakka will do well at Utd. It’s between him and Azpilicueta for my team this season..

    3. Not convinced by Man Utd defensively yet so I’ll be waiting to see on that one. Tielemans looks good value but not sure about Maddison. He was cheaper last season and didn’t score that well when I had him.

  51. Apps open boys!

    3rd, 4th & 5th most owned players are Aguero (47%), VVD (46%) & Mane (45%) which concerns me a bit as I have none on them. Guessing those manager have compromised elsewhere especially those with more than one of them as per Chris’ comments around defences but just an observation.

    P.s. does anyone know who’s to close old unwanted mini leagues?

    1. Great to see the app (finally) up and running. Makes things easier tweaking things from your phone now.

      With regards to old unwanted leagues I think someone asked this on Twitter. I think the answer they got back was that no, you couldn’t delete old, unwanted leagues. Seems a bit bonkers not to have that facility personally but hey ho. Would be nice to have a bit of spring cleaning and get them shifted.

      1. It’s just laziness that they cannot get rid of old leagues. Maybe they could have done this while they were messing with the app launch.

      2. Reference BRAD & deleting old mini can get rid of any old leagues in your list.i think you get automatically entered into old leagues in your list by the app.anyway try this guys.
        1. Go to my leagues
        2.Open the league you want to delete
        3.You should see 3 tabs at the top.go to the one that says ‘about’
        4.Click ‘Leave this league’
        5.hey presto league removed from you’re list.
        6.Happy days 😃

      3. Just catching up so apologises if I’m behind with this one – but I don’t think you can delete old leagues if you’re the chairman. However you can leave them if you’re not so I’d probably suggest doing that.

    2. Reference BRAD & deleting old mini can get rid of any old leagues in your list.i think you get automatically entered into old leagues in your list by the app.anyway try this guys.
      1. Go to my leagues
      2.Open the league you want to delete
      3.You should see 3 tabs at the top.go to the one that says ‘about’
      4.Click ‘Leave this league’
      5.hey presto league removed from you’re list.
      6.Happy days 😃

  52. Morning men.

    So glad DT is back and love reading everyone’s comments.

    The thing I can’t get my head around is leaving out Aguero, Kane or Salah Out but if you leave one out the midfield becomes so much stronger.

    How are you boys picking your strikers?

    1. I think I’ll personally go for two out of the big three at all times. Aubameyang is another who interests me though. Scored as well as the others last season and is at least 1m cheaper.

  53. Forgot to add my 1st draft team





    1. There’s no need to have all 3 top strikers to be successful. I would strengthen your defence seeing that all 4 defenders you have picked are not guaranteed starters, so could lose out on some vital points.

    2. Is Otamendi a bit of a gamble in terms of game time JS? Surely Stones has just as much of a chance of getting picked?

      You’re certainly pretty much guaranteed big scores from that front three over the course of a season but I guess you then have to pay for that privilege by going weaker elsewhere in your team.

      Having seen last season as a good one for defenders though, maybe things could be turned on their heads this season with fewer clean sheets and the premium strikers reign supreme once more? You can never guarantee history repeating itself when it comes to football. I do like to see different strategies and how they play out.

      1. Cheers Steveb & Chris
        My thinking was if it’s not working early doors I can change ASAP.
        I have changed Otamendi for Stones and Grealish for James at United. I’m thinking James is gonna play a few games as Olé likes legs in his team and that boy can definitely run.
        I’ll more than likely change this a million times before the start of the season anyway.
        Good Luck Everyone

        1. Yeah, seeing how quick James is (along with Rashford, Martial etc) makes me think United are going to get quite a few penalties this season. Are we overlooking Pogba as the main benefactor? The one weak spot in my team is that lack of a £4m-£4.5m midfielder to be able to easily switch between the likes of Pogba, Sane, Siggy etc. It’s simply impossible to be able to cover all bases though…

    3. Looks like a strong team but my main worry would be Grealish and moving on Moura if he drops back to the bench. I’m assuming you’d have nothing in the bank with this team?

  54. this is correct but if you were the chairman of an old league it doesnt give you this option

    1. Cheers SteveB
      Did’nt know that.mind you have never been a chairman so all my old league’s deleted with no prob’s.
      Still poor that you cant delete chaired leagues.

      1. Thanks KF, annoyingly it is a league i previously setup and chair no longer in use… have emailed DT to see if they can delete for me.

  55. Me again! Made a de changes to my team, thoughts appreciated!

    GK Schmeichel
    CB Robertson
    CB Zinchenko
    CB Davies
    M Mane
    M Sterling
    M Tielemans
    M Moura/Henderson/Milner
    ST Salah
    ST Aguero
    ST Rashford

    1. I’d say my only concern with that team possibly would be Schmeical. Leicester will give anyone a game so wouldn’t have an issue with attacking assets. I do think though that they will concede a few with some tough fixtures in amongst the first few.

      Also, Mane is unlikely to be involved for the first game at least due to playing in the ACON final and missing much of pre-season.

      For that midfield slot, Moura all day long. Greater attacking potential, Son out initially, plays way more advanced than Hendo and Milner.

      Good luck Jack! 👍🏻

        1. Look solid moves mate. I would urge patience with B.Silva though. He’s a nice source of drip feeding points but will catch a few blanks/low scores too along the way. Be prepared to stick with him to get the maximum benefit from this selection.

          1. I’d agree with Chris. Wouldn’t be happy with Schmeichel and Mane shouldn’t start. B. Silva is a solid choice and I’d prefer Moura over Milner or Henderson.

  56. I think I will go different from the teams we seen so far (over 250 posts so a quarter of the way there):
    Ederson – one of the secure options into the city defence and a top keeper.
    Zinchenko – could be the end of injury prone Mendy and this player offers very good clean sheet, ratings and assist potential. At 3.5m seems a no brainier to me.
    Coleman – at 2.5 a very good price, gets into dangerous positions to score goals.
    Mina – Everton’s fixtures are appealing so don’t mind doubling up on their defensive assets and the prospect of Zouma being brought back to Everton seems low so there may be a spot for forgotten man Mina. Performed well for his national team at Copa America and a big aerial threat at set pieces.
    Davies – at 2.0 seems very cheap for a spurs defender and with uncertainty over Danny Rose he will surely get more game time. Provides width for spurs attack so very good attacking potiential.
    Sterling – not much to say.
    B. Silva – his consistency is very impressive and playing in an advanced position with a team that scores an abundance of goals, he will create and receive plenty of goal scoring opportunities especially if creativity king De Bruyne is fit.
    Brooks – bit of a struggle finding a good midfielder under 3m but opted for Brooks over Tielemans mainly because of Bournemouth’s fixtures are very good to start off with. Brooks plays on the right but has got good off the ball movement and gets into those central positions behind the strikers so I think 7 goals in 33 games last season wasn’t too shabby especially as his progress was halted by injury. Ideally would like Fraser but seems to 0.5m more expensive for my liking as Bournemouth have no extra European games.
    Aguero – Goal scoring maestro who gets plenty of opportunities even if only plays limited minutes. Could really benefit from VAR with the pace and trickery of the city attack being too much for the opposition defences. Not a bad idea to triple up on the city attack.
    Kane – goal scoring record seems it up.
    Salah – greedy for that golden boot again. Lack of Milner will lead to penalties.

    So there you go, a bit top heavy but covering the main hitters so no hiding behind the sofa. Midfield is decent enough, I like always playing with the top goalkeepers in the game. Defence is the cheap side but I think offers value for money and don’t mind swapping for the next Doherty that becomes obvious when the season is up and running.

      1. Nice team RR. Yeah I think I might be overthinking somewhat when it comes to Aguero. Even though me might not match Salah and Kane for minutes, he’s certainly capable of matching them for points.
        I’m going to rely on the data I’ve seen though and go with two big guns and a budget up front I think so I can invest elsewhere as well. Hopefully Stirling will be able to cover him somewhat, at least initially. Bj doubt I’ll be going for Aguero at some point in the season.
        Nice team mate and good to see someone else target those nice Bournemouth fixtures, which makes me wonder, are we all overlooking Wilson as a nice cheaper alternative?

        1. I think once Aguero scores a couple of goals in the community shield, everyone will be trying to get him in their team just like last season. I don’t think one city player is enough attacking cover given their ability to score a large number of points.

          1. Also Chris, are you considering a Fraser-Wilson double up? that is too maverick even for me.

        1. Well I did forget to say that Sterling misses easy opportunities and is unlikely to be considered for penalties judging by pre season performances.

          Big players don’t really interest me much so I don’t really waste too much time writing about them. You can’t ignore them but I am alway fascinated with the unknown like how will the new signings fare and which player will be the next Doherty, B. Silva? Those are the questions I look to answer.

          1. On the unknowns what’s your thoughts on James at Man Utd? I’ve not considered him yet but at 1m surely he’s good value. He’s got to get more than 50 points this season surely?

            1. He doesn’t interest me much but then again I am anti-man utd mainly because the current players (De Gea, Pogba, Rojo, Lingard, Lukaku, Martial, Sanchez) are more motivated by money rather than desire to play for one of the biggest teams in world football. Although the board are to equally blame for the poor team culture as they give players whatever they ask for even if they do have ridiculously demands.

              Anyways, going to the subject of James, he is a bit of a unknown. I have only seen once on the eye test when Swansea played Man City in the FA cup and he didn’t impresses much. Plus I don’t know if he will start games and may be used as an impact sub. Pre-season he has played minutes but not sure if he has an end product as I seen no assists or goals registered in pre season games. In addition, he played on the left hand side last season for Swansea but utd have Martial, Rashford and Sanchez who could play there. Plus James is predominately right footed so won’t be an inverted winger i.e. like Salah, B. Silva if he plays on the right. He has a good level of ownership and might increase but that needs to be taken with a pinch of salt as many fantasy football fans support utd and pick their players regardless. The amount of man utd blocks last season was quite laughable in my mini league.

              I don’t really like going for 1m players myself as they be difficult to move around and swap unless you leave money in the bank. Value for money (PPM) is not the most important metric for me but then I play in a different way to many others in that my decisions are not very stats heavy and more based on gut feeling and observations (but then again my system may be flawed). So 50 points from James over the course of the season doesn’t get me excited. Plus I can always downgrade a player easily to James if he is the real deal but it can be difficult (if funds are depleted) to upgrade to anyone of good quality. In past editions where the price increases where much larger, value for money players were important as you could make a big profit on cheap players and build super teams but now with 0.1m this area of the game is now worthwhile so James could be pick and forget kind of player not because he is good but it will be difficult to get rid off.

              1. I couldn’t agree more about the current Man Utd players – although I’m a Man Utd ‘supporter’ which I now use very loosely. It’s even harder for me to get behind the likes of Pogba after being such a huge fan of the likes of Keane, Schemeichel, Neville, Scholes, etc. I look at the current team and can’t help but be alienated by them to the point where I almost don’t want to see them do well. I prefer hearing the thoughts of Roy Keane ripping them apart in the studio after the game – questioning their use of social media and integrity to play for the club.

                James isn’t really a player I want to pick but he does allow for other players I do want to come in – simply because of his value. Like you’ve pointed out I think anyone who does go for him would need a robust plan to move him on effectively if he were to be selected. Having put together some draft teams I could see how this would work. It would be easy enough to imagine him getting those 50 points per million which I think is a useful indicator. If players aren’t reaching that points total based on their value then they aren’t providing enough for me to justify a place. However on the flip side, if we analyse last season’s winner – each position in his team scored over 200 points. This makes me think I can’t justify having a slot taken all season that only returns 50 points. It’s a tough call. I must admit I’m finding it more difficult than ever this season to settle on a team.

    1. Nice to see somebody else sharing the interest in Brooks. One of the most naturally gifted players I’ve seen as a Sheffield United fan, so he’s only going to get better. Strong performances last season and I expect that to continue, so will be adding him to a few teams. Whether he’ll be in my main team or not, I’m still unsure of.

    2. i like the team and I’ve gone with a few of the cheap ones myself in mina and davies. i did notice however you have no liverpool coverage at the back so could fall behind if they are as good this season.

      1. I think Liverpool defenders are out of my price range if I want to go top heavy. Plus spending more than 4m more on defenders is really out of my comfort range. I usually target defenders between the 2m and 4m price range (lots of good options here so fairly easy to swap around) so looking at Liverpool then that leaves me to choose one from Matip or Gómez and could then pair with Alisson (can’t resist the expensive goal keepers). Not very appealing at those Liverpool defenders don’t have much assist or goal threat but the pair of Ederson and Zinchenko is more appealing and the Man City defence could be strengthened by the defensive qualities of Rodri. Plus if Liverpool concede a few goals in the first month, I could bring in the likes of TAA and Robertson for 4.5 and 4.0 respectively and downgrade one of the expensive strikers.

    3. Looks decent to me and you’ve done well to get the big three in. Is Ben Davies fit to start the season? I know he was injured over the summer but I must admit I’ve not checked to see if he’s been playing pre season. There’s certainly a few bargains to be had at the back this season, he could be one as could whoever plays right back for Spurs.

    1. I’m up to my neck in ML’s with DT and FPL Jack so I’ll pass on this occasion my friend. I like to talk openly about my team on here too, so I’d probably be shooting myself in the foot doing so against competitors (in a cash league anyways).

  57. Allrite everyone ready to go again! Just a little word of warning regarding wolves been hearing that nuno is looking to play the youngsters in the Europa league qualifiers! Small squad don’t want burn out, how true I don’t know just thought i’d let everyone know!

    1. Nice little nugget of information Murkas. Greatly appreciated. 👍🏻🙌

      1. Is that for the earlier rounds? Once the final qualifier gets underway we could see a stronger team as they may want to qualify for the group stages. Plus with a small squad difficult to rotate. The defence is still likely to be the trio of Bennett, Coady and Boly. Doherty may use those games to catch up with pre season fitness. Attack is good with the consistency of Jiménez and the cheap explosive Jota. Ideally I like to invest in their midfield but their goal scoring record is poor, shame Jota had a position change. It feels a bit uneasy to completely ignore Wolves if they have those extra games.

  58. Thoughts please on formation.Can’t make my mind up on strongest set up.

    1. Whilst I’m going for 4-3-3 I don’t think 3 up front front is necessarily essential. In fact each formation could work well depending on personnel. I’d say the best thing to do would be to predict which players you think will score most points and see how they fit into the different formations to maximise returns.

    2. I was convinced I was going to go for 343 this season but having seen some bargains at the back I’ll probably go 433 again.

  59. With the cheap quality on offer in defence, I think this year could see the favoured 3-4-3 be replaced by the old-school 4-4-2 or 4-3-3.

    I’ve got a number of drafts but I’m liking this one at the minute, especially when you look at their points last season and their past ratings and performances in the Who Scored ratings site:-

    Alexander Arnold
    B Silva
    Rashford or Wilson

    Obviously there’s some risk in there with Pogba maybe leaving (could swap to Vardy or someone else if so) and I don’t feel overly comfortable with having three of my four midfielders from City. However, they all scored well last year and the team score so many goals that I can see all scoring well again.

    1. Love that back line EC. 😍
      In fact that team has huge potential for big hauls in those opening gameweeks. Very nice team. The only thing I would say is that I’d be surprised to see B.Silva, Sterling and Sane on the pitch at the same time (as a general rule anyway).

      1. I agree but I think us fantasy managers have come to accept that city players get rotated but because of how destructive they are as a side the players still get big points (I.e. Sane may be benched for a game but in the next game he’ll play and get the equivalent of two games worth of points). They all got rotated last year yet Aguero, Jesus, Sane, B Silva all got 200+ points and Sterling got 312. So I think having them as pick and stick players I know that overall they’ll get the points. Can just rotate my fourth midfielder and other players to suit fixtures, form, etc.

        1. Yeah, I think you may have identified a blind spot on in my FF style. I think I get too frustrated when I see my players benched and missing points so I tend to go for the ones I know will get the most minutes. This is probably a weakness of mine that I may need to look into. I think I naturally go for the picks that ultimately cause me the least amount of stress. 😂

          1. I know the feeling in terms of the battles with yourself when selecting players.

            I’m currently talking myself out of picking Mane too often in sides this season as I don’t think he’ll do as well and others at a lower price could outscore him (B Silva, Pogba, Sane, etc).

            The reason being is that he hauled a big section of points during his period towards the end of the season when he was playing in a central position due to Firmino being out injured. Obviously Firmino is fit again now and that means Mane will shift to his left side position again.

            Don’t get me wrong; he’ll still score well and is still a top class player but I feel he may drop off by about 30-50 points this year.

            1. Any chance Phil Foden could be included in that bracket of City players that will be rotated but still haul when they get minutes? Appreciate he’s no B.Silva or Sane but will he get more minutes this season as well? If so, cheap at £2.5m leaving funds for elsewhere.

              1. He is a great talent and will get points but I still don’t see him getting the same rotated game time as others in the City squad. Also there are better options about at 2.5 who will get more points (i.e. Hudson-Odoi, Tielemans, etc)

    2. I’m liking the defence and midfield. My main worry would be no Salah or Aguero. I think one of them at least should be included.

  60. hi all great comments.
    after hors of deliberation this is my final to teams.
    but you never no
    GK Patricio
    DF T alexander
    DF Robinson
    DF Doherty

    MF Sterling
    MF Silva B
    MF Pogba
    MF Kovacic
    FW Salah
    FW Aubameyang
    FW Rashford

    2nd team the same except the front three of
    Aquero Jimenez kane and James instead of kovacic. MF

    1. Who are you kidding Don? 😉 You’re gonna be tinkering from now until the 9th my friend. A lot can happen between now and then. Decent team but not so sure about Kovacic is he attacking enough for FF purposes?

      1. fair enough Chris have changed it a least 100 times but you have to start somewhere
        about Kovacic not sure how far up front he will play now there is no Hazard.
        still thinking about this position.
        Moura lamela plus a few others. what do you think, and would welcome
        other ideas cheers.

    2. I’d have question marks next to Patricio who is cheap but didn’t score well last season. I’d also question Doherty who I believe is out injured. I’m not convinced by Kovacic either. I do like the combination of Salah and Aubameyang though. Not seeing many people going for Aubayemang but think he’s a good option myself.

  61. Team number 217 coming up. Losing track of how many alterations I’m making haha.

    I have several templates in my head, one of which is to include the big 3 up top. Does anybody know much about Daniel James for Man U? Is he likely to feature much, or is he more a benchwarmer? If the latter then I’ll have to rethink, as I like to have all 11 players featuring regularly.

    Kepa – Good pen stopper, an IMO best of the bunch excluding Ederson/Alisson
    Coleman – Good Everton fixtures
    Robertson – Regular points scorer, firm choice for me
    Zinchenko – Hopefully will cement a first team place but one to keep in mind
    Azpi / Gomez / Matip – Not sure if I want to double up on Chelsea at the back but I also feel Azpi has more points potential than Gomez or Matip
    Sterling – first name in all of my teams
    Moura – Likely to start the season up front
    James – Biggest worry of the lot

    If I want to switch to 3-4-3 then I can swap Azpi for Willian. Moura is a potential weak link but I don’t fancy any other players at £3m in midfield. I would consider going cheaper for Brooks / Tielemanns but know little about the latter

    Another option for Moura would be to swap Aguero with Auba, and upgrade Moura to B.Silva.

    Far too many options flying around in my head at the moment, and still over 2.5 weeks to go!

    1. Looks a good set-up mate. You never know David, James could be this season’s Doherty. I think he certainly has the potential to do so.

      1. Team 217!!! Think I am lagging behind as I have only made one.

        Think James will get a good value for money pick (should match or exceed his ppm) but not on my shortlist as those 1m players can be hard to upgrade unless money in the bank. Plus not in a great rush to get man utd players until I see how they perform in the league games vs Chelsea and Wolves. I still think that behind the scenes problems are still present and that their performances may continue to be lacklustre.

        Plus is Kepa a good penalty stopper? Can’t recall him saving any last season or maybe I forgot. A lot of uncertainty around Chelsea for me and I suspect others as well. Lampard strikes as a direct playing style kind of football as opposed to defensive type or playing from the back. What formation will Lampard favour? If I was the Chelsea manager, I will once again play 5 at the back (the old conte way) but I think Lampard will go 4231 just like Mourinho. The squad seems a bit unbalanced i.e. the experienced players are past their prime (giroud, pedro, willian, Luiz) or too young in terms of premier league experience (Abraham, Mount, Christenson) so could face a problem of not scoring enough goals (I don’t much faith in their strikers) or conceding too many (luiz and Christenson are quite prone to errors) so not really a good mix.

    2. Looks like a solid team to me. I’m considering something similar at the moment. I don’t know much about James to be honest. I’d be interested in other people’s view on him? At 1m surely he’s a bargain?

  62. This has been Tweeted by Dream Team:


    3rd qualifying round ❌
    Play-off round ✅ 

    Wolves’ potential @EuropaLeague fixtures will count towards the 19/20 Dream Team season game from the play-off round onwards.

    Apologies for the earlier miscommunication, we got lost in Ruben Neves’ eyes 👀

    Not many extra fixtures there then it seems.

  63. Looking at Chelsea & Man utd’s back line, if not selecting Allison or Ederson, I think selecting De gea above Kepa is a wiser selection, there is talk today of handing him the captains armband, that can only boost his confidence, he is still one of the top three keepers in the league.

  64. if your looking for a cheap get out defender.
    watched a video of Arons from Norwich they may not get many clean sheets
    but I think he will score quite a few points looking at his defensive qualities.

  65. bit surprised that Toby Alderweireld has not been snapped
    up by any club looking for a good central defender at just £25million
    sounds like a bargain. clubs like united .

  66. Arsenal are desperate for defenders and have been for about the last 6-7 seasons; yet they keep signing forwards and midfielders.

    Strange club!!

    1. We definitely get 3 transfers for the start of August. If you really wanted to you could use a transfer before a player has even played.

  67. this has to be worth a look.

    T Alexander



    1. Like the look of that team Don 👍🏻, as long as James plays regularly of course. If he starts well I can see myself getting in him pretty early.

      Pogba is one that I fear in not owning (in my main team at least). He has the potential to blank but also score heavily at the same time.

      1. There’s no way James will play regularly, he may be an impact player at the most. To me it’s a wasted pick, and will take to transfers to get him out.

  68. It’s a risky one with James I’d have to agree with Steve, you’re already potentially disrupting your side in terms of transfers. Like Chris say’s, have a look at that starting 11 for a few weeks and see what’s happening with the selection.

    If you need someone at 1m who is a regular starter, I think and others have mentioned him as well, Mcneil at Burnley. Although I wont be starting with him from the off in my team, he’s on the radar as he had a brilliant second half of last season providing assists and chipping in with a few goals. Add to that he takes most of the set pieces and i think he will be one of those players whose value keeps rising week on week.

  69. Any thoughts on my team would be appricated, think im on to a winner tbh

    GK – Pickford (good first fixtures)

    DEF – Roberston
    DEF – Gomez/Matip
    DEF – Zinchenko

    MID – Sigurdsson (pen taker)
    MID – Moura
    MID – Sterling
    MID – Pogba (pen taker)

    ATT – Salah (can swap between Aguero)
    ATT – Kane
    ATT – Rashford

    1. Nice team WHU_. Nothing much to criticise there. Pogba needs to be up for it this season to make that choice pay and I prefer either Digne or Coleman as Everton defensive options probably to fully maximise those nice fixtures and maybe chip in with the odd assist or goal.

      Nice team though mate. 👍🏻

    2. What would you do with Pickford when the easier fixtures pass? I’d looked at him myself but was hoping to go for a pick and stick keeper this time around.

  70. to be honest every one of us will have to take a chance
    with one or to players in there team that are cheap, try as you may
    believe me I have been trying to accommodate as many top players I could but
    it seems impossible. so James to me is probably going to be as good as it
    gets. so please keep relying it makes good reading and will help us all
    in picking the right team.

  71. Angelino seems to be getting a lot of minutes pre-season. Are we still confident Zinc gets the nod from the off? 😬

    1. Certainly hope so Chris! Will be keeping a close eye over their next few friendlies but read somewhere earlier (internet forum…) that City fans are confident he’ll be first choice and is a Pep ‘favourite’ so I’m staying hopeful! Muck’s me up big time on here and in FPL if he doesn’t get the nod! :-/

        1. If it does it, it could pay dividends as plenty are sticking with Laporte and or Ederson which must compromise them elsewhere.

        2. If it does it, it could pay dividends as plenty are sticking with Laporte and or Ederson which must compromise them elsewhere.

  72. Also, I’ve seen Pep quoted as saying that he sees KDB playing in a much deeper lying roll this season for City. Even though he’s quality and will no doubt get plenty of assists, at £6m that’s enough to put me off for now.

  73. Hi guys, looking forward to the upcoming season!

    Here is my squad:
    GK Pickford
    CB Robertson
    CB Davies
    CB Zinch
    CB Gomez
    M Sterling
    M Brooks
    M Moura
    ST Aguero
    ST Laca
    ST Kane

    Thoughts would be appreciated👌🏻

      1. Nice team Herewego. Not sure I’m overly keen on either Lacazette or Firmino personally. You just never know if Lacazette will start or not. I’m hearing Origi will deputise for Firmino initially due to his Copa America exploits.

        I also prefer the Everton full-backs over Pickford as Everton defensive cover.

    1. Decent team – I’m not sure about Lacazette or Firmino though. Both seem a little overpriced as they aren’t that consistent. I’d prefer a cheaper striker around the 3.5m to free up funds or go for the more expensive Aubameyang.

  74. With Idrissa Gueye off to PSG now and it now looking unlikely Zouma will return, do we need to reconsider our Everton defensive assets?

    Will Delph be the man to protect that backline? 🤔

  75. All the comments are a brilliant insight on how differently people see it, keep up the good work!

    My 2nd draft..

    Gk Patricio
    CB TAA
    CB Robertson
    CB Zinch
    CB Davies
    CM Sterling
    CM Moura
    CM Drooks (only position i am not sure on)
    ST Salah
    ST Kane
    ST Aub

    0.5 ITB

    Thoughts appreciated 🙂

  76. Has anyone been keeping up with pre-season?

    Liverpool haven’t won a single pre-season game and United have been doing really well, do you think we’re underestimating United’s capability? They have beat Spurs 2-1

    Also Arsenal managed to go 2-0 against Real Madrid although they did end up losing, that’s still pretty impressive from Arsenal. Chelsea also beat Barca when Barca had a strong lineup imo

    And City lost to wolves on pens in the asia trophy final…


  77. Pre-season and friendlies always have and always will mean nothing as they’re just used to get match fitness, try out new tactics/formations and look at players.

    I’ve never read too much in to them and got burnt a number of seasons ago when I took them as guidance for who will play and how teams will fair.

    Apart from any obvious injuries in the games, I personally won’t be using them to judge who I do or don’t pick.

    1. Fair play. Understand pre-season genuinely means nothing but sometimes it can be a good insight on how a team is performing before the start of a season.

      1. I wouldn’t use friendlies to judge how potentially successful a team could be for the upcoming season. I would however keep an eye on how many minutes each player plays and where the player fits into the team. For instance, I currently have Rashford in my team but Martial has been playing as the striker in some of the pre-season games. I might therefor need to re-think.

        1. Liverpool have not kept a clean sheet in pre season games so no point in getting any of their defenders 😂

          1. On a serious note: I currently don’t have Rashford on a shortlist nor do I have any Man Utd player expect Wan Bissaka (that’s judging my notes from Palace last season) and even then wan bissaka is 0.5m more than I will like to pay. I think Utd players are overpaid (players known to go into sulk mood to get what they want – did De Gea, Martial and Rashford deserve pay rises based on performances) and would question their desire. For me, Utd start the season with the two toughest games: Chelsea who want to get off to a good start with new manager and Wolves away who give the top sides a tough game. If Utd lose both then the manager and team come under fire. So Utd players unlikely to be in starting 11 but should be fairly easy to bring them in my team in if they show vast improvement.

            1. I must admit I’m wavering on Rashford now after seeing Martial play as the striker pre-season. Also, United’s fixtures early doors are far from ideal as well. I may take a punt on Wilson instead with those nice early Bournemouth fixtures. When the main European games kick in though I’ll probably try and get more on those in Europe then.

              1. It seems that Martial may start as striker in a 433 this season as I personally seem him to be the most natural finisher (although Lukaku is more goal hungry but looks out of the equation even if he stays) and Rashford may play on the left with Lingard on the right. As back up, you would have Sanchez or James on the left with Mata on the right and Greenwood in the middle.

                Martial could be the left on the attack as seen last season but unfortunately his pressing and tracking back (in other words work rate and defensive contribution) are his weak points so can leave united open to the counter on that side of the pitch. Rashford lacks a killer instinct in front of goal (missed a large number of big chances) but works hard to his credit (one of the reason’s why the manager has him as one of his favourites).

                Man utd win a large number of penalties with Mata, Lingard, Rashford and Martial winning two penalties apiece in the league as they are direct, fast in the counterattack and possess good dribbling skills facing opponents to make hash challenges. So difficult to rule out their penalty taker Pogba but his future and desire to play for the club is a bit cloudy so right now I haven’t got any utd players in my team but they would be on the watchlist once the season starts and observe how they do in the first few games.

                1. Yep, I think the wait and see approach is a good one to adopt with United to start with. I reckon AWB might become a good option at some point too. That first Chelsea fixture could be a good early indicator for both United and Chelsea assets (especially those striker roles).

  78. For me the key statistic from pre season is minutes played… over the final 2 games specifically… especially with African and American Cups as well this summer!

  79. Everton’s defensive situation is looking pretty dire…

    Keane off injured. Mina in trouble for breaking FA betting rules. Zouma at Chelsea. Gueye away to PSG.

    Can Delph save the day?! 😬

    Anyone getting twitchy about those Digne/Coleman selections? Reckon Digne should still be ok being on set-pieces etc but I do worry about Coleman now. His price is so good though as are those opening fixtures… 🤔

    1. I wasn’t but am fighting myself by the hour not to move Coleman on for all the reasons you mention…

      On the flip side, their fixtures are good, the best maybe(?), Keane could/should be fine for GW1, Delph could shine away from City at a ‘lesser’ team (Milner anyone) and all of a sudden there is no problems and Coleman at £2.5 is a steal! I do think Digne will outscore him over the course of the season though but I just can’t afford the upgrade. Unless I downgrade Kepa for Pickford but the same concerns apply!

      1. Yeah, if there’s a time to have Coleman it’s probably when the good fixtures are upon him. If he was another £0.5m expensive I’d probably look elsewhere. I think he price just about keeps him in my team for now though.

        1. Is anyone considering Bournemouth players , they have some decent fixtures at start of season, plus they’re all good value.

          Ake £2.5M
          Fraser £3.5M
          Wilson £3.5M

          1. Isn’t it just their first two fixtures that look good? Vila might have a half decent season as well. I know they’ve spent a lot. Then they’ve got Man City and Leicester at the back end of the month.

            1. The other side of that City fixture though is:

              Lei A
              Eve H
              Sou A
              WHU H

              Still pretty decent fixtures I’m reckoning.

              1. I wouldn’t fancy them to finish above Leicester or Everton though so you could say they are a tough opposition for them. It’s tricky – I must admit I’m struggling this season because there are so many options at various prices. I can’t settle on a team I’m happy with at all.

          2. Not going anywhere near Bournemouth defensive assets unless there’s a big shift from last season. Attacking assets are a different matter though. Fraser and Wilson both making my current draft.

  80. Can’t quite make my mind up between the following. Any opinions would be welcome!
    B silva


    happy with the rest of my selection…

    1. Prefer the first option personally. All three players from the top two teams last season.

    1. Probably tomorrow or Tuesday. Been away for a week so I’m just catching up now – can already see some changes I’d want to make.

  81. OK, great, I’ll look out for that, sure it will bring up some interesting talking pts.

  82. Everton make a bid for Zaha. 💰

    Arsenal on the verge of signing Pepe. 👌🏼

    Both could be excellent options for DT… 👀 🤔

  83. Hi All, Arsenal look more promising on the attack with there new signings and possibility of signing Pepe, so i may start including more attacking options from Arsenal, thoughts on this?

    My 100th draft, thoughts appreciated 🙂

    GK Patricio
    CB Robertson
    CB TAA
    CB Zinch
    CB Coleman
    CM Sterling
    CM Moura
    CM Moutinho
    ST Salah
    ST Kane
    ST Aub

    1. Looks like a strong starting team to me – my only concern would be what would your long term plan be for Moutinho, Coleman and Patricio? Would you be looking to move them on after the good early fixtures and for who?

      1. I’d add Moura into that list of possible short term replacement if Son takes his place once he’s served his ban. Hoping Moura can start with a bang though and keep his place.

    2. Arsenal certainly making a lot of noise at the minute although think it’s a wait and see for me before including any of their new players. That said Aubamayang is a guaranteed points scorer, especially if they’re strengthening their squad. So for that reason I like the look of your team Jack. Not sure Moutinho will be a super high points score but guess he’s your enabler for Aubamayang,

      1. To get the most out of Auba I think you have to play the long game and be very patient to maximise those purple patches. He’s one player that can frustrate the hell out of you though, as did Lacazette for me last season when both spent quite some time on the bench.

  84. I have read this site for the past year however this is my first post. I will try and put my point across more this following year.
    What do you make of this team as a rough start-

    GK Allison

    DEF Gomez/Matip
    DEF Zinchenko
    DEF B.Davies

    MID B.Silva
    MID DeBruyne
    MID Pogba
    MID D.James

    ST Salah
    ST Kane
    ST Aubameyang

    1. Thanks for the post Chris and it would be great to see you in the comments more this season. I like the look of your team – very similar to where I’m coming to with my own thinking. I like B. Davies as a 2m option but do we know if he’s fit enough to start the season? I don’t believe he’s played a part in preseason yet? I’d personally prefer Sterling over De Bruyne at the moment as well. Other than that, I can see why you’ve gone for James but do you think he will get enough game time over the season to justify a place in your team? If not, do you have a plan for moving him on?

    2. Welcome aboard Chris! Like the look of that as plenty of points going forwards, especially if James gets minutes at Utd. My main concern is you’ve got any of VVD, TAA or Robbo who I suspect will be the top three point scoring defenders this year, and not just down to CS but assists and performances etc but Allison and Gomez will get the CS points. Pretty sure Zinc will start for City as played their final pre season match. No Stirling also slightly concerning but Bilva, KDB, Pogba and AUB should all do well.

      1. With the speculation over Rose leaving I was hoping they’d have Davies nailed on for starting the season although I’m not too sure. I fancy KDB this season over any City player he will be back on set pieces and they seem to play a different way with him in the side!
        James is a total gamble could pay off or he could be the first player out possibly having to use 2 transfers for it. As a Liverpool fan I can’t see us been as solid at the back this time out hence why not going all out on the defenders, with Gomez back also have a feeling that he will share a lot of playing time with TAA hence sharing more points.
        Lots too be changed before the season starts though I’m sure 👍

        1. What’s changed to make you think you won’t be solid at the back Chris? VVD alongside Gomez (who I think will get the nod) will be the most impressive CB pairing in the league imo. Great keeper behind them too with two industrious fullbacks. What’s not to like?

    3. Hi Chris, always great to have another contributor to this great forum. Nice team as long as they all start. How confident are you James will start as he’s certainly one in my radar to bring in if he does. £1m for a regular starting United winger is just too good to ignore.

      Pogba is also on my watch list but I have a feeling he’ll either be awesome or complete dog 💩. He should certainly benefit from being the penalty taker in that team now and he’s one I fear not owning.

      I may also consider Davies when Spurs’s fixtures become a bit kinder and they don’t sign another left back if Rose does leave.

      Great potential in that team though mate. 👍🏻

  85. Any ideas or suggestions for my side.

    Gk De gea

    Defence – Robertson Matip/gomez Zinchenko MaitlandNiles

    Midfielders – sterling B Silva Moura

    Strikers – Salah Rashford Kane

    1.5m left in the budget

    1. I’m not a De Gea fan – scored really badly last season compared to his price this time around. The rest of the team looks solid. Interesting that you’ve gone for Maitland-Niles – he’s on my radar as well. Did you also have a plan for the 1.5m in the bank?

      1. Yeh not a fan of de gea and United neither so will get rid of him. I watched arsenal Lyon game yesterday and maitland-niles was one of their best players first half putting in quality balls from the right.

        1. He’s definitely one I’m looking at – he’s currently in my team but is a bit of a worry in terms of moving him on.

    2. One word of warning with Rashford LU coopier, Martial has been playing as the central striker quite a bit pre-season. If Rashford is playing out wide I’m not interested personally.

  86. I know it’s only pre season friendlies, take what you want from them, I think Liverpool had 1 st choice back four playing yesterday via Napoli and conceded 3! Think they’ve been conceding regularly in the friendlies! With a lot of people trying to get as much as their back four as possible! I don’t think they will get that many clean sheets this season! I will just be putting 1 Liverpool defender in.

    1. I think we are all mostly putting Liverpool defence in as our priority.
      what I will say is the more you can spend on any player whatever
      position they play in, you can at least out them in one transfer.
      having very cheap players you will have to mess around with at least to
      transfers to get a player that is half decent.

      1. I can’t make my mind up about what to do. There’s some good cheap options but like you say it’s going to take a lot to get them out.

    2. I don’t quite understand why folks are getting twitchy about the Liverpool defence all of a sudden. They showed last season that they can be one of the tightest defences in the league and they’ve got the same personnel this time around so why should this trend change?

      I think it could be detrimental to have no or just one Liverpool defender, especially early on as fixtures are great. Friendlies mean nothing results wise and are just a way of getting minutes into legs. Keep Calm and Carry On.

      1. Agree with this chris, I hope that other DT players go without liverpool defenders so us players that double or triple up on their defence can take full advantage.

    3. Liverpool’s strongest back 4 started against Napoli. Allison will make a big difference when he is back arguably.
      I see Liverpool as the big team to bat this year and the big scalp everyone wanting to beat the champions of Europe and that might just make it a little harder as well as competing in 6 competitions it might take it’s toll as the season goes on.
      James really might need a re think now the the possible signing of a Dybala. Game time may take a hit but I think this makes Rashford very appealing if Lukaku is going The other way

  87. Hi all,

    After a few months off the dream team action in back. Reading through some of the comments here there’s good thought process and debate. All valuable so thank you.

    Some thoughts from me:

    – I like Pickford in goal
    – going for Moura to start the season as think this is a great pick
    – zinchenko and Walker will be my Man City coverage
    – Robertson and national/Gomez as Liverpool defenders
    – sterling no brainer
    – starting season with Kane
    – like Rashford for his price, but may start with Wilson.

    Looking forward to getting involved again this season and sharing thoughts and comments as the season goes on.

    1. Hi Dan – glad to see you back for another season. I like your way of thinking. Not sure about Pickford myself though. Are you also planning on going with one of those cheaper options up top? I’m finding it hard to resist the idea of Salah, Kane and Aubameyang to start.

      1. I like that front three. I haven’t given it too much time so far, but your latest team looks very strong.

        1. Cheers Dan, it doesn’t quite sit well with me due to the cheap options but I’m not sure it sits well with me to have a 3.5m striker either. It’s a tough call this season.

          1. I think I preferred the previous team myself. I liked the balance of it. In fact, I might copy it for my team as it is no longer in use.

            No Wolves or Everton and only one City attacker (can it cover all those city goals?) although can do Aubamenyang to Aguero if needed. Got to remember Maitland Niles might be value for money as got 90 points last season but it took him the whole season to get there.

            Even with 1.5m (ideally I think double the sum will be needed) in the bank it could be tough to move this players (Niles and James) around to increase points in these positions as you pointed out in previous article by last year’s winner you are looking at 250pts per position (expect the goalkeeper position).

            1. I’m already thinking about changing this draft. I’m now thinking Ederson out, Patricio in and James out, B. Silva in. I believe Patricio and Silva should outscore Ederson and James so looks like an improvement.

    2. Hi Dan, great to see you back again mate. I have similar lines of thinking to yourself but like DTT I’m actually getting twitchy about the Everton defensive options now with Gueye gone, Mina facing a suspension for breaking gambling rules and Keane currently injured. Leaves them in big trouble at centre back.

  88. Think I might just have 2 positions to fill
    Option A
    Keppa, alongside either, William C. Wilson, or Fraser.
    Option B
    Allison, with either Brooks or Tielemans.
    Advice appreciated, as always essential to get off to a good start, so selecting the right personnel from the get go imperative.

    1. I think Kepa is great value being a whole £1m cheaper than Alison and Ederson. If it were £0.5m difference I’d probably go for Ederson or Alison.

      I’d be going Kepa with Fraser or Wilson. Side note though, Tielemans is looking good pre-season by all accounts. Not an easy call.

      1. Yeah agree, Kepa is value for money. 4.5m for a keeper relying on clean sheet points seems like a lot of dough to pay for.

        Chris, I thought you are doing the maverick move of Fraser and Wilson?

        1. Yeah I am (currently at least). I was referring to David’s options when I said Kepa plus Fraser or Wilson. 👍🏻

  89. Hi guys

    Very interesting to read all the posts on people’s views and knowledge. This is my team so far, any thoughts/suggestions welcome



    1. Good team David, but no Salah is brave… I like Jota, he’ll push Jimenez close this season IMO.

      1. I know, tough choice on which two to pick from the main three (aguero, Kane and Salah). I may still change it before kick off.

    2. Nice team David. Jota could be an excellent choice as he’s looking on 🔥 and full of confidence so far in pre-season.

    1. I think everything will even itself out in truth Dave. Yes, they’ll be more penalties given for infringements that might normally get missed, but equally there will be fewer given for the ones where the attacker has dived or gone down too easy.

      Those niggly, shirt pulling defenders from set-pieces need to be careful now though. In fact on that subject, which defenders would you guys say fall into this category and therefor we should perhaps avoid?

    2. I’m not sure how much of an impact VAR will have. As a result I’m picking my team based on where I see value at the moment.

  90. Nice update DTT! B Silva and Patricio should definitely outscore Ederson and James as you say. After your thoughts please gents… so my current team is Option A although I’m seriously now thinking of updating to Option B which allows me to get Aguero in, what do you think?

    Option A


    Option B


    1. I think you could toss a coin between them as it could go either way. Both are strong. Interesting that you’ve not gone for Aubameyang in either? Are you not considering him based on Arsenal’s opening two fixtures>

      1. I just couldn’t ignore Aguero’s first six fixtures which include West Ham, Bournemouth, Brighton, Bournemouth & Watford! He could even score against Spurs still as well.

        1. It’s tough to ignore Aguero – it still bothers me that I haven’t got him but I’m hoping Sterling is good coverage for Man City and I’d prefer Salah to Mane at Liverpool.

  91. DTT, looking at ur 2nd draft team, the inclusion early doors of maitland niles & moura could pay dividends, the upgrades to b. Davies & William, who has the opportunity to be the Chelsea linchpin in midfield could work out, ur template for 50pts per million could be a no brainer over the season for D. James, but if it doesn’t pay off, you only have half million to play with, like the inclusion of Ederson, other than Azpilceuta, the Chelsea back line is hardly formidable, other observations, any lineup without the presence of B. silva & or Aguerro could be foolhardy, adding a third big hitter up top, is bound to leave weaknesses in other areas of the team.

    1. I agree that James could be too big of a risk. I’m already thinking of moving away from this current draft and having Patricio and B. Silva instead of Ederson and James. This should return more points and is less risky.

  92. Seen quite a few teams with moura starting in them and i really dont see the appeal with him long term. You would think son returns to the starting 11 after the man city game so moura gets villa H and city A before he’s likely back on the bench. City Away is obviously a tough fixture so the appeal is just the villa home game. Thoughts?

    1. I completely agree, looking at their team they have put out against Real today it has no Alli or Moura and you would expect only really Lamela to be replaced. Even if Eriksen leaves they are likely to bring in Lo Celso so it still doesn’t open up a space for him in the preferred starting 11. Having said all that tho he will see plenty of game time this season, I just don’t think he is first choice and that is enough to put me off

      1. Yeah, I think he’s a decent option for that villa game but wondering if people are keeping or making an earlier transfer to switch him. No real other stand outs at 3m unless pulisic can hit the ground running or maybe maddison. Few good options at 3.5m i think.

    2. For me he’s cheap and should start in a fairly attacking role for a midfielder. I’ll probably be moving him on fairly early on though.

  93. Liverpool road there luck at the back last season. most woodwork in the league. I still expect them to score but I expect them to concede this year. Nobody knows though it all opinions this is going to be the most competitive yet.

  94. Personally I won’t be gambling on any players valued at 2m or less who aren’t guaranteed of playing; which doesn’t leave many at all but there are one or two ;). I’ll personally be steering clear and just monitoring the likes of Mount, James, etc as they’re talented and potential point scorers but are far from being certain starters. Plus, as has been mentioned, it would take more than one transfer and some moving about in your team to remove them if needed.

    The way I see it is there’s probably only two worthwhile selections at under 2m who will start but there’s plenty of good options at 2.5 if you want some cheap enablers.

    1. I’m already thinking about moving away from James by swapping Ederson/James for Patricio/B. Silva. I see this as an upgrade given Wolves extra fixtures and the security of having Silva over James. This then only leaves me with Maitland-Niles who I think should start.

      1. Wolves do have extra games but I can see Ruddy playing their European games.

        As for Maitland-Niles, I wouldn’t have an Arsenal defender in my team if they were -1.0m 😂😂

        1. Patricio did play in their qualifying game last week or the week before but he could well be rested when the season starts. I take your point about Arsenal defenders, but considering he scored almost 100 points last season he looks good value at only 1.5m. He can then of course be swapped for someone like Barkley or B. Davies once we’ve seen how other teams are lining up.

        1. I can’t see him reaching the 100 point mark to be honest but then I can’t see Ederson or Alisson exceeding 200 points this time around either. The goalkeeper position is fairly low risk as well as they don’t tend to have explosive game weeks.

      2. What’s your plan with Maitland-Niles, is a stick and keep or planning to move on?

        1. It’s a fairly easy one with him – there’s some decent options around 2m. If he doesn’t start well he will be gone for someone like Barkley, Walker-Peters, B. Davies.

  95. Nice second draft DTT. I must admit you’re stating to sell Maitland-Niles-Niles to me as a possible alternative to Coleman now. If Everton don’t bring anyone in at CB (with the issues they currently face) I may make this switch.

    This move would give me an extra £1m to play with. Which of these upgrades would you go for guys:

    Kepa > Ederson
    Moura > Siggy
    Wilson > Vardy
    Fraser > any £4.5m midfielder

    As boring as it sounds I think the doubling up on City defensive assets appeals to me most (Ederson). The other option I like is Fraser to a £4.5 mid. I like starting with Wilson and Moura. 🤔

    1. I wouldn’t upgrade Wilson or Moura with their starts and Kepa probably won’t be too far behind Ederson points wise.

      I’d personally upgrade Fraser for B Silva or Pogba 👍🏼

      1. Yeah, I think the £1m saving of Kepa from Ederson/Alison is just too tempting to resist. If I do go Coleman to Maitland-Niles I think it’ll be a Fraser upgrade. Lots of nice options at £4.5m so would be easy enough to switch between them all, a weakness I highlighted in my first draft.

    2. Chris, just read tonight, some people are saying, Josh King could be a better option than Callum Wilson.

      1. A lot of people are going for King in FPL because he’s a lot cheaper than Wilson and is on pens. Wilson is still the better option for me though when you look at his heat map. Always in and around the box whilst King is literally all over the pitch.

        I did have King in my FPL team too but just wasn’t feeling it with him.

    3. Cheers Chris – I think I’m going to tweak further shortly with Ederson/James out and Patricio/B. Silva in

      With regards to your options. I do like the Fraser to any 4.5m midfielder option. The likes of B. Silva could be very appealing and surely a decent upgrade.

  96. The 2 possible changes make sense, would that only leave half million, to solve Moura, Niles, issues down the line.

    1. Plenty of options though. Gone top heavy so if Aubameyang doesn’t do well in those first two fixures, he could come out for a 3.5m striker and then suddenly anyone is affordable within reason. Should he start well you’re right about there only being 0.5m in the bank to solve the Moura/Niles problems but if one of them starts well I’d probably want to hold onto them for the price changes anyway.

    1. The main team I’m focused on has three duplicates (so I can tweak and potentially block to each ML’s potential needs.

      Go Jonny Go Go Go Go W (Work ML)
      Go Jonny Go Go Go Go M (Mates ML)
      Go Jonny Go Go Go Go O (Overall)

      Any League of Gentlemen fans amongst you should get the team name.

      On the subject of team names, anyone else want to share your team name? Always like to look out for all of your teams when the season kicks off.

      1. Haha everyone knows Go Jonny Go Go Go Go. I just hope you’re not leading with a three.

  97. nice update DTT, as you have updated and tweaked your team so have I.
    patricio- cheapest european goalie, did have ederson but zinchenko seems like a starter so is a cheaper alternative into the man city defence
    fraser- only in for the first two games as i like him against sheff utd and villa then will look to get in willian for GW3 & GW4

    as you can tell I’ve only listed 8 players in my team so far and left myself with 9.5m. I’ve been thinking about two options. Option A makes my team more balanced with boly at 2.5m for the extra europa league games then look to move him on for a utd defender or cheap mid, joe gomez who allows me to double down on the liverpool defenders but does risk being rotated with matip. and lastly a 3.5m mid who i will most likely rotate throughout the season with alli and arsenals new boy pepe looking good. Option B makes my team weaker in defence but also allows me to get another premium player. the two defenders would be Maitland-Niles and davies who i aint too happy about but also allows me to get in mane. any other options/trios i could go for that you can suggest would be helpful as I’m pretty happy with the other 8.

    1. I wouldn’t be too happy with both Maitland-Niles and Davies I’d probably want one or the other. Does Moura not appeal to start with?

      1. He does appeal but I’d just edge frasers start with sheff and villa against villa and Man City

  98. Updated my main team again. No doubt will do this again a few times, right up to the lineups are announced for Liverpool’s opener. Squad as below:

    B. Silva

    £1m ITB

    I’ve starred those that I have my doubts over, reasons below.

    Kepa – Toying with the idea of downgrading to Patricio (Europa fixtures) which would free up £1.5m. On the other hand, also thinking of upgrading to Ederson as a “pick and stick” for the season.

    TAA – Starred only because I may downgrade to Robbo and save that extra £0.5m.

    Coleman – Biggest doubt of my team at the moment. Will keep an eye on any Everton movements. Possibly switch to a Tottenham defender, or alternatively an Arsenal defender if they buy a CB. I don’t trust the Arsenal defence at the moment.

    Fraser – Have him in for their half decent early fixtures. £3.5m is his price so there’s flexibility with transfers to four at the back or another similarly priced midfielder

    Jota – Again, have put him in for Europa fixtures + price. With only a small amount ITB, it leaves me little headroom for manoeuvring him out of the team. Of the sub £5m forwards, I also fancy Vardy and King/Wilson.

    Still have loads of ideas in my head. James was to be a cheap enabler but he’s easier to transfer in than he would be to transfer out.

    1. Looks good David – the goalkeeper position is another one I’m struggling with. I can see a case for Patricio/Kepa/Ederson/Alisson but as it’s a fairly low risk position I’m going to go with Patricio to start. I don’t think I can afford to tie up too many funds in this position if I want Aubameyang up front with the other big two and a decent midfield. This time around something has got to give somewhere in the team to account for the players who you see as a priority. My main concern with your starting 11 would be the four players you may want to move on quite quickly – Coleman, Moura, Fraser and Jota. I appreciate that they’ve got better starting fixtures but if you were to pick up an injury somewhere else in your team that’s a lot of transfers needed to move them on after their good starting fixtures. This is one reason I’ve kept away from Bournemouth and Everton players – good fixtures but not long term picks for me.

      1. Fair points, it’s this long term thinking that can completely change your team in the build up to the season starting. Thankfully I think i have the spine of my team there and there’s flexibility for changes, such as the below.

        Kepa > Patricio (£1.5m saved)
        TAA > Robertson (£0.5m saved)
        B. Silva
        Jota > Vardy (£2m upgrade)

        Still £1m ITB to upgrade Fraser / Moura / Coleman.

        I’m now querying any rotation concerns for Jota given Wolves have signed Cutrone, although admittedly I don’t know anything about him at all other than he’s a forward!

        1. Yeah, quite a few of the FPL community are veering away from Jota now for that reason David.

  99. Hi guys
    I noticed moura didn’t start for spurs yesterday in the game against Real Madrid. Is this a concern, is he not a garaunteed starting 11??

    1. I don’t think it’s a certainty but I believe Son started ahead of him – Son is suspended for the start of the season so I’d hope Moura would start.

  100. Afternoon chaps

    Im currently looking to start with following up front

    Salah Kane Auba

    but looking at fixtures Im almost swaying towards Aguero ahead of Kane

    Any thoughts

    1. I’m struggling to get my head around leaving Aguero out but I’m opting for Salah and Kane as I feel like they are more certain starters over the course of the season. Trying to play the long game on that one.

  101. Simon has a valid point there, City opening half a dozen games, better on paper than Spurs, kane’s August hoodoo, but any potential big Aguerro hauls, should be covered by other city assets in B, silva & Stirling, not to mention hopefully kane getting off to a flier home to Villa.

  102. I’ve gone with..
    B. Silva
    0.5M left in the bank.

    1. I’m also considering being brave and changing to 3-4-3 which would mean not doubling up on Liverpool defenders by swapping Matip/Gomez for Sigurdsson. Good run of fixtures early season for Everton only facing 2 of last years top 6 in opening 14 game weeks (Man City & Spurs). Sigurdsson on set pieces and often penalties likely to outscore Matip/Gomez early on in my opinion and a decent differential with only 4.6% owning him currently. You also avoid the potential rotation issue with Matip/Gomez but risk getting burned by others owning Liverpool defensive block and if they pick up where they left off last season.. lots to consider 🤔

    2. You’re a step ahead of me there Sh4d0w – the team you’ve posted is almost certain to be my next draft so I can’t really argue with it or see how you could improve on it.

        1. Well Chris considering you had a better season last time around I am even tempted to copy yours or was it beginners luck 😉

  103. Michael byrom, sundream team record,
    2016/17 joint winner
    2017/18 top 1000
    2018/19 top 300
    Going back to 2010/11 season 2nd place
    Has released his 1st draft team, which granted can change alarmingly up until season kicks off.
    De bruyne
    D. James
    Under Rodgers, vardy has been in sparkling form, looking at fixtures, I think he needs consideration, he has potential to outscore Aubamayang, leaving funds to upgrade other areas of team, no concerns either about rotation with Matip/Gomez.

    1. I must admit David I’m seriously considering Vardy as well (at some stage at least). When you look at the midfield that Leicester now possess, you can’t help but feel he’s going to be getting plenty of chances to stick them away this season. He’ll also have Perez (one of my midfield picks in FPL) buzzing around him in support. Vardy is one of those fixture proof players too as he’s as likely to score against the top sides as he is the poorer sides imo. Tempted to switch Wilson for Vardy. 🤔

  104. Interesting that Foyth just went off on a stretcher leaving walker – pieters their only fit rb atm. I am still favouring maitland-niles due to being 0.5m cheaper but one to think about

  105. Not straight away but after a couple of week to bed in what do u guys (and girls) think of this Pépé fellow that the arse are buying? If he’s classed as a midfielder at around £3.5 as suggested would u be tempted? Am guessing he’d play wide right of a 3 with Auba on left and Laca thru the middle.

    1. At £3.5m I be extremely interested. 👌🏼

      Great stats from previous club, playing alongside Auba and Lacca? What’s not to like?

  106. With Heaton leaving pope as Burnleys main keeper and them not having Europe to contend in I am starting to think he is a bargain at 1.5m freeing up funds for other positions.

    Needing only 75 points to justify his price he seems a decent set and forget keeper for the season.


    1. I’d be more tempted with Patricio at only 0.5m more? Additional games and in a better team?

      1. I think Pope is injured plus a year out of the game is a long time. Is he the same old Pope? Patricio is a sound choice.

  107. Pickford

    thought this was a nice team .
    first 4 games none of the other players go against pickford.

    1. First draft I’ve seen with Richarlison in there. Think I would have gone for him if he was still classed as a midfielder but less interested now he’s a striker in the game tbh. Flew out of the blocks last season though so could be a very shrewd move if he does the same again with Everton’s nice early fixtures. 👍🏻

    2. Does it leave you with much in the bank for upgrading some of those Everton players?

  108. After listening to a few podcasts, Vardy has been coming up on my radar more and more. His stats when Rodgers took over at Leicester last season were very impressive. Add to that the plethora of talent Leicester now boast in midfield along with David’s mention of him and that was enough to swing me from Wilson to Vardy. I’ve had to swing back to Fraser in midfield in replacement of B.Silva however.

    I’m basically banking on Fraser & Vardy outscoring B.Silva & Wilson for this month. Tough one to call but that’s the side I’ve come down on, for now at least. Thoughts appreciated guys.

    1. Richalison is a gamble Chris as with every player we put in.
      pulsic for me scored to good goals yesterday and won a penalty.
      him rather than Fraser for me,leaving out B Silva is a brave move.
      Vardy though is food for thought, seeing the improvement he made when Rodgers took over.

      1. Vardy I am interested in but I prefer Barkley at cam over pulisic on the left flank.

        Barkley may also be on dead ball plays.

        1. me thinks that pulisic will get more games than Barkley
          although we will have to wait and see.
          good shout though.

    2. My main concern would be Fraser and Vardy not having the additional European fixtures – but I guess it wouldn’t be a long term plan anyway?

      1. I’m sold on Vardy in FPL as well Chris so I would have him over Wilson on here. He is fixture proof and has an array of talent waiting to just tee him up!

      2. Yeah, once those European games kick in I’d be making the necessary adjustments. 👍🏻

      1. Fantasy Football Scout, Who Got The Assist?, Fantasy Weekly, 59th minute, FPL Surgery are the FF related ones.

        I also listen to Football Weekly (Guardian) and Football Daily (5 live).

        Never have enough time to do all the lot every week though but these are the ones I like to drop in on. FFS one is a must.

        1. Cool, I’ll check them out. I already listen to football daily and football weekly, both great listening.

          1. We could really do with a Dream Team Tips podcast.

            In the current market all podcasts are dedicated to the FPL which is a very different game to Sun dream team.

            1. I wish I had the time – I record podcasts at work (with other people doing the talking) but it’s nothing to do with sport or football.

  109. Hi DDT,
    Great in depth information once again. Can you tell me what you think of this;

    GK: Alisson (Liv)

    DEF: Wan Bissaka (Utd)
    DEF: Zinchenko (City)
    DEF: Robertson (Liv)

    MD: Sterling (City)
    MD: De Bruyne (City)
    MD: Moura (Spurs)
    MD: James (Utd)

    ST: Salah (Liv)
    ST: Kane (Spurs)
    ST: Giroud (Chel)

    I think Wan Bissaka will always score well with his tackling, James May do well when you use your points to price ratio and Giroud will be Chelsea’s No 1 striker now which he’s never really been given the chance and does have a good goal to game ratio. I also am liking De Bruyne this season and am predicting him to have a good season.. what are your thoughts? And everyone else’s for that matter? I enter a high £200 per entry league so could do with all the advice I can get. Thanks in advance. 👍

    1. It looks like a strong team. The Chelsea striker situation is certainly tempting given how cheap they are but for me it’s hard to know who is going to be their main man up front. What makes you think it will be Giroud? I thought it might be Abraham myself. I’m not sure about Wan-Bissaka for 3.5m personally as I’ve got no confidence in Man Utd. Equally, I had James in my team but I’m not sure he will play much and if he does they might have another poor season anyway.

      1. I’m struggling to understand how Maitland-Niles is a good pick? I’m not confident Arsenal can guarantee any clean sheets, plus they play Liverpool and Tottenham in the first month, so what’s the thinking with him?

        1. I’d ideally like to get off to a good start. Out of the top 6 clubs only Liverpool and Arsenal don’t face another top 6 club in the first two weeks. On top of that he scored over 90 points last season and is cheap at 1.5m. I’ve picked him as I think he’s fairly certain to start and they’ve got decent fixtures for those first two game weeks. At 1.5m I’d only expect him to pick up 75 points as well to be value for money. If they start poorly I’ll move him on after the first two weeks for another 1.5m-2m player who looks certain to rise in value. I’m basically trying to pick players who I think might get off to a half decent start who may then rise during the first price changes.

          1. Ok, starting to make more sense now. I do like the fact he can be quite attacking.

            What’s your plans with Matip/Gomez, does is not worry you they could be rotated week in week out?

            1. Yeah it is a worry but I know we can look at Liverpool’s starting line up for the first game so we get a certain starter. If they look like they are going to be rotated a lot, there’s a lot of other good options at 3.5m for replacements. Chelsea defenders, Willian, Spurs defenders, Man Utd defenders if they start well, Pepe.

              1. Problem is I don’t one Liverpool defender is enough cover as many teams will double or triple up on their assets. There will also be the Liverpool blocks to contend with like last season. Van Dijk has over 50% overall ownership so a player to fear if you don’t own him so I wouldn’t recommend any less than two Liverpool players. Good choices with Robertson and Matip as they are the cheapest route.

  110. I don’t know I just think Chelsea play better with a target man up top and given his goal to game ratio maybe Lampard will give him a run. As far as Wan Bissaka goes I could swap him for Azpilicueta but I think because of his tackling he will often get a +7 in ratings and if Utd get Maguire they could be more solid at the back.. James is not someone I’m convinced with but he’s cheap and may have a good impact because of his pace and he lets me have Sterling and De Bruyne

  111. any thoughts on liv ox chamberlain.
    very cheap scores the odd goal.
    mainly used as a sub. now he is back fit do you think he
    may get more game time.other than Sadio mane he looks the most likely. ?

    1. I’ve got him on my shortlist but I’d rather wait and see on him. I want players who are favourites to start the season. There are also some other good options at the same price tag.

    1. Dirt cheap if he becomes a regular but I’ll be holding off at the start of the season.

      1. he surly will be a regular after spending 72ml just a question when he starts
        probably be a sub first game.get him in.

        1. Yeah I think he’s almost certain to be – but I’d like to have a look at him play first.

  112. DTT, might you be swayed in switching, aubamayang & maitland miles, for Vardy, & b. davies/Coleman, which would leave funds in game week 3 of 1-1.5, to upgrade Moura, Vardy momentum is building, with the creative midfield Leicester have at their disposal, but also the acquisition of Pepe to Arsenal should create more chances for Aubamayang.

    1. I prefer Aubameyang to Vardy – he’s not a player I’ve ever really picked. I think the momentum is building more on FPL where you need to look for value strikers more.

      1. there has to be value in Wilson from Bournemouth
        there first to games look very appealing. then transfer out after to games.

        1. I have him. Definitely a wise choice. I will take him out after 2nd game, probably for Rashford.

        2. Yeah I’ve heard quite a few people talking about him and appreciate it goes against what I’ve said about Maitland-Niles but I don’t really want a player just for a couple of games. Especially not one who’s in a high point scoring position. Wilson scored less points than a lot of other 3.5m options last season. If I were looking for a striker in this position at that price I’d prefer Jimenez. He will probably go and grab a hat trick now in game week 1 but that’s just the way football is at times.

          1. Wilson spent a lot of last season injured to be fare. If he avoids major injuries he’ll score well I’m sure of it.

  113. Raul Jimenez double for wolves tonight in europa league qualifier. Something to keep an eye on if he carries on banging them in.

    1. He was in my first draft – it’s difficult to ignore but they should be playing a more difficult opponent in the next round.

  114. Wow 500 comments. Great stuff.

    Just looked at my team listed somewhere here. Happy with the big three up top but need to replace Davies (think he might be still injured) and Brooks – out for a few months. Toss up between Maitland Niles and Walker Peters (is he the new Trippier?) and thinking about Tielemans.

    1. I must admit having seen your team I do worry about not having Aguero. I’ve always had him and he’s capable of a lot of points.

      1. The fact of the matter is you simply cannot pick Aguero, Salah, Kane and Auba so something has to give. If you are picking on value (and I know you aren’t picking solely on this but taking it into consideration as we all do) then Auba has to be selected in my opinion which means leaving out one of the “big 3”. Personally I don’t think I’m picking either Salah or Aguero from the start, tho am sure I will own both at some point in the season (probably fairly quickly!!!). I like the balance of my team without them both and can easily move for them if necessary. There is nothing more important than timing with dream team

        1. It’s a hard choice this season – I’ve never found it so difficult. I only put one team in mini leagues but I do pick the full 10. Just in case one of them goes on a good run. I was surprised at how strong a team I could create if I ignore fixtures and then went for the big 3 and divided the rest of the team into 3.5m players to try and maintain a decent standard. I may throw this in as one of my 10:

          Coleman (dopped to 2.5m to get a 4.5m midfielder)
          B. Silva

          I was very surprised that I could achieve this team with only dropping to 2.5m for Coleman. My main issue with it is the Chelsea representation given their early fixtures.

  115. Over 500 posts?! This website has exploded this season. I have to admit to be struggling to keep up alongside my FPL WhatsApp group as well. Brilliant stuff.

    On Pepe, I urge folks to look at his stats. I don’t normally go for new players to the PL but I have to make an exception here. £3.5m? Welcome to the team Pepe. Fraser our, Pepe in. 👍🏻

    1. He does look good but without seeing how he settles and if he even starts initially, I’m going to avoid him to start with but he might be a better alternative to Aubameyang in the long run.

      1. Just to give an indication of the potential value Pepe is in Dream Team, in FPL he’s being priced at £9.5m. That’s on par with KDB, Sane and Son. 👀

        In Dream Team he’s priced matched with Fraser, Ozil, Milivojovic, Zaha, Alli and Willian. Certainly a gamble and probably the best plan could be to wait and see like you say Paul. I just don’t know if I’ve got the will power with this one though! 😂

        1. I’ll be getting him in quick if he looks like a starter and gets goals early on. Would free up funds if I didn’t need Aubameyang. He certainly looks a bargain and being classed as a midfielder is ideal – could be another Salah from a few season’s ago.

  116. Anyone else think Barkley could be an absolute steal? Maitland-Niles out, Barkley in… Barkley has looked very good on pre-season deployed in a attacking mid role just as he used to for Everton and I mean what better manager to regain his old form than lampard?! Thoughts guys?

    1. I’ll definitely be having a look at him at some point but don’t fancy getting off to a bad start with Chelsea starting against Man Utd.

    2. Barkley has been in this position a few times where he looks like he could kick on, only to then go missing again for one reason or another so I’d urge a little caution. He’s looked excellent pre-season though from what I’ve seen and if anyone can bring the best out of an attacking midfielder, surely Lamps can.

      Wait and see for me initially with a view to move on him early if he starts well possibly for Moura.

  117. As always great posts, great input and a great community.

    What are thoughts on these 2 teams please(might change personell but stay within the same price ie 3.5m defenders )

    Team 1

    B Silva


    Team 2
    Maitland Niles
    Wan Bissaka (or another 3.5 m – Zinch,Azpi etc)



    I guess it comes down to which cheap enabler I go for Maitalnd Niles or James to nake it all work


    1. I prefer team 2 but with Zinchenko in place of Wan-Bissaka and Moura in place of Pulisic.

    2. Both nice teams but are you not concerned about just having one Liverpool defender? The double/triple-ups could get a big jump on you if they carry on from last season?

      Also, whilst I get that Wolves have extra fixtures with the EL, their early PL fixtures are a bit 🤮. Clean sheets could be hard to come by for Patricio.

  118. Both good teams imo AFJ.

    I am also debating on downgrading Ederson to Patricio but its proving to be a difficult decision.

    I’m not convinced by any keeper other than Alisson & Ederson but at 4.5m it’s proving to be too much cash to stump up.

    1. I’m in the same boat but I can’t see Alisson or Ederson matching some of the 4.5m outfield options in terms of points.

  119. Kepa
    B silva

    1 mil in bank this has to be my final team.but you never no

    1. Decent team but no Salah or Aguero could be risky? Pepe and Pulisic both being new to the Premier League could be a risk as well.

  120. Interested to hear people’s thoughts on the goalkeeper position. Here’s where I’m personally at. I don’t like Patricio as an option – he scored really poorly last season. But when you look at the others, where is the value at?

    If I go Ederson for 4.5m, would I get more points from Walker for the same or Zinchenko for 1m less? Probably
    If I go Alisson, would I get more points from Roberton? Almost certainly
    If I go for Kepa, would I get more points from Azpilicueta? Almost certainly

    When you follow that logic it doesn’t leave you with many options. The value doesn’t seem to be in the goalkeeper positions this season. So my thinking based on the above was go for the cheaper option. What’s everyone else thinking?

    1. I never pick high value goalkeepers and then every season without fail I wish I had. Last year I ended up with Ederson after starting with Kepa.

      Keepers can only keep clean sheets or save penalties, that why I’ll be opting for Patricio, he’s a great penalty saver and Wolves will have plenty of clean sheets at home I think.

      1. That’s exactly the logic I’m following – I was hoping someone could convince me the other way.

        1. same hear with one of my teams, Patricio is probably
          the best of the cheaper options. the way he played against m city
          was exceptional, so get him in at 2ml gives you more cash to spread around
          other players.

          1. Certainly does and it helps a lot but he scored so badly last season which is what’s putting me off.

            1. trouble with this season is we have to compromise somewhere
              price of premium keepers are to high.
              besides who knows what a new season will bring.

    2. Wolves do have a sticky start fixture wise in the PL though. Is there another cheap short-term option you could go for until the fixtures get better? West Ham have nice fixtures once that City game is out of the way. Could Fab be an option? Or maybe Foster? Not keen on either defence personally though and it’s not like they get save points.

      I do get your point on defenders outscoring the premium keepers but you could argue the exact same point for every single team. I would say though that the GK is probably the least important position from a DT perspective.

      I personally like the value that Kepa offers compared to Ederson and Alisson. £1m cheaper is not to be sniffed at in a reasonably settled Chelsea backline.

      1. I’d agree that none of the keepers look worthwhile compared to other players in the same team in say defence or midfield at the same price. I think this is partly what’s putting me off though. As you say, at least with Patricio – he’s cheaper than say Doherty and Boly and it’s also the least important position on the pitch. Kepa jumped out at me initially as well but I’d rather have Azpilicueta – which I appreciate is exactly what I’ve already said but Azpilicueta is a proven point scorer. I then wouldn’t want to double up on Chelsea assets at the back. It’s a tough one as I don’t see value in any of the keepers.

        1. Yeah, i heard somewhere that Wolves underperformed their defensive stats last season (ie they got fewer clean sheets from what the stats suggested they should). Maybe they are due a few more clean sheets.

          I also wonder if Burnley will revert back to type this season and be difficult to beat again. Pope at £1.5m an option?

          Anyone get the feeling we’re taking up way too much time analysing keepers? 😂

          1. Interesting debate on keepers. I’d have to agree, for 4.5m theres certainly better options elsewhere in the team which will provide more points but it’s the peace of mind that’s luring me to one of the big two.

            I did have a settled draft before even the game was released working off the players list, left it for a few weeks and now began tinkering again due to the fear of not having the likes of Aguero in.

            Aubameyang was first on the team sheet as I feel he represents great value for price as others have mentioned. I was happy with him in my team but the thought of not having Aguero with Citys devastating attack has led me to make the swap. However, I’m bringing in Pepe to replace Moura to give me some coverage of Arsenals attack.

            Lacazette could also be great value at 5m if those 3 are starting together. Lots to ponder when the season kicks off.

            1. Which way have you gone for the keeper position though? I’m assuming that means you’ve got the big three up front if you’ve put Aguero in?

          2. 😂 it does seem like a position we’ve focused on a lot. But it’s still one that’s bothering me. After being burnt by picking Hart at 1.5m last season I can’t see me looking at Pope to be honest. I liked the look of Wolves as they did so well last season and have the additional fixtures this time around but I’m still not fully convinced.

  121. If Utd acquire Maguire – does that make Wan Bissaka, De Gea and Maguire himself look good value at £3.5m each?
    Like many others on here, I’m onto my umpteenth draft – my latest team is:-

    Maitland Niles

    Bernado Silva/Pogba


    £48m allows me to swap out Maitland Niles and Wilson and bring in Son and Walker Peters for GW 3. Not overly original but the starting line up offers a degree of flexibility.

    First time poster – big thanks for all the ideas – superb thread. Any views would be appreciated

    1. Thanks for the comment Rob, always good to see new people commenting. Looks a good side. For me personally – I’d rather have a Kane or Salah over De Bruyne initially which would mean losing Wilson and swapping De Bruyne for someone cheaper. That’s just personal preference though as I know there are a lot of people who are a fan of Wilson on here.

    2. Brilliant to see so many new posters in here, welcome Rob! 👊🙌

      Nice team mate. I do think KDB is a bit overpriced in the game though considering last season. Great player obviously though. Just having the one Liverpool defender could be a risk too?

      Tielemans could be a brilliant pick if he matches his achievements last season. 👍🏻

  122. Hi guys first post on here. Some great views and ideas on here fair play. I’ve been playing around with my team for a good week and I’ve come up with this

    Maitland Niles

    B Silva


    I’m still not fully decided though. Contemplating going 433 and dropping pepe for a defender any suggestions guys? And it dosent feel right leaving mane out he was great for me last season. Decision decisions.

    1. Nice team Gav and welcome. You have a great chance of getting off to a good start with that team. I do like the thought of owning at least one of TAA or Robbo though. Not easy to do though with the big three up top.

    2. Looks good to me Gav, obviously strong up front. Good midfield as well. Does it leave you much in the bank to upgrade Maitland Niles or Moura if needed?

  123. Hi guys, First time posting, love the insight on here. Thoughts on this please.


    B Silva


    1. Welcome mate. Love that back four Ryan. 😍

      Barkley feels a bit punty from the off but I’ve heard he’s took a few pens preseason which has caught my attention. I might be tempted to switch out Moura for him if he’s nailed and looks good later in the month if Son come back in.

    2. Decent team Ryan – the only players I’d have question marks next to are Patricio (even though I’ve got him myself), Barkley (will be get an extended run in the team?) and Jimenez (I believe he picked up an injury during the week but it might not be serious?). Did you have a plan in mind for moving these on?

    3. Love this team m8.

      I just can’t pick a team atm and while leaving Kane out.

      Super strong defence

      Good Luck

  124. tell you what lads it will be a godsend when the season gets under way.
    cant sleep. nigh on a devoice .
    my wife cant understand what all the fuss is about. 2 teams over our club
    84 punters £10 a time says it all.
    must say last season £100 4th season before winner £250.
    AND the wife’s don’t understand.

    1. There’s always the divorce route Don? 😂

      My missus roles her eyes at me with it all. Finding it quite tough keeping up to date with you guys on here, my FPL ML WhatsApp group, my works ML WhatsApp group, Twitter, FFS website etc… if I’m honest. Loving giving it a damn good go though.

      All that on top of having a full time job and being a dad to two young kids. There are actually people out there who do the whole FPL thing as a full time job with subscription websites etc. FPL General being one.

      1. I must admit I struggle to keep up as well Chris. You’ve got to wonder how the full time people make enough money out of it. Most of them seem to focus on the FPL game though – is this one more popular generally?

        1. Fpl is the only game that can be played worldwide hence 6-7 million players and also you are judged how good you are by a ranking system.

        2. Yep, as RR says, since they opened it up worldwide it’s just grown unbelievably. It actually blows my mind to think people make a living from it.

  125. Hi everyone here’s my team to kick to kick the season off



    Lanzini 2.5 is a bargain imo if stays fit. Had a great pre season


    What do u guys think?

    1. I’m liking the front three and the back four. Doubling up on Liverpool and Man City assets seems like a great idea. I do worry about game time for Stones at 4m though. Lanzini is one I’ve not seen picked by anyone else – could be a shrewd move if he starts in an advanced role.

  126. Interesting team Joey. If all of those defenders nail their spots you could have bumper returns from that area this season.

    Lanzini is an interesting pick. Tough competition from Noble and Fornals though for that starting spot, with Anderson and Antonio on the wings I’d imagine. If he nails his spot though, could be a very nice pick.

    Very strong front line. Should do well. 👍🏻

    1. My brother is a season ticket holder at westham and he thinks he’ll play just behind the striker in a no10 role that’s why I went with him. We will see. Just can’t wait for the season to start now

      1. Nice to have these little snippets of information like this coming through from the front line. Nice one Joey. 👍🏻

  127. Thanks for your thoughts on my team Chris and Paul. I do agree it was leaving me a bit weak in defence and not much room for improvement if moura and Maitland are struggling. Im currently thinking of going with the same team as Paul but changing to a 442 and going for de bruyne or mane instead of auba. Will probably come up with something totally different by Friday lol I’m finding it hard this season, I’ve normally gone with a strong front six and picked the best of what I can afford for defenders and gk but with how high the defenders scored last season it’s thrown a spanner in the works for my usual way of playing.

    1. Yep, I don’t see anything other than a two horsed race this season again, so I think Liverpool and City defensive assets are going to play a major role once again.

          1. I always tend to go with a pick and stick type goalkeeper myself. Tough to win mini leagues with cheap goalkeepers and it involves a lot of transfer exchanges unless you get really lucky with your pick. Ederson and Alisson might be not ppm type of players (ppm is pretty much old school and so a concept I play not much attention to as otherwise azpilicueta would be in every team as he wins that contest hands down) but sometimes in this game you have to overpay on some players. Alisson is the most consistent point scoring goalkeeper and Ederson is probably the safest bet in the city defence as the defenders can be rotated.

            1. Yeah I agree – I haven’t put a lot of players in based on their PPM (although I have created a team purely based around this) but I think it’s a useful guide. I agree that you need a premium keeper but I just can’t get my head around why anyone would spend the same amount on Alisson/Ederson as they would spend on Robertson/B. Silva as we would all be fairly confident that the outfield players will score more. This transfers to most position in the team.

      1. Is it a straight choice between the three or are there other players involved? For example is it Auba and a 3m mid or de Bruyne and a 3m striker? Straight choice I would say Auba just then de Bruyne then mane

        1. The nesting on these comments doesn’t work very well sometimes. I was responding to Gav who mentioned having the same team as me but Mane or De Bruyne instead of Aubameyang. I fancy Aubameyang to outscore both of them myself.

  128. Hi guys, loving the information everyone is coming up with this season it’s providing so much help!.. I’m on about my 15th team so far 😂
    And iv narrowed it down to 2 options now..

    Option 1



    De Bruyne


    Option 2



    De Bruyne

    The only difference is Moura and Aguero vs pogba and Aubameyang!

    What is everyone’s thoughts?
    Not just on the 2 different players but the team as a whole?

    1. Think I prefer option 1 to start with as we don’t know which Pogba is going to show up yet this season. He could be a really bad influence on the dressing room if he still doesn’t want to be at United. Nice teams mate. Is just one defender each from Liverpool and City enough though? 🤔

      1. Ok cheers Chris I will probably have a complete different team by next week! Haha.
        I think this season is going to take a lot of luck as well as judgment in knowing where and when to use your swaps at the most successful point scoring moments. It’s always good to get off to a good start though.

    2. I’d probably prefer option two but mainly because it’s closer to what I’ve come up with. I like the look of Aubameyang for 6m as I think it’s decent value. I’m not sure about James from a game time point of view though.

  129. Lot’s of tinkering being done on my front line and keepers.

    Really want Kane in my team but are Salah & Aguero considered more essential based on the opening 5 games?

    You can make a good case for all to be honest. Do we think Aguero will start the season after not featuring yesterday?

    1. I think he will be the main striker, which is a worry but logically he should have less game time than Kane and Salah so if one of them has to miss out it’s going to be Aguero for me.

      1. I agree with that its just that City will score the most goals and Aguero is usually a big part of that.

        I will start the season with Kane as I’m not fully convinced on Aguero starting after not featuring yesterday. Certainly something to keep an eye on over the week.

        Salah is too good to resist based on Liverpools starting fixtures.

        1. Yeah I prefer Salah to Aguero and slightly favour Kane at the moment but Aguero is hard to ignore.

  130. Hi everyone – like everyone else tinkering the life out of my team – what’s thoughts on this please

    Henderson – cheap keeper I know

    K walker Peters



    could possibly drop moura to tielamans and upgrade henderson to Patricio in goal

    All input welcome


    1. Do you see the value in Van Dijk at 6m? I’m not seeing him in many teams. I’d personally rather have Patricio. I’d be tempted to drop VVD down to Robertson to free up the funds to upgrade elsewhere.

  131. Why are so many people leaving KDB out of their teams? Am I missing something, or are people merely wanting to prioritise money elsewhere?

    1. For me I’d rather have someone with a proven goalscoring record like Aubameyang and Sterling. Think De Bruyne may sit a little deeper this season, not that I think this will stop him scoring well but he’s expensive.

      1. ☝️ This. After an injury prone season I think £6m doesn’t offer great value when you consider Sterling is only £0.5m less. As Paul says he could also be playing a deeper position. I still think he’ll have his monster hauls but I think there is better value for money elsewhere.

  132. Anyone though of Kean from everton?

    He’s down as a midfielder, surely will play up top

    only £3mil aswell !

  133. Hi Lads
    Sorry about the lack of input over the last month. I decided to have time off till August

    My team so far.


    B Silva


    I can’t make up my mind about a back 3 or 4. I could take Stones out and put William in when his fit.

    Any input would be Great


    1. Looks good John – I’d be tempted with Pepe or Willian over someone like Stones. Think he will be rotated a lot which makes him expensive at 4m.

      1. That City defense could be a sh*t show for rotation this season. Hearing they are in for another full-back now (Cancelo) who can play right back or left back?! Also heard rumours of Walker being utilised as a centre-back! 🤯

        Getting twitchy on Zinc now…

        1. I thought City always win when Zinc plays.
          Un droppable 🙂

          DTT I’m tempted by William but not sure if his fit or not.

          Cheers Lads

          1. I think he was given an extended break – he will certainly be one that interests me at 3.5m when things settle down a bit.

        2. Yeah it will be far from ideal if he’s not a regular. I think I’ll certainly stick with him to start as he’s hopefully done enough to get a decent run in the LB position for the time being.

  134. Allrite everyone great opinions ideas and insights as usual! Time for the business end! Any opinions would be greatly appreciated

    B Silva
    No money left

    1. Looks like a solid base Murkas – my only question would be do you have a plan for getting Jota out when the additional fixtures are over? Or did you plan to stick with him?

  135. If Wolves hadn’t signed another striker I’d have been very tempted by Jota myself. Think he should still start most still mind you. Maybe he’ll be pushed back out to a wider position at times though?

  136. Thoughts on my team…

    GK Paticio
    CB Robertson
    CB Walker
    CB Matip
    CB Zinch
    CM Sterling
    CM Moura
    CM B.Silva
    ST Kane
    ST Salah
    ST Wilson

    1. Not too confident with walker (incoming RB) zinchenko (incoming Mendy) or matip (will definitely be rotated)

      1. I’ve got Zinchenko but am happy to wait and transfer him out if/when Mendy comes back… He’s out for at least a month and his knee is made of biscuits so will only last a few sessions or games.

    2. I like that team MightyMouse, very close to where i am at as well. Hopefully it’s set up for a nice early start.

    3. Looks a very good side – my only concerns would be the same one’s that I’m facing with Patricio and I personally wouldn’t favour Wilson over someone like Aubameyang but I know there are a lot of Wilson fans on here so I’m probably wrong.

    4. Me again, I have decided to make some changes. Thoughts are always appreciated 🙂

      GK Patricio (Bargain, Wolves look good)
      CB Robertson (always first name on my team)
      CB TAA (looks promising)
      CB Zinch (some City coverage)
      CM Sterling (absolute need)
      CM Moura
      CM B.Silva
      CM Pepe (3.5 left so thought I’d take a risk, can’t see him hitting the ground running tho)
      ST Kane
      ST Salah
      ST Richarlison (looks to score in the early part of the season)

      With all the rumours around Dybala and Countinho, I can see everyone’s plans going out the window especially if Countinho comes back to the prem, always a good point scorer, If he regains his confidence that is.

      1. Very strong side. My main concern would be Richarlison and the long term plan to replace him?

  137. What makes people think Mendy will even displace Zinchenko whe he’s fit?

    Zinchenko hasn’t put a foot wrong to be fair.

  138. which of these combos do we think will gain most points please – Asking as it will decide final shape of my team, Thanks

    KDB – Barkley – Moura & Walker Peters
    B Silva – Barkley – Moura & Wan Bissaka
    B Silva – Pepe – Moura & Walker Peters


    1. The last combo 👍 yes Pépé is an unknown but I think he’ll price to be great value at 3.5

      1. Is this Pepe any good? Honestly don’t know much about him and not played any pre season so one that might be slowly introduced to the team so might be used as a sub early on. Stats look good but hard to compare french league to the English premier league? Might just see how he settles in.

        1. I think he could be a great option a little bit further down the line but I’m with you at the moment RR – one to wait and see on.

    2. I’d probably favour option 1. Pepe is too much of an unknown to me and I’m not convinced by Man Utd yet with Wan Bissaka.

  139. Bernardo silva v d Silva (fancy b Silva as playing further forward) but David does pop up with assists and goals here and then! Think d Silva game time will be managed more than b Silva (even though may be made captain) d Silva 0.5 cheaper, agree/disagree opinions welcomed cheers!

    1. Having Aubameyang in your team really makes things difficult DTT, surely the likes of Rashford, Wilson, Jiménez will score well for their value and frees up vital funds to strengthen the defence. Don’t get me wrong I’m tempted for Auba, but if you end up sticking with a front 3 of Sala, Kane, Auba, what else can you really do to improve your team. Also if you pick Niles you’ll be stuck with him?

      1. I like Aubameyang’s first two fixtures – I’m aiming for players who might benefit from a good start and then rise in value. For me it’s a fairly straightforward one – if Aubameyang doesn’t start well he will come out and I will upgrade elsewhere.

    2. I’d favour B. Silva based on the reason’s you’ve mentioned – D. Silva more likely to be withdrawn earlier and plays deeper.

    1. I’m going to enter a team 4-4-2 as well. I think theres good options in all the formations to be fair it’s just about finding the right players at the right values to suit.

      I will be starting with a 4-3-3 though, currently contemplating going 3+ Liverpool defensive assets in defense, hoping they can get a clean sheet in the first game.

      Do you guys think that’s slightly ott incase it doesnt work out?

      1. I going with 3-4-3 mainly because DTT’s analysis of last season’s winner really inspired me and will be difficult to ignore the winner’s tactics.

        I don’t think going with any three Liverpool defensive assets of Allison, Van Dijk, TAA and Robertson is over the top.

  140. I’ve been reading a blog where 3 previous high scorers discuss all things DT and have all gone 4-4-2.

  141. The other helpful sites are fantasyfootballscout & fantasyfootball geek I follow them a lot think most of us on here do!

  142. What are DTT’s and every else’s goals for the next season? What are people aiming for?

    1. am I correct in the assumption that not many are starting with kun in their team, and saving some funds for say the following week v spurs at home, to transfer him in, he surely can’t start v West Ham away with 0 pre season minutes and joining up late due to Copa America commitments!

      1. First I heard Aguero hasn’t played any preseason. Cheers Murkas.

        Changes everything in my team.

        Tempted to put Jesus in but might struggle to get Aguero in later on

        Looks like Auba.

    2. RR
      I won the pub league 3 times on the trot including worlds/euros. Then came 2nd last year when I took my eye off it for a couple of months.
      Aiming to get my crown back.

    3. My recent record has been:
      2018/2019: around 5,000
      2017/2018: around 50,000
      2016/2017: around 500

      My aim has always been to go better than that finish which was around the 500 mark. But being realistic I’d be happy with just doing better than last season. A top 1,000 finish would be great but I think you need a lot of luck for a long time to finish in a really high position. Where are you aiming for RR?

      1. I will be happy if I do better than last season. A top 1,000 is always a good target. Waiting for one day I can finish in top 100 and then retire from fantasy football.

        1. It would be good if someone from here had a good run at some point. Be nice if one of us made that top 100 this season.

    4. Top 500 for me is the target. Finished just outside top 1k last time.
      And obviously to win every ML. 👍🏻

  143. RR mine is to retain my work league and hit the treble, I was second in another league last season so try and win that one, can’t really c myself challenging over all, not good enough and so many competitors!

  144. I’m thinking of sacrificing my keeper on the basis that none offers value. Ederson and Allison at 4.5m are unlikely to score 225 points based on 50 pts per million and I can’t think any of the keepers will score 50 points per million spent.

    On that basis i’m looking at a 2nd string keeper at 1m that may play a few cup games and potentially score 20 points ( net loss of 30 points per million spent)

    Something along the lines of:-


    B Silva


    0.5 ITB
    I’ve had every other permutation over the past week, so no harm in adding this to this mix 🙂

    1. It’s an interesting move to forget about the goal keeper position. I guess if Patricio hardly returns any points then it’s a waste of 2m but I was hoping that he would have an OK season. I’m not sure I’d personally go for Mane from the off as he hasn’t had a pre season and might miss the first few games. I’d be tempted to downgrade him slightly and invest those funds in Kane.

    2. Very interesting and bold strategy Rob. You can really strengthen the rest of your team doing it though. Will be fascinated to see how it pans out.

    1. Cheers Ajf – looks like I’m back to the drawing board!

      My head is spinning. It’s well nigh impossible to get all the big hitters into a side. The skill/luck will be finding the bargain player that over performs and leaving out the expensive player that under performs.

      That’s what we’re all searching for – someone will crack the puzzle, either by luck or good management 🙂

  145. Are we missing any bargains boys someone mentioned Trossard 2m livewire plays for Brighton but major gamble….

    1. Too much of a gamble for me. I like the big names from the big clubs where possible.

  146. I would rather have the expensive ones in first who are proven and have the option to drop down and free cash up rather than have to make 3 transfers to try and get someone like kane in for example. I think its harder this year getting the big guns in and how many doherty’s pop up over the season? very few , so would rather have as many season long stayers/big guns in early and use/ change them if need be than try to get them in later on

    1. That’s exactly how I’m trying to approach it. Proving very challenging this season though.

  147. Hi guys

    First time posting here

    What do you think about my team





    1m left

    1. Luiz = moving to Arsenal (possibly)
      Mane = set to miss start of season
      Jesus = not a guaranteed starter

      I’d be looking to change these 3 for the start of the season.

        1. Cancelo mainly plays as a right-back Frank so I’d urge caution on your Walker selection. Could face more rotation? Who doesn’t at City though right?

    2. I’m a big fan of most of the team. I’m not keen on Luiz as I think there’s better value based on his price. Mane shouldn’t start the first games. Pepe might not start straight away either. The rest looks pretty good though.

    1. Does it have to be two midfielders? Or could you go 4-3-3? I’d be tempted by Moura and Shaw if so. If not I’d probably go Moura and Barkley but not sure I’d be happy with having both of these.

  148. I’ve noticed that the ‘big six’ all play a game against another of the ‘big six’ within the 1st 3 weeks of the season:-

    GW1 Man U v Chelsea
    GW2 Man City v Spurs
    GW3 Liverpool v Arsenal
    GW4 Spurs v Arsenal

    When creating a team is it worth considering not having attackers from one side playing against defenders from another, on the basis that if one scores points, then the other most probably won’t. I did have Zinchenko and Kane in my side but then opted to take a punt that Liverpool have the easier opening 2 fixtures and swapped Zinchenko for another Liverpool defender.
    In GW3 when Liverpool play Arsenal I have the option to transfer out my back 3 for players from Chelsea/City/Man U

    Naitland Miles

    De Bruyne
    B Silva


    Not easy trying to plot your way through the fixture list – but I’ve found that a matrix of games input onto excel helps.

    1. It’s a good point. My main concern is that I’ll have too many transfers to make if things go wrong. I’ve tried to set my team up with certain starts that I’d be happy with for at least the first month. I found this worked really well during the World Cup (weaving between the fixtures) but when you take into account injuries and suspensions it’s much more difficult in the season game as you can quickly fall behind with transfers and constantly be playing catch up. I do like the look of Arsenal and Liverpool’s opening two games though.

      1. Are you thinking about changing your team before the start again or is draft 3 your finalised team now?

        PS. wonderful blog and well worth the donation 🙂

        1. Cheers Batman, I’ve been looking at it every day but I’m finding it difficult to come up with anything better. I’ll put up a post confirming my final team at some point but if we were kicking off tonight then I’d be going with my current draft.